OpenMenu Format v1.6 has been released

We’ve released OpenMenu Format v1.6 and with it some exciting new additions to OpenMenu and our complete menu platform.

Some things to note with this release:

  • There is now going to be globally unique ids on menus, menu groups and menu items.  This means items can be tracked across any systems using the OpenMenu Platform
  • We added a language attribute to menus so you could now publish the same menu in any language.  This was to further strengthen our commitment to a global menu standard
  • There is a new tag for restaurants and that’s the ‘mobile‘ tag.  This allows us to track and better support food trucks and food carts.
  • We added a ‘private‘ attribute to OpenMenus so non-public restaurants/eating establishments (like a cafeteria) can use the OpenMenu Platform.

Detailed changes in OpenMenu Format v1.6:

  • Added private attribute to the omf node
  • Added mobile to the restaurant_info node
  • Added language attribute to the menu node
  • Added all option to media type attribute on logo_url
  • Added menu_note to the menu node
  • Added menu_group_note to the menu_group node
  • Added Ukrainian to the suggested list on the cuisine_type_primary node
  • Added gluten_free attribute to the menu_item node
  • Updated uid attribute on the menu node to a uuid
  • Updated uid attribute on the menu_group node to a uuid
  • Updated uid attribute on the menu_item node to a uuid
  • Updated currency_symbol attribute on the menu node to be not required

What else has been updated to support v1.6:

  • WordPress Plugin – Easily create posts that are based on your OpenMenu. Fully integrates an OpenMenu(s) into an existing theme.
  • Joomla Module / Plugin – Easily create content that are based on your OpenMenu using either a powerful Module or Plugin.
  • OpenMenu Tab – Display an OpenMenu for your Restaurant on your Facebook page.
  • OpenMenu Templates – Lets you connect your OpenMenu to your existing website.
  • OpenMenu Embedded – penMenu now lets you drive your restaurants website from the OpenMenu located with us.
  • OpenMenu Creator – The powerful menu manager given to all restaurants for free.

As you can see this was a big update for us that lays the groundwork for some exciting things to come.  As always if you have suggestions to improve OpenMenu please let us know, we listen and respond to all.

OpenMenu Format v1.6:

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