If you’re looking for more control over the look and feel (style) of a restaurant’s menu being displayed on their website you’re in luck.  We deliver with all our CMS solutions (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal), and OpenMenu Templates, the stylesheet and all images used in the rendering as well as the rendering engine in use.

This means as a designer you can change the style and images to meet the restaurant’s brand and if you’re brave enough you can even change how the menu renders to the screen by altering our rendering engine.

Everything is labeled and commented on so making changes is a breeze.

Changing Colors, Fonts and Styles at OpenMenu:

1. Access the advanced tools for a restaurant by clicking the ‘advanced features’ link under the restaurant’s name from the main OpenMenu Creator page

Advanced Features

2. Click the Menu Style Editor icon

Menu Style Editor

3. Change your settings and save.  Just that easy.


4. Your branded restaurant menu will appear on your free website, Facebook and anywhere OpenMenu Embedded is being used.

note: solutions like WordPress provide no mechanism for developers to protect files from updates to the plugin so please be aware of this.