“New Year’s” Update

Another big update from Open Menu has been released.  This is a major milestone release as it sets the foundation for 2011 and some very cool and exciting things (teaser: Open Menu registrars, mobile Menu Editor).  For this reason we’re calling this the “New Year’s” Update.


  • Menu Sorting:  This was a big thing that was asked for by our users and we’ve answered with a simple to use, drag-n-drop, menu / menu group / menu item re-order system
  • Direct Connect Services: No longer do you have to download your menu, jump through hoops, submit your menu to Open Menu.  Menu Submission is now done 100% through our Open Menu Account system.  When you’re happy with your menu just request a review and submission into the main database
  • Unique IDs: All menus now have a universally unique ID.  This is the key to your menu.  This is the key that developers will use to communicate your menu. (teaser: this is how Open Menu Registrars will track your menu)
  • Restaurant Tools: This is the new page of tools that interact with your restaurant.  This is the page where you will request a submission.
  • Menu Status for the Online Menu Creator: All menus in the menu can be in one of 3 states: New (not yet submitted into the main database), No Status (this is actually an accepted into the main database status), Pending Review (you’ve submitted a menu and we’re reviewing it for submission) and Rejected (menu did not meet the requirements of a menu submission)
  • Open Menu Format v1.3:  This is a minor update, as far as impact, but major in its sets a foundation for the future.  This update adds the UUID (unique ID) to all menus.

Have a suggestion or comment on this major update please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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