Cauliflower Fritters $7.25

Lightly battered with ranch dressing

Potato Wedges $7.95

Topped with melted cheddar, bacon, sour cream & green onion

Mini-Mezze with pita $9.45

Hummus, feta cheese, kalamata olives & artichoke hearts

Jack cheese quesadilla $5.95

with salsa & sour cream

Soups & Salads

Cup $6.25

Large Bowl $9.25

House salad

spring mix, carrots, tomato, cucumber and red cabbage

small - $6.25large - $9.25

Soup & Salad Duet $14.95

Nachos $5.95

Cobb salad $16.95

Romaine lettuce, turkey, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, tomato and a hard boiled egg with blue cheese dressing

Caesar salad* $11.95

chicken - $5.00 | salmon - $9.00
Sandwiches & Burgers

Houseground Certified Angus Chuck and Sirloin (served on a brioche bun with red onion tomato, lettuce & mayonnaise.) All burgers* and sandwiches come with a choice of a cup of soup, salad or french fries.

Classic Burger $13.95

Cheese Burger $14.95

Bacon Cheese Burger $16.95

The Cove Burger $15.95

Brie cheese & grilled onions

The Mexican Burger $16.95

avocado, pepperjack and chipotle mayo

Housemade Turkey Burger $15.95

Marinated Chicken Breast $16.95

On a torta roll with red onion, lettuce and tomato

add: pesto & provolone - $2.50

Club Sandwich $16.95

turkey, bacon, lettuce & tomato

Pastrami Reuben $16.95

Grilled dark rye, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing

French Fries Substitutions
onion rings - $2.50 | curly fries - $2.50 | tater tots - $2.50

Mac-N-Cheese (4 cheeses) $15.45

with a side of vegetables

Vegetarian Cove Curry $14.45

Seasonal vegetables over brown or basmati rice

Falafel - open faced $13.95

Fava & garbanzo bean fritters served on a pita with tahini, lettuce, salsa, hummus and a tomato cucumber salad (vegan)

Veggie Reuben $15.45

Grilled light rye, spinach, mushrooms, onions, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing

Garden Burger $14.95

Homemade Black Bean Burger $14.95

with chipotle mayo

mushrooms - $1.50 | avocado - $3.50
Main Entrees

Mediterranean Pappardelle $15.95

ribbons of egg pasta tossed with garlic, basil, tomato, kalamata olives feta & parmesan cheese

Salmon (preparation varies) ask server $17.95

Served with basmati rice and sauteed french green beans

Sauteed Prawns on a bed of spinach $17.95

topped with a chipotle cream sauce served with brown rice

Chicken Saltimbocca $17.95

Chicken breast sauteed in marsala wine topped with prosciutto & provolone cheese. Served with basmati rice and sauteed nutmeg carrots

Home Roasted Turkey Breast $16.45

Served with stuffing, mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans and cranberry sauce

Angus New York Steak and French Fries $21.95

Topped with compound butter

Homemade Meatloaf $16.45

mashed potato and sauteed broccoli