MenuTab – a Facebook solution

The Facebook application Menutab makes it a breeze to add a Menu tab to your restaurant’s Facebook page powered by your Open Menu Format menu.

All powered by your Open Menu Format menu. Adding further to the one menu, in one location, powering your menu everywhere online.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Goto


2. Select your restaurant’s page
Select restaurant

3. Click on the Import Options to import your Open Menu Format menu
Import options

4. Enter the URL of the Open Menu Format menu (alternately you can directly upload the file) and select Import
Enter URL

5. Verify the menu and make changes as needed and then click the ‘Click here to install Menutab on your Facebook page
Verify menu

7. Click the ‘click here to begin installation

8. A new Menu tab will appear on your page
begin installation

Now you have a well-formatted Open Menu menu on your Facebook page. Just that easy.
Your menu

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