OpenMenu Format v1.4 released

The latest version of the OpenMenu Format, v1.4, has been released.


  • Added Wheelchair Accessible to environment information section
  • Added Online Ordering to restaurant information section
  • Added Radius attribute to delivery_available
  • Added Fee attribute to delivery_available
  • Added web/mobile option to online_order type
  • Added web/mobile option to online_reservation type
  • Added accuracy attribute to root omf node
  • Removed editor attribute from omf_version node
  • Removed general_info attribute from omf_version node

The most notable change is the addition of an accuracy value to an OpenMenu.  Starting very soon we will be allowing restaurant and menu information into the system from other sources.  Developers won’t have to worry as the source, accuracy, will be transparent.  For those looking to get information only in direct control of a restaurant you need to only look at OpenMenu’s with an accuracy of 1.

OpenMenu Format:

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