OpenMenu’s blog now online

In an effort to be more transparent about OpenMenu we’ve released a blog.  This blog will contain our views on the restaurant industry, with respect to technology, as well as a place to learn what’s going in the world of OpenMenu.

Our first blog post, which will come in a couple of days, will tell the back story of how OpenMenu, the idea, came to be.

4 Responses to OpenMenu’s blog now online

  1. Mark Moreno says:

    I am quickly becoming a huge fan of the OpenMenu concept! Best Wishes for a successful endeavor. I am convinced that this service will benefit both restaurants and diners. To be able to decide on a restaurant based on the menu item is a tremendous concept.

  2. Gary Tripp says:

    Really impressed with the OpenMenu concept and it’s simple approach of helping solve the age old question, how we keep all out menus current and whats for dinner. Anything we can do to assist please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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