TCBY was born from a discovery that nutritious and healthy frozen yogurt could also be unbelievably healthy and delicious.

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soft serve

bananas foster

Go Bananas… Foster, that is.

cake batter

Good news - no need to wait for the oven to warm up.

caramel supreme

Melt in your mouth caramel reigns supreme!


All the flavor of a real slice of cheesecake without all those pesky calories.


There are few things in the world that can mend fences, lift spirits and prompt ear-to-ear grins. Chocolate is one of them.

chocolate (no sugar added)

Perfect for people trying to cut sugar out of their diet without cutting flavor out in the process. No sugar added.



Perfect for when you need a little taste bud wake-up.

cookies & cream

Indulge your milk and cookie craving. Made with Oreo®, this fro-yo flavor is practically the real thing!

dutch chocolate

As if chocolate wasn’t good enough, here’s an ultra-rich, dark variety for you to feast on. The best part? It’s fat free.

fat free mountain blackberry

Be instantly whisked away to a rustic lakeside cabin surrounded by a blackberry patch. No sugar added and fat free. (no sugar added)

golden vanilla

King Midas couldn’t have made a tastier treat.

greek honey vanilla

The first (and best) soft-serve Greek Frozen Yogurt. Packed with 8 grams of protein, this fro-yo is a meal in itself, but at a fraction of the calories!

italian tart

Everyone likes a little italian now and then.

kiwi strawberry sorbet

If fruits starred in TV shows, this duo would be in a sit-com. And of course it would be set in New Zealand.

Limeade Sorbet

Sweet-tart refreshment!

mango sorbet

When you’re feeling like your mouth could really use a tropical breeze.

mrs. fields chocolate chip cookie

Hey cookie, let's chill!

old fashioned vanilla

"Old-fashioned" doesn’t make it boring, it makes it authentic. Embrace it.

orange sorbet

Straight from the orange groves of California, by way of the Arctic Circle.

peanut butter

Did you know that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer before he became the 39th US president? That makes this the most presidential flavor we offer.

peanut butter cup

You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!

pink lemonade sorbet

Sweet-tart refreshment!


The Mayor of the Pumpkin Patch says this is his favorite!

roasty toasty marshmallow

You'll never burn your fingers on our marshmallows!

ruby red grapefruit sorbet

The perfect amount of tartness. Serrated spoon unnecessary.

salted caramel

Sweet and creamy, with a pinch of salt. (no sugar added)


Are you a strawberry fanatic but not really a sugar or fat fanatic? No worries. No sugar added and fat free. (no sugar added)


It’s surprising how such a small berry can pack such a huge punch.


It’s baffling how a staple flavor of awesomeness got such a bad wrap. "Don’t be so vanilla." No, DO be so Vanilla. (no sugar added)

watermelon sorbet

No pits to spit!

white chocolate macadamia

Perfect for those hectic days when you’re feeling a little nuts and a little hungry. (no sugar added)

white chocolate mousse

Rich, decadent and irresistible. TCBY’s signature flavor has been a favorite since 1987.

(We offer such variety of flavors that your local TCBY may not carry all of those listed.)






butterfinger pieces

caramel topping

cheesecake topping


chocolate sprinkles

chocolate syrup


cookie dough topping

diced peaches

graham crackers


gummy bears

heath pieces

hot fudge topping



marshmallow topping


milk chocolate chips

mixed nuts

oreo pieces

peanut butter topping

pineapple chunks

rainbow sprinkles

red raspberries

reese's peanut butter cups

reese's pieces

snickers pieces


walnuts in syrup topping

whipped topping

hand scooped

butter pecan

Creamy frozen yogurt with the hint of brown sugar and large chunks of toasted pecan nuts.

chocolate chocolate

Decadent chocolate frozen yogurt--so chocolatey we named it twice.

chocolate peanut butter yo-trax

chocolate chunk cookie dough

Vanilla based frozen yogurt with chuncks of chocolate chip cookie dough.

cookies & cream

Chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies folded into pure vanilla indulgence.

cotton candy

Pink and blue cotton candy swirled together for a carnival of flavors.

mint chocolate chunk

Rich, dark chocolate chunks poured into a river of minty goodness.

mocha almond

Coffee flavored frozen yogurt with a ribbon of chocolate fudge and liberally sprinkled with chopped almond nuts.

peanut butter delight

Chocolate yogurt with a ribbon of peanut butter and chocolate chuncks.

praline & cream

Sweet vanilla based frozen yogurt with a stream of caramel and praline-coated pecans.

psychedelic sorbet

Positively refreshing!

rainbow cream

Vanilla frozen yogurt in an eye-popping swirl of red, blue and yellow.

rocky road

Chocolate and marshmallow flavored frozen yogurt intertwined with chunks of dark chocolate and toasted almonds.

strawberries and cream

Cream-based strawberry yogurt with chunks of real strawberry pieces.

strawberry sorbet

Perfect for those hot summer days.

vanilla bean

Classic, pure and creamy, vanilla frozen yogurt indulgence.

specialty items

banana splits

Frozen yogurt, bananas and your favorite toppings.

cappuccino chillers

Frozen coffee drinks made with TCBY soft serve frozen yogurt.

frappe chillers

Mocha, Caramel, Coffee - Iced Coffee Drinks

milk shakes

Classic flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or create your own with your favorite yogurt flavor.


Two layers of your favorite yogurt between three layers of your favorite toppings.


Your favorite frozen yogurt swirled and blended with your choice of toppings.

sorbet fizz

Dairy-free frozen beverage made with TCBY's sorbet flavor of the day blended with Sprite®


Hot Fudge, Caramel, Brownie, or create your own!

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