The Black Duck - Czarna Kaczka

The Black Duck offers a wide range of typical dishes of Polish cuisine, just like at home in warm and informal atmosphere.

  • ulica POSELSKA 22
  • KRAKÓW, 31-002, PL
  • Phone: +48 12 426 54 40
  • Website:
Cuisine: Diner
Alcohol Type: full bar
Smoking Allowed: No
Seating: Patio, Indoor
Parking: Street (metered)
Reservations: suggested
Dress Code: casual
Music Type: pre-recorded
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Takeout Available: No
Delivery Available: No
Catering Available: No


grilled mountain smoked cheese in bacon w/cranberries & horseradish 16.00

Specialcarpaccio of duck served w/rucola & balsamic strawberry sauce 19.00

Specialspicy duck meat stuffed dumplings served with hot chili sauce 16.00

beef tenderloin tartare served with egg yolk, onions, capers & gherkins 24.00

salmon tartare served with capers, dill & juniper berries 19.00

matjas herring fillets in sour cream with apple 14.00

cheeseboard (for 1-2 people) 18.00

cheeseboard (for 3 people or more) 28.00


Specialold Polish style sour rye soup served in a bowl made of bread 18.00

duck soup with homemade meat-balls 12.00

delicate tomato cream with basil 10.00

red borscht (beetroot soup) with homemade meat raviolis 12.00

traditional mushroom soup with small flat & square noodles 13.00

silky pumpkin soup with with croutons and seeds 12.00


grilled chicken salad 26.00

tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, red onion, vinaigrette sauce

duck breast salad 29.00

raspberries, red pepper, balsamic sauce

walnut salad with goat’s cheese 21.00

smoked salmon salad 29.00

smoked salmon, tomatoes, black olives, French vinaigrette sauce

feta cheese salad with black olives & fresh basil 18.00

green salad with French vinaigrette sauce & dried tomatoes 14.00

Specialty Duck Dishes

Specialthe black duck in old polish sarmatian style 55.00

half of the duck roasted and stuffed with red lentils and served with pickled pumpkin and blackcurrant sauce

half of the duck roasted in cracovian style 46.00

served with mushroom sauce

half of the duck roasted in old polish style 46.00

served with cranberry sauce

succulent duck breast with porto sauce 44.00

Specialwalnuts & chicken stuffed duck breast 45.00

served with cherry sauce

whole roasted duck, stuffed in galician style 92.00

served with silesian dumplings, potatoes wedges, red cabbage salad and mushroom & cranberry sauces (dish for 2 people or more)

Traditional Polish Cuisine

Specialold polish style hunter’s bigos served in a bowl made of bread 29.00

traditional Polish breaded pork chop 22.00

pork in cumin and red wine served on a bun (traditional Cracow’s cuisine) 27.00

Specialcrispy potato pancakes with beef goulash 35.00

crispy potato pancakes with pork goulash 29.00

Vegetariancrispy potato pancakes with vegetable goulash 27.00

roasted ribs with “zbójnicki” sauce (BBQ style sauce with vegetables) 27.00

pork tenderloin served on vegetable spaghetti with forest mushrooms sauce 35.00

grilled chicken breast w/feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes 26.00

grilled chicken shashlik with mustard sauce 28.00

Specialbeer-braised pork knuckle with mustard & horseradish 33.00

beef tzimmes : traditional jewish sweet stew from Eastern Europe 26.00

(caramelized carrots, beef goulash, potatoes, onions, prunes, raisins)

beef tenderloin steak with mushroom sauce 58.00

Fish & Vegetarian

Vegetariangrilled polish trout from mountain 27.00

Vegetariansalmon fillet baked in parchment paper with vegetables 38.00

grilled sea bream with vegetables & lemon butter 36.00

Vegetarianquiche with goat’s cheese and dried tomatoes 17.00

Vegetarianquiche with salmon, spinach and herbs 18.00

Vegetarianvegetarian crispy potato pancakes with vegetable goulash 27.00

Homemade traditional polish dumplings

dumplings with meat 18.00

Vegetariandumplings with sauerkraut and mushrooms 16.00

Russian style dumplings (potato, cottage cheese, fried onions) 16.00

Specialoven-cooked Russian style dumplings 18.00

Vegetariandumplings with spinach and cottage cheese 16.00

dumplings with blueberries & sweetened sour cream 16.00

mix of different kinds of dumplings (30 pcs for 2 or more) 36.00


hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream 14.00

Cracovian cheesecake with cherry coulis 15.00

hot chocolate soufflé with cherries 17.00

crispy pancakes with apples & whipped cream 12.00

carrot cake with lemon frosting and roasted almonds 13.00

mango mousse w/vanilla ice cream, meringue & whipped cream 16.00

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