Many of the solutions which are powered by your OpenMenu allow for Menu or Menu Group filters.  Meaning you can choose filters to show, or highlight, specific parts of your menu.  The most used case is when powering your website you may want a Dinner menu to appear on one page and a Lunch menu to appear on another.  Menu filters is how this is accomplished.

Some tips on using filters:

  • Filters must match exactly the name of the menu or menu group.  Since we do a direct comparison there can be no differences
  • Filters support comma-separated lists. So if you have menus called Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast and you want to show only dinner and lunch on a page your can define the filter Dinner, Lunch – only dinner and lunch will be displayed (filtered to show)
  • Commas (,) and Ampersands (&) cannot appear in the name of a menu or menu group that you are filtering on