Built for Restaurants, Better for Customers

OpenMenu Ordering is built so restaurants have full control over online ordering while giving your customers a simple, seamless experience. An online ordering that fits into your restaurant.

OpenMenu Ordering
OpenMenu Ordering

Manage Your Menus with Ease

We've built out OpenMenu Ordering into our powerful menu management platform. This means adding, editing and managing your menus is easy, fast and works across any device. We put the control of your menu into your hands. Make changes to your menu at any time.

OpenMenu Creator
OpenMenu Creator

Online Ordering on Your Website and Facebook Page

Easily integrate online ordering directly into your website or connected to your Facebook page. This means your customers can order when they're looking at your menu through your brand. Your customers, your brand, your online ordering solution. We keep this about your restaurant.

Place an Order
Order From Anywhere

Pickup, Delivery or Curbside. You Decide.

One solution, handling the online ordering that your restaurant needs and can grow into. We've created an online ordering platform that let's you set up the experience that is right for you and right for your customers.

Set up Your Way
Powerful Settings

Dashboard Simplifies Managing Orders

Our powerful dashboard provides access to your orders and simplifies order management. Processing an order, modifying an order, apply a discount, set payment status, it's all one click away. Efficient order processing is the key to the right solution.

Order Dashboard
Order Management Dashboard

Powerful Notification System

Get notified at any step in the ordering process. Email, text messaging or use our kiosk system with active order checking to get notified of orders, making managing orders from a phone or tablet easy.

Notification System
Get Notified

Your Funds, Your Control, No Hold

We keep you in full control of your funds and your customers. Online payments are available to the restaurant the same day. OpenMenu steps out of the managing of funds and gives it back to restaurants to control.

Stripe Integration
Stripe Integration

Manage Delivery Zones

Define delivery zones, change delivery prices based on zones and control delivery times all makes our Delivery Zone Manager powerful enough to fit into any restaurant.

Manage Delivery Zones
Draw Your Zones