OpenMenu WordPress Plugin v1.3 released

Open Menu WordPress Plugin

Another release of the popular OpenMenu WordPress plugin is now available


  • Added Thumbnail images to menu listing
  • Remove Setting link from plugin page (permission issue for some users)
  • Update the location of the sample menu to
  • Moved the styling of the OpenMenu tag to the OpenMenu theme stylesheet


10 Responses to OpenMenu WordPress Plugin v1.3 released

  1. Vincent says:

    Would like to see this plugin added to the official WordPress repository, so as to allow easier updates and notifications of new versions and it would also gain more exposure.

  2. Hello,

    First off…THANK YOU for this fantastic menun plugin that you have made available! This is an incredible menu plugin.
    I have a configuration question with the openmenu plugin??

    I have the openmenu currently setup and configured at

    In the firefox browser, the display looks great. However, in Internet Explorer, it appears that an additional top navigation menu or portion of the header is being added at the top of the page. This is disrupting the overall alignment of the page. Have you seen or run into this issue before with IE? Are there any suggestions that may correct my openmenu display in the IE browser?

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,

    • OpenMenu says:

      I looked at the menu in both Firefox and IE 8 and it looks the same. Please contact us through our support email with screenshots and we can take a look.

      No IE specific problems have been reported to us.

  3. Sharaz says:

    Is there a way to load a menu group on it’s own WordPress page, instead of the entire restaurant menu?

  4. pankas says:

    Do I need a template to create a menu?

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