Customizing your menu on Facebook with OpenMenu Tab

Now on Facebook you can not only display your OpenMenu that remains in sync while you make changes to your menu but you can change the ‘tab’ name to further customize what your visitors will see. This, as an example, lets you display a Dinner Menu that will display only the dinner menu from your OpenMenu.

Here’s how:

1) The default view in Facebook is to display the tab name as Menu that shows your entire OpenMenu

Default OpenMenu Tab view

2) To change this name, and the menu being displayed, click the Edit Info on your restaurant’s page

OpenMenu Tab Edit Info

3) Click on Apps and Edit Settings under the OpenMenu Tab application

OpenMenu Tab Edit Settings

4) Change the Custom Tab Name.

OpenMenu Tab Menu Name

5) Go back to your restaurant’s page and edit the OpenMenu Tab settings.

OpenMenu Tab Edit OpenMenu Settings

6) Change the Menu Filter to match any menu name within your OpenMenu

openmenu tab menu filter

7) Click save then cancel and refresh the page. That’s it.

Its just that easy to change your restaurants Facebook page to display custom menus.

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