Leuven - Belgian Beer cafe

Cuisine: European
Alcohol Type:
Smoking Allowed:
Seating: Indoor, Outdoor
Reservations: Yes
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Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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Wilde paddestoelen/lamelles de champignons 14.50

Oven-baked field mushrooms, capsicum and onion cream on sweet Belgian waffle chips

Kippenlever pasteitje/ bouchees de foie de volaille 14.50

Creamy chicken livers, Danish-cut bacon and roasted baby onions with puff pastry croutons

Leuvense pannekoeken/crepe aux champignons 15.50

Savory pancakes stuffed with creamy mushroom, chicken and leek

Croque monsieur 15.50

Grilled long loaf with Gruyere and smoked ham & bechamel served with salad garnish

Frikadellen/boulettes de viande 16.50

Homemade pork and beef meatballs smothered in Brabant fresh tomato and coriander sauce, sauerkraut and herb toast

Kroketten/croquettes de viande 15.90

Trio of Belgian croquettes (chicken, beef, spicy sausage) with Dijon mustard

Gerookte viskrokketjes/ croquettes de poisson fume 16.50

Smoked fish potato cakes with pink–shrimp and beer-mustard coleslaw

Kippenlever pate / pate de foie de volaille 11.90

Belgian chicken liver pate with French stick croutons

(All prices are gst inclusive)
Lichte schotels/plats legers


Vegetarisch gebakje/tarte vegetarienne 16.90

Spring vegetable, feta cheese and cherry tomato tart with salad greens and pesto dressing

Gebrade zalm/saumon saisi 20.90

Seared South Island salmon with spring salad on toasted brioche with bacon and lemon pepper aioli

Varkensvlees salade/salade de porc 18.90

Warm salad of glazed belly-pork, drunken beans, endive, spring greens and home-made beetroot chutney

Moeders fricandeau/pain de veau de ma mere 18.50

Double deck Belgian meatloaf sandwich, tomato and basil ragout, salad garnish and crispy fried potatoes

Pastei van kip met eend/ tourte au poulet et au canard 18.90

Farmhouse chicken and duck vol-au-vent with leeks and orange, served with crispy fried new potatoes

Sandwich met wildbraad/sandwich au chevreuil 18.90

Poached pear and spiced venison burger, Kriek sauce and a box of frites

Sla van lamsrug/salade d’agneau 18.90

Warmed salad of sweet lamb fillets, walnuts, feta and minted salad greens

Mosselen burger / hamburger aux moules 18.90

Mussel burger with two house-made mussel patties, bacon rasher, field greens and lemon pepper aioli and a box of frites

Mosselen/moules - one kilo pot of fresh mussels

With frites and mayonnaise

Mosselen/moules navigateur 23.90

Mussels steamed with coconut cream and lemongrass

Mosselen met safraan/moules au safran 23.90

Mussels steamed in saffron, garlic aioli and tomato

Mosselen met mosterd en roqueford/ moules au fromage bleu et a la moutarde 23.90

Mussels steamed in Dijon mustard and blue cheese cream

Hoegaarden mosselen/moules hoegaarden 23.90

Mussels steamed in Hoegaarden, curried cream, apple and coriander

Gestoomde mosselen/moules nature 23.90

Mussels steamed in white wine with celery garlic and onion

Mosselen/moules - grilled mussel platters

Mosselen “poulette”/moules “poulette” 22.90

Mussels grilled with mushrooms, lemon and melting cheese

Provencaalse mosselen/ moules a la provencale 22.90

Mussels grilled with tomato, garlic and cheese

Leuvense mosselen/moules “leuven” 22.90

Mussels grilled with sweet chilli, coriander and lime

Moules po pei 22.90

Mussels grilled with wilted spinach, bacon and cheese

Gegratineerde mosselschotel/moules gratinees 34.90

A platter selection of grilled mussels


Main dishes

Vegetarische pannekoek/crepe farcie aux legumes 17.90

Tempura savoury pancake parcels filled with spring vegetables, melting cheese and sliced almonds, with salad greens and lemon yoghurt dressing

Leuvense marktvis/ poisson frais du marche 29.50

Sauteed fresh fish with walnut lime butter, baby potatoes, braised spinach and leek

Lamsvlees met leffe/agneau a la leffe 29.90

Roasted lamb rump on pumpkin and potato gratin served with red currant gravy

Oostendse zeetong/sole a L’ostendaise 30.90

Large pan-fried sole smothered with mussel and shrimp butter sauce with boiled baby potatoes

Worst met stoemp/saucisses et stoemp 22.90

House-made venison sausages with stoemp, baby onions and fruits of the forest sauce

Runderribstuk met bearnaise/ cote de boeuf a la bearnaise

500gm rib steak on the bone with Bearnaise and hot roast vegetable salad. Smaller 250gm serving available

500gm - 29.90250gm - 39.90

Gesmoorde ossenstaart/ queue de boeuf braisee 28.90

Braised oxtail, beer and bacon casserole served with stoemp

Hertenvlees taart / tarte au chevreuil 20.90

A venison pie slow cooked in a beer and red wine gravy with stoemp

Kippenborst/poitrine de poulet 27.90

Honey-glazed chicken supreme with hot roast vegetable salad, orange and Radieuse sauce

Grootmoeder’s varkenskoteletjes/cotes de porc 27.90

Herb-crumbed pork cutlet served on stoemp with red cabbage compote and rhubarb relish

Schapepootjes/gigot D’agneau 27.90

Beer braised lamb shank and seasonal root vegetable pie


Flemish loaf with onion marmalade and herb butter 6.00

Seasonal vegetables, stoemp or mixed salad 6.00

Choose: seasonal vegetables, stoemp | mixed salad

Frites with mayonnaise 7.50

Mussel tasting plate

Mussel tasting plate

chilled marinated, garlic smoked and chilli smoked mussels with croutons

small - 20.90large - 30.90
A selection of: steamed | fried | grilled

Apple en frambozen taarte/ tarte aux pommes aux framboises 11.50

Apple and raspberry pot pie served with creme fraiche and Kapiti ice cream

Appels en rabarber in de oven/ crumble pommes rhubarbe 11.50

Warm rhubarb and baked apple crumble with thick custard and vanilla ice cream

Leuvense wafel/gauffre de louvain 11.50

Homemade waffle with fresh fruit, maple syrup and Kapiti ice cream

Ijs en “fudge” van belgische chocolade 11.50

Glace et son coulis au chocolat belge. Belgian chocolate fudge sundae

Sneetje dadelgebak/tranche aux dattes 11.50

Sticky date slice with caramel sauce, creme fraiche and ice cream

Driedubbele chocolade koek/ brownie au triple chocolat 11.50

Triple chocolate brownie served with Kapiti ice cream and creme fraiche

Kaasschotel/assiette de fromages 16.90

A selection of Kapiti cheeses

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