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Standard API

search »

This is where it all starts by providing the results customers need for locating restaurants, menus and menu items. Search is unlike other APIs as we use our propriatry algorithms to generate a feed of interesting results.
It all starts from search.

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restaurant »

Returns the details of a restaurant from location to environment through the full menu.

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location »

Returns restaurants in a specific location which can be limited by a restaurant name.

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deals »

Returns any and all deals, coupons or daily specials for a restaurant.

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ingredients »

Returns ingredients and nutrients. Easily build detailed nutrient reports and nutrition labels.

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Enhanced API

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analysis_search »

Get started by searching our machine learning analyzed restaurant menus. Returns matching restaurants based on words, key phrases and menu items searched.

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analysis »

Access a machine learning analysis of a menu. Perfect for powering your models, analytics, reporting and more.

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trends »

Returns what is currently trending in a defined location. Useful for creating trend chart/graphs, menu gap analysis and general menu understanding.

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heatmap »

A simple call to build heatmaps from. Returns the geocoded cordinates and frequency of search term for matching restaurants.

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menu »

Return the menu items and taxonomies for a single restaurant. Build your own analysis, search and reporting.

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menu items »

Search only menu items (excludes derived data). Can limit to location and taxonomies (like contains shellfish).

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