OpenMenu Premium+ Accounts

Our premium+ accounts got a huge improvement with restaurant analytics, mobile site manager and Twitter integration.  We now give restaurants an insight into how their OpenMenu is being used and a way to improve the mobile site to better align with a restaurant’s brand.

This is just a small step in the many improvements we’ll be making to both our Premium and Premium+ accounts.

Restaurant Analytics


  • Chart of the last active 14 days and total OpenMenu views
  • See how many times your OpenMenu was viewed on Facebook
  • Stats from the complementary website and mobile site for your restaurant
  • See how many times your restaurant came up in OpenMenu Search
  • How many times did our distribution partners access your OpenMenu

Even our premium, free accounts, get access to basic stats (reference image above).  Premium accounts can see how many times the OpenMenu for a restaurant was accessed and a trend line for the last 7 days.

Mobile Site Manager


  • Customize the color scheme and choose any color (no limitations)
  • Control the header text
  • Option to remove the OpenMenu logo at the bottom of pages


Twitter Integration

 Twitter Integration


  • Easily connect your restaurant to your Twitter account
  • Control the tweet that is sent
  • Automatically tweet out when your menu has changed

Both our Premium and Premium+ accounts get access to the Twitter Integrator.


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