OpenMenu Platform

Your restaurant's OpenMenu can power your entire online presence - from your website to Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. One menu, one location, infinite possibilities. Trusted by restaurants in all 50 states and over 100 countries.

OpenMenu Platform Overview
We Connect You
Deals / Coupons
Deals and Coupons
Nutrition Label
Sample Nutrition Label
Custom Analytics
Detailed Analytics
Guest Surveys
Sample Survey

Increase Customer Exposure

Our menus are designed for exposure. From your website to Facebook to Twitter to mobile, your customers will find you.

Better Menu Control

We take the difficulty out of managing your online menu by providing one of the easiest, and most powerful, solutions around.

Deals and Coupons

Put your deals in front of your customers and potential customers. Your deals, your control, where you want them. Finally!

Online Ordering Done Right

Online ordering in your control, in front of your customers while looking at your menu. Easily connects to your brand.

See How Customers Find You

Better information on your customers and your restaurant's online presence. What we know we give you access to.

Easily Go Mobile

Customers will find you on-the-go with the free mobile website we give all restaurants. Powerful enough to run on any device.

Protect Your Brand

Control the colors, fonts and style for your restaurant through OpenMenu. Millions of colors, hundreds of fonts.

Menu Translation

Our one-click menu translator can translate your menus to and from over 60+ languages. Couldn't be easier.

FREE Website

Every restaurant on OpenMenu gets a free website. Powerful, mobile friendly, works on tablets, fully customizable (Sample). Wow!

Understand Your Menu

Nutrition analysis for your restaurant's menu by leveraging over 9000 ingredients. We are a USDA National Partner (more).

Socially Connected

Let your restaurant's menu connect with social presence live and in real-time. We handle all the updates for you.

Know Your Guests

Better tools to understand your guest & understand your restaurant with our Guest Surveys.

OpenMenu Insights

Making data actionable through a platform built for restaurants. We take big data, apply machine learning and create a better understanding of the restaurant industry.

Basic Analysis
Basic Report
Distribution Heatmap
Distribution Heatmap
Sample Visualization
Sample Visualization

Better with Big Data

Leveraging over 500K menus to provide better insights, knowledge and understanding of the restaurant industry.

Knowing Isn't Enough

Going beyond the insights and making data actionable through the OpenMenu Platform. Actionable data in real-time is the future.

Machine Learning + NLP

Going where humans cannot and that's finding the hidden patterns in big data. Real-time access to menus.

Beyond The Menu

Taking menu analysis where others cannot and that's into menu distribution and customer sentiment. True understanding has to go beyond the menu.

Restaurant Overview Analysis

Giving insights into how a restaurant fits into an area or the current trends. Where are they lacking? Where are they excelling?

Giving Out Access

Use our interface, export the data into your company's systems or connect via an API. We give you full access to OpenMenu Insights. Power is in the access!