Mobile Menus on OpenMenu

Now every restaurant on OpenMenu gets a mobile version of their menu.  The web and mobile version is accessible from the Restaurant’s base page on OpenMenu, the page where we communicate information about a restaurant in our system.


Sample Restaurant Page:

Sample Mobile Menu:

Let us know what you think…

3 Responses to Mobile Menus on OpenMenu

  1. Tom Finley says:

    My apologies… I answered my own question. Looks great and we’ll be using it for our mobile solution. Thanks!

    • OpenMenu says:

      Glad you like it. We’re happy to provide restaurants with a basic mobile site for their restaurant. Even more things in the works…

  2. OpenMenu says:

    For others: To locate your restaurants mobile site just use the search box to locate your restaurant. The page will display a link to both your web version and mobile version of your restaurant/menu.

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