OpenMenu on the Hospitality 101 Radio Show

First a little about the Hospitality 101 Internet radio talk show

“We address a wide range of topics including Social Media, Marketing, Menu Engineering, Leases, Mystery Shoppers, Cost Controls and other operational issues for restaurants, caterers, hotels, cafeterias, fast food, QSR’s as well as casual and upscale fine dining. We will also take your questions and answer them during the show. We will also feature industry guests from time to time to discuss current issues in the industry.”

OpenMenu had a chance to speak about OpenMenu, take some live questions and basically get the word out. Had a blast doing the show with Gary and Jeffrey and look forward to getting online with them again.

Listen here:…

If you’re in the restaurant industry, or interested in the restaurant industry, check out the live Hospitality 101 Internet radio show every Tuesday at 3:00pm EST.

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