Get your restaurant’s menu on Facebook

The Facebook application OpenMenu Tab makes it a breeze to add a Menu tab to your restaurant’s Facebook page powered by your OpenMenu.

All powered by your OpenMenu.  Adding further to the one menu, in one location, powering your menu everywhere online.

note: OpenMenu Tab (and other Facebook Apps) will only work on business type pages as Facebook removed the ability to add tabs to personal pages.  Also, OpenMenu Tab must be setup by the page creator.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Add OpenMenu Tab to Your Restaurant’s Page (must be logged in as the Admin of your restaurant’s page

2. Select Edit Settings from the newly added Menu tab (has the OpenMenu Icon)

OpenMenu Tab Edit Settings

3. Set the URL to your OpenMenu – format is[OpenMenu_ID]

OpenMenu Tab Settings

note: you can use menu and group filters to display exactly what you want from your menu

4. Press Save -> Close.  Now refresh your page and the menu should be displayed.

39 Responses to Get your restaurant’s menu on Facebook

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  2. Stephen Wallace says:

    Hi Chris,

    If I am to move forward with the menutab concept to clients in my area of the uk and Ireland, can I submit or email a menu from an establishment in my area to you and can you create the process for the customer and if so what would you charge for each submission etc.

    Regards Stephen

  3. Oto Hlincik says:

    This is really great Chris! I know that Diningverse customers are going to love this. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Thomas Evers says:

    Is there anyway to add multiple instances of the OpenMenu tab to facebook fan page? I’d like to have a link for Lunch Menu and a seperate link for Dinner Menu.

  6. Kirk says:

    Is there a way to change the name of the tab (so instead of “Menu” it could say “Restaurant Menu” or something else?

  7. deepak says:

    when i click menu edit setting is not available. am i doing some this wrong?

    • OpenMenu says:

      You have to be the admin of the page and make sure you are using Facebook as the user (who is the admin) and not as the restaurant.

  8. Zun says:

    when i click menu edit setting is not available. am i doing some this wrong?

    • OpenMenu says:

      What is your Facebook page? If you can see the Edit Settings link it means you are the admin so that’s good. You are probably blocking the dialog box in some way. Try a different browser to see if that works. (we’ve had no other complaints like this)

  9. Jackie says:

    I’m trying to get the menu onto the facebook and it is asking for the menu in URL form? I only have it in a pdf… is there another way to upload?

    • OpenMenu says:

      You will need to get a free account and create your OpenMenu for your restaurant. Once you have that all of our solutions will be available. The purpose of OpenMenu is to create a common menu format that makes driving a restaurant’s online presence a breeze.

  10. Gemma Hill says:

    When I click Edit Settings nothing happens. When I right click on edit settings it brings up a new tab for Open menu with “.oops” on the page. Am I doing something wrong?

    • OpenMenu says:

      You can’t right-click the edit settings since it’s a Facebook app it must be run from within Facebook.

      What browser are you using? Maybe you have a pop-up blocker or older browser. Try another browser to see if that works. I just tested in Opera, Safari and Firefox and it worked.

      • Gemma Hill says:

        Tried in firefox and it works – thanks.

        On another note is it possible for you to add some wording to the top of the menu that encourages customers to select a menu from the drop down list? Currently it relies on customers seeing the arrow knowing what to do. Just a thought to help improve a great app!

        • OpenMenu says:

          Great idea. We are going to add a task and get this done.

          • Jim says:

            Instead of a drop down why not change to buttons that say what each one is i.e.
            “lunch”, “dinner”,

          • OpenMenu says:

            Space is limited in a horizontal direction and some restaurant have many menus. Vertical drop-down assured the display will fit across the board for all restaurants.

  11. Please publish my newly created menu to my Facebook page. Thank you.

    • OpenMenu says:

      Only a page admin can modify a page on Facebook. All you need to do is use our OpenMenu Tab and follow the instructions above.

  12. John Rodriguez says:

    I created an openmenu for our website but when I add the app to our facebook page and click on the “edit settings” button I only see the option to add a customized name or image, how do I setup the app so that it will display our menu?

    • OpenMenu says:

      You need to click on the menu tab that appears on your restaurant’s page. You will see an Edit Settings bar on the top of our tab as long as you are the page admin/creator.

      • John Rodriguez says:

        Got it, there’s an “edit setting” button on the actual tab, that’s the one I was clicking on.

  13. Dear

    Is there something wrong for showing the Menu in Facebook with explorers IE (v9, pc) and Chrome (21.0.1180, pc)?

    I only get it right in Firefox (15.0.1, pc). Other browsers showing nothing.


    • OpenMenu says:

      I tested in IE and Chrome and it shows without a problem. Has to be some issue on your end. We’ve had no other complaints about issues with browsers and the menus showing in Facebook.

  14. Hi

    The field ‘Menu Filter:’ is too short to get all the menu’s in it I want to show. I’ve 3: lunch middagkaart, diner avondkaart, de keuze van de chef.

    This last one is cut off … and thus not shown.

    My best,

  15. FX CyberDeliss says:

    I recently started to use the openmenu tab on facebook and customers already appreciate that and are asking for more..
    Regarding to the restaurant design, is it possible to customize the design of the menu in facebook tab such as background color, policies, menu title color …..

    • OpenMenu says:

      This is something we are considering the in the future. More control over color and styles across the many platforms where our menus are displayed.

  16. Marcos says:

    Can I hide the price just at Facebook?
    I have just finished my restaurant`s printed menu. I used Adobe Indesign + OpenMenu. I ma just loving that!!!!

    Thank you so much.

    • OpenMenu says:

      Yes. There is an option in our OpenMenu Tab Facebook app to hide prices. Selecting this option will only hide the prices in the Facebook version of your menu.

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  18. Johnny says:

    I’ve added the tab on Facebook, and my menu has been approved on Open Menu. But when I go to edit settings on my Open Menu tab, it does not give me the options I see in the screen capture above. All it does is allow me to change the icon or the name. When I click on the Open Menu tab, it goes to a screen that says “No menu has been setup. Read more about OpenMenu and OpenMenu Tab. If you have an account at OpenMenu and have created your menu then please check out our blog post on Setting Up Your OpenMenu on Facebook.” Any advice?

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