Why a common menu platform is required?

Top 10 reasons why a common menu platform, like OpenMenu, is needed:

1. Restaurants should only have to update their menus once, in one location

2. Companies should have access to updated menu information

3. Menus should be shared, and available, openly to better promote innovation

4. It shouldn’t cost anything for restaurants to enter, manage, maintain, and most importantly, use their own menu

5. Restaurants should have multiple options as to where or how they manage their menu

6. Moving forward place data becomes less of the important search and inside-the-place data becomes more important

7. Restaurants need to easily, and effortlessly, get their menu onto the mobile apps and websites

8. Developers shouldn’t worry about the data when the focus should be on creating a better mousetrap

9. Instead of a website powering only their solutions from a restaurants menu, a menu platform provides many solutions from a single, stored, menu

10. Its not the same world anymore.  Data should be open and available.

Read more about the OpenMenu Platform: http://OpenMenu.org

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