Restaurants are weakly connected to the internet

That’s right, I said it, “restaurants are weakly connected to the internet”.  You, as a restauranteur, may think your restaurants information and menu is “out in the wild” in a way that benefits your restaurant but I’m saying its not what you think.  You may be doing a disservice to your restaurant.

Restaurants have a weak connection into the internet because most of the information about the menu, and your restaurant, is no longer in your control or no longer updated by you.  How quickly this information can become inaccurate.  Have you ever counted how many locations your menu is located, how many places attempt to index your menu items, how many places list your operating hours?  It’s probably way more than you have time to maintain and keep accurate.

For this reason alone you’re information does not contain a strong connection between the websites, mobile applications, search engines and your restaurant.

How often do visitors go to a website and find an out-of-date menu, a change in operating hours or can’t find the specials of the day/week?  Shouldn’t this information be available as soon as it changes in-house?

The solution is simple.

  • Create a standard so the information can be “understood”
  • Create a single point where your information is maintained, updated and distributed

Instead of you updating your information everywhere, let them come to you for updated information.

This is the power of OpenMenu.  A standard for the way the information is stored and methods in place so your information is distributed immediately when you update it.  Add daily specials to your menu and it appears everywhere that is displaying your menu.  Just that simple.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?

6 Responses to Restaurants are weakly connected to the internet

  1. Mark Moreno says:

    With all of the variables that a restaurateur has do deal with marketing can be a huge distraction. Attempting to put everything “insync” can be daunting. Most importantly, many patrons choose restaurants based on what they want to eat, when they want to eat it. This makes a searchable, locatable, accurate, up-to-date menu so darn important. Many restaurants have copies of their menus in yellow pages, print ads, webpages, etc. and none of them match. Recently, I met with a customer that spends $30K a year for a full page print ad that did not even contain his menu.

    OpenMenu is a great way to put your menu in a format that is searchable and easy to make changes. Best of all it is free!

  2. OpenMenu says:

    Free and Open. Open Menu is an open system where other developers will gain access to our information. This is what allows an Open Menu menu to drive a restaurants menu everywhere on the internet.

  3. Robert Brewer says:

    OpenMenu sounds like a great idea, but a quick check of your Honolulu, HI restaurants finds several that have closed, and the one menu I looked out was out of date. The concept will only work if you can convince the restaurants to be diligent about updating their info, otherwise Yelp and their ilk will be more up to date. Also, restaurants that close have little incentive to run around informing people that they are closed, but few things are more frustrating than arriving at a place only to find it no longer exists.

    • OpenMenu says:

      Open Menu seeded the database to demo what can be done with the Open Menu information. Over time the database will replace all menus and restaurants with information under the control of a restaurant. Old information will be worked out of the database.

      No need for a restaurant to remove themselves from the database. Open Menu will capture this information and automatically clean the information.

      We are in early stages getting the Open Menu Format (the standard) adopted.

  4. Kim Le says:

    This service seems great for restaurant goer and restaurant owners. What in it for you guys (

    • OpenMenu says:

      Having a standard for restaurants and the way they store and share their information is a must in today’s technology driven, mobile user world. Without it there no way to have company’s communicate or share information between them. Open Menu opens these doors. We can’t wait to make some announcements about companies who are Open Menu compliant (close to being able to talk about it).

      What do you mean what’s in it for Open Menu? Open Menu is a business established to help the restaurant industry.

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