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Your restaurant's OpenMenu can power your entire online presence - from your website to Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. One menu to maintain, in one location, shared everywhere.

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OpenMenu Platform Overview
We Connect You

Connect Your Menu Everywhere

One menu, maintained in one location, connected everywhere (your website, Facebook, Twitter, free mobile site). OpenMenu's are purposfully developed to be used, viewed and shared by others. This means getting an OpenMenu gets your menu in the hands of others. More than just a menu solution, we distribute your menu for you.

OpenMenu Creator
OpenMenu Creator

Powerful Menu Management Keeps You in Control

Our powerful OpenMenu Creator gives you the tools to manage your restaurant's menu. We take the difficulty out of managing your menu by providing one of the easiest solutions around. You can even manage on-the-go with our OpenMenu Creator Mobile.

Custom Analytics
Detailed Analytics

Real-Time on How Your Customers Find You

Get access to real-time stats on how your customers are finding you and where they are viewing your menu. How many views from Facebook, your website, from the tweet we can send out, you have access to all this.

Deals / Coupons
Deals and Coupons

Fully Controlled Deals and Coupons

Deals and coupons that you fully manage when you want them, where you want them without the high mark-up of 3rd party deal sites. Put your deals in front of your customers and potential customers, not deal hunters. Where your menu is, your deals and coupons will be or promote directly to Twitter and Facebook. A deal/coupon solution that has proven to work for restaurants.

Twitter Integrator
Twitter Integrator

Socially Connect Your Menu To Your Customers

Twitter and Facebook integration is easy with our OpenMenu Tab Facebook application and our simple, Twitter Integrator. When your OpenMenu changes Facebook is updated and we'll automatically tweet our for you. Keep your customers up-to-date with menu changes.

OpenMenu Mobile
Sample Mobile Site

Easily Go Mobile

With OpenMenu you get a free mobile website that is directly connected to your OpenMenu. Combined with your QR Code, customers on-the-go will find you. Premium+ Accounts can control the look of your restaurant's mobile website using our Mobile Manager.

Add Images
Easily Add Images

Powerful Image Management

Easily add images to your menu items and let OpenMenu do all the heavy lifting for you. We resize your image to provide a full version and a thumbnail, attach them to your menu and handle all the distribution for you.

Restaurant Menu Translator
Easy Menu Translation

Restaurant Menu Translation

Our one-click menu translator can translate your menus to and from over 60+ languages. Select the menu to translate, select one of the 60+ languages to translate to and press Translate. We'll translate your menu and attach to your existing OpenMenu.
It's just that simple.

Your Restaurant, Your Brand
Control Your Brand

Your Restaurant, Your Brand

Control the colors, fonts and style for your restaurant through OpenMenu. Millions of colors, hundreds of fonts under your control.

Developers Get Access

A powerful global menu platform allowing a restaurant to manage a single menu which powers their entire online presence and developers deep access into our platform. Developers visit OpenMenu.org for information on the OpenMenu Platform.

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