Get a Complete Website with OpenMenu Web

Get a complete restaurant website from OpenMenu. The latest offering from OpenMenu is a complete do-it-yourself website powered from your OpenMenu – visit for more details.  These websites are built on the popular, and powerful, WordPress engine.  This means you not only get a website powered from your OpenMenu but you will have full control over the look and feel.

Our initial offering will be 6 customizable themes that should meet your website requirements all preloaded with the OpenMenu Plugin and ready to go with little modifications.

What you get:

  • Choose from one of the 6 highly customizable themes
  • Use the domain we give you (like or use your own domain
  • Add Editors, Managers or Admins to your account so multiple people can manage your website
  • You control the look, feel and copy of your website
  • All the power of OpenMenu extended to your website
  • Includes Deals and Coupons
  • Once setup your menu stays in sync with changes at OpenMenu
  • Easily connect your mobile site to your website

Sample Theme:

Restaurant Website

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