A soft pretzel franchise and home of the World's Best Soft Pretzel.

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Salted Pretzel

Here's where the magic starts. We take our famous fresh-baked pretzels and make them even more mouth-watering with salt and butter-flavored topping.

Parmesan Pretzel

Science proves everything is better with cheese. Especially when its tasty Parmesan cheese coating our delicious pretzel.

Ranch Pretzel

Feeling tangy? Our ranch pretzel has flavor for days, bringing together two awesome flavors for one amazing taste.

Garlic Pretzel

Take your taste buds to bold new places. Coat our pretzel in delicious garlic seasoning, and you've got a snack you're not likely to forget.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel

Sugar and spice create something nice. Especially when our pretzel gets in on the act. It doesn't get any sweeter. (Unless of course you add icing or caramel dipping sauce.)

Pretzel Bites

Salted Pretzel Bites

Big flavor comes in small packages. We cut our delicious dough into the perfect bite-sized snack and then add just the right amount of salt for savory perfection. Go ahead and pop them in your mouth by the handful.

Parmesan Pretzel Bites

Yep, it's cheesy. And we mean that in a good way. Sink your teeth into this Pretzel Bite with a delicious Parmesan topping. Yum!

Ranch Pretzel Bites

It's a tangy flavor explosion. Taste a genuine, all-American favorite with just the right bite!

Garlic Pretzel Bites

Here's one bold, delicious and unforgettable bite. Garlic seasoning on the outside. Yummy goodness on the inside!

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites

They're small. They're sweet. And then they're gone. First we cut our delicious dough into the perfect bite-sized snack. Then we coat them with sugar and spice. Then you eat them by the handful.

Sweet N' Salty

We put our savory Salted Bites with Cinnamon Sugar Bites in one box to make the perfect Sweet N' Salty combination!

Pretzel Dogs

Pretzel Dogs

Hot dogs and pretzels frequently go together, but rarely this close. We take a plump delicious hot dog and roll it in tasty pretzel dough, bake it, and deliver it straight to your taste buds.

Mini Pretzel Dogs

How do you make a good thing like our Pretzel Dogs even better? You multiply it. Our Mini Pretzel Dogs give you a whole pack of bite-sized wonders for you to snack on, one after the other.


Jalapeno Pretzel Dog

We have added a little heat to our famous pretzel dog. Our new Jalapeno Pretzel Dog has the perfect amount of heat and spice.


First you rip the pretzel. Then you dip the pretzel. We have a wide variety of awesome sauces to complement any pretzel. Pick your favorite and prepare to tear.

Cheddar Cheese

Pizza Sauce


Honey Mustard

Cream Cheese



Nacho Cheese

Blended Drinks

Strawberry Bananza

When it comes to refreshment, you can't go wrong with one of our all-time favorite flavor combinations, blended to perfection.

Orange Dream

Juicy orange meets dreamy vanilla cream...just like the good ol' days!

Power Pomegranate

One of the hottest superfoods is now available in a cool blended drink. Taste the power today.

Mango Madness

Can't hit the beach? Our tropically delicious Mango Madness blended drink lets you sip the next best thing.

Mocha Mania

Mocha is chocolate in its trendiest form. So when you turn it into an amazing blended drink, the flavor meter goes off the charts.

Cool Cappuccino

The coffee shop meets the ice cream shoppe in this delicious blend of attention-getting flavors.


Original Lemonade

Nothing washes down the perfect pretzel like a nice cool glass of our lemonade, available in a variety of refreshing flavors. After all, hunger and thirst tend to travel in pairs.

Strawberry Lemonade

Our original lemonade is even better with the addition of sweet Strawberries!

Raspberry Lemonade

We added the flavor of Raspberries to our lemonade to provide the perfect combination of sweet and tangy in one glass.

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