OpenMenu Tab on Facebook Adds Short Tags

The latest offering from OpenMenu and our renderings is Short Tags, a more compact way to display tags like Specials, Vegetarian, Vega, Gluten Free and others.

Short Tags Sample

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling this new feature out in all of our menu offerings.

OpenMenu Tab:

3 Responses to OpenMenu Tab on Facebook Adds Short Tags

  1. Ari Verzosa says:

    How do i incorporate short tags? Can’t seem to find it

    • OpenMenu says:

      To add a tag to a menu item click the edit icon (pencil) next to the item and click the ‘show/hide options’ link. This will expose the additional information that can be applied to a menu item. Once you have items tagged you can ‘edit settings’ in OpenMenu Tab to turn on short tags (by default an expanded full phrase tag is shown).

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