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OpenMenu is an insight & understanding company that provides complete solutions for restaurants and insights to companies in the restaurant industry (food distributors & manufacturers).
"OpenMenu Insights: See What Others Miss"

What could you find in 550K+ menus & 25M+ menu items?

OpenMenu for Restaurants

Better control of your menu, brand and restaurant all managed by you.

Online Ordering Done Right

Online ordering in your control, in front of your customers while looking at your menu. Easily connects to your brand.

Increase Customer Exposure

Our menus are designed for exposure. From your website to social, your customers will find you.

Deals and Coupons

Put your deals in front of your customers and potential customers. Your deals, your control, where you want them.

Better Menu Control

Quickly and easily manage your online menu using the easiest, and most powerful, solutions around.

See How Customers Find You

Better information on your customers and your restaurant's online presence. What we know we give you access to.

Understand Your Guests

Better tools to understand your guest & understand your restaurant with our Guest Surveys.

OpenMenu helps restaurants be connected in control profitable informed .

OpenMenu for the Industry

OpenMenu Insights™ is a knowledge understanding platform for the restaurant industry powered by DishDNA™
Dish DNA

Your culinary companion for decoding the essence of every dish. With its cutting-edge technology, DishDNA™ identifies and analyzes over 50 properties of each menu item, unveiling its unique dish fingerprint.

Drink DNA

Your indispensable ally in unraveling the essence of every sip. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, DrinkDNA™ delves into the properties of each drink, unveiling its individual flavor profile in detail.

Dish Craft

Customize restaurant menus like never before. With just a few clicks, transform any dish to suit a taste preference. Whether adding a twist to a classic favorite, catering to specific dietary needs or changing a dish from one cuisine to another, DishCraft™ offers the ability to precisely design new dishes.

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