OpenMenu Wordpress Plugin

This is the official Wordpress Plugin for OpenMenu. From creating custom menu posts, to widgets to display specials and restaurant information, to the ability to add menus anywhere (any post or page) in your Wordpress Theme, this plugin handles it all.

Check out the Live Sample.


  • Build a site displaying one menu or 100's of menu using the OpenMenu Custom Post type
  • Easily add information to your site's sidebars using OpenMenu Widgets
  • Add a menu to any page or post using the OpenMenu shortcode - Just add [openmenu omf_url="http://"]
  • Custom functions to incorporate into your theme
  • Tag Menus with Cuisine Types
  • Easily incorporate Deals and Coupons
  • Powerful site-wide settings for OpenMenu
  • Easy install using Wordpress's powerful plugin system
  • Filter which menu or menu group is displayed
  • Powerful widgets: Restaurant Location / Specials / Cuisine Tag Cloud / QR Code
  • Add your QR Code anywhere on your site using the new QR Code shortcode
  • Control the look and feel of how your menu is shown


Plugin Options/Settings

OpenMenu Custom Post Type:

Create custom posts which are menus based off of your OpenMenu Format menu. Choose what to display, how to display it and the plugin does the rest.


  • OpenMenu ID: This is a required field that is your OpenMenu ID
  • Menu Name Filter: Menu Name to display: If your OpenMenu Format menu contains multiple menus (ex. Lunch / Dinner) you can choose which menu to display in your post by entering the menu name here. (supports a comma-separated list)
  • Group Name Filter: Group Name to display: If your OpenMenu Format menu contains multiple menu groups (ex. salads / deserts) you can choose which group to display in your post by entering the group name here. (supports a comma-separated list)
  • Restaurant Information: Stores basic information about the restaurant that is referenced by the menu. This is primarly used in scenarios where many restaurant menu's will be displayed. Information, along with the excerpt, will be used to generate a single page of all menus.
  • Cuisine Types: Define which cuisine type describes this restaurant.


  • OpenMenu: Location - Displays the restaurants location and hours
  • OpenMenu: Specials - Displays the menu items marked as special
  • OpenMenu: Filter - Displays a list of menu items controlled by many definable filters
  • OpenMenu: Tag Cloud - A tag cloud for the cuisine types
  • OpenMenu: QR Code - Displays a QR Code to your mobile site on OpenMenu

Short codes:



  • openmenu_id = Your OpenMenu ID (not the OpenMenu URL, just the ID part)
  • display_type = menu (only option currently available)
  • menu_filter = Will display only the menu name matching this filter (supports a comma-separated list)
  • group_filter = Will display only the group name matching this filter (supports a comma-separated list)
  • display_columns = 1 | 2 - How many columns to display a menu in
  • split_on = item | group - In 2 column display what do we split on
  • background_color = Set the background color the menu will display on
  • group_break = 0 | 1 - Forces a 2-column display with hard breaks between groups
  • embedded = 0 | 1 - Uses OpenMenu Embedded instead of rendering the menu locally
  • generic_colors = 0 | 1 - [embedding] Forces the use of the generic colors for a menu
  • short_tags = 0 | 1 - [embedding] Uses short tags for the special tags on menu items
  • width = [embedding] - Define the width of the embedded window (leave off for responsive)


  • [openmenu openmenu_id="sample"]
  • [openmenu openmenu_id="sample" display_type="menu" display_columns="1"]
  • [openmenu openmenu_id="sample" embedded="1"]



  • openmenu_id = OpenMenu ID (not the OpenMenu URL, just the ID part)
  • size = size for the QR Code (max 500) - defaults to 128


  • [openmenu_qrcode openmenu_id="sample"]
  • [openmenu_qrcode openmenu_id="sample" size="256"]



  • openmenu_id = OpenMenu ID (not the OpenMenu URL, just the ID part)
  • deal_id = Show only a single deal based off of its ID
  • compact_view = shows the deals in a compact view (only the headline is displayed)
  • show_print = Determines whether the Clip/Print link is displayed in a deal
  • new_window = When show_print is true this determines if links are opened in a new window
  • width = width to display the deal
  • width_units = sets the units for the width value [px | %]


  • [openmenu_deals openmenu_id="sample"]
  • [openmenu_deals openmenu_id="sample" width="500" width_units="px" compact_view="1"]

Additional information can be found in the readme.txt located in the plugins install folder.


  • v3.5/strong>
    • Updated embedding shortcode method to use the new responsive embedding code
  • v3.0
    • Updated for Wordpress 5.4.2
    • Fixed issue with menu rendering
  • all previous versions
    • Readme.txt file in the plugin zip file contains previous version information

Thank You!

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