Restaurants take back control of your deals and coupons

It’s time that restaurants were in complete, and direct, control of their deals, coupons and specials.  Why use a high-markup provider?  Why limit the amount of deals you can publish.  Those days are over.  It’s your restaurant, it’s your deals.  You should be in control.

Deals and Coupons on OpenMenu gives you control:

  • Complete deal and coupon management system included in a Premium Plus account.  If your restaurants does 1 deal a month of 1000 deals a month the cost is the same
  • Get analytics back on how your deal is performing across many channels
  • Simple on-off system so you can easily control when deals are shown
  • Your restaurant, your deals, your coupons.  System is completely hands off from OpenMenu and in your control.  Last minute coupon for your restaurant?  No problem
  • Automatically connect your deals and coupons to Facebook, your website, your mobile website.  Anytime a deal is generated each location is automatically updated with no additional steps
  • We even push your deals to our distribution network

You can even take your deals social, or whatever the next buzzword will be, as OpenMenu will stay on top of things so you won’t have to worry.  Right now we fully support Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  What’s the next big thing?  Who knows but if it’s beneficial to the restaurant industry we’ll stay on top of it for you.

Social Deals and Coupons

Check our more detail of our Restaurant Deal / Coupon offering.

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