Cactus & Lime Seltzer $8.57

Corona Tropical lime and cactus juice in sparkling water

Crabbies Ginger Beer $11.42


Strongbow $8.57


Gluten FreeAlley Kat Mango Passionfruit Seltzer $9.00

Alley Kat Mango Passionfruit Hard Seltzer - Edmonton

Gluten FreeAlley Kat Raspberry Lemon Seltzer $9.00

Alley Kat Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Seltzer - Edmonton

Gluten FreeMountain Pear Cider $7.61

Vancouver, BC

Rock Creek Cider $8.57

Calgary AB

Smirnoff Ice $8.57


Bottled Beers

Kokanee $6.90

Coors Light $6.90

Coors Banquet $6.90

Budweiser $6.90

Budweiser Zero - Non Alcoholic $6.90

Sunbrew $7.00

The Refreshing and Easy Drinking Taste of Corona, now with 0.0% ABV and Vitamin D.

VeganPartake IPA - Non Alcoholic $7.00

0.3% ABV This IPA’s light, bubbly body, 10 calories and only 2 carbs make it a refreshing choice even when responsibility calls [10 calories]

VeganPartake Pale Ale - Non Alcoholic $7.00

0.3% ABV Good news, with only 10 calories and 0 carbs, our international award‑winning craft Pale ale pairs perfectly with your healthy lifestyle [10 calories]

VeganPartake Blonde Ale - Non Alcoholic $7.00

0.3% ABV With only 15 calories and 3 carbs our delicious Blonde ale is the most satisfying adult decision you’ll make today [15 calories]

Gluten FreeWhistler Forager Pale Ale - Gluten Free $7.62

Gluten free amber pale ale that has a brush of malt character with a complement of hop. Produced in a dedicated gluten free building. ABV 5% | IBU 40 355ml can

Whistler Forager Gluten Free Lager $7.62

BC’s first Craft Gluten Free Lager made with a grist of sorghum and rice. It’s hop forward and full of character. Produced in a dedicated gluten free building. ABV 5% | IBU 35

Gluten FreeLakefront New Grist Pilsner - Gluten Free $8.33

Gluten free pilsner, 5.1% ABV

Omission Pale Ale - Gluten Removed $8.33

This beer is gluten friendly, not gluten free.

Imported Bottles

Heineken $8.75


Corona $8.00


Stella Artois $8.75


Heineken Zero (Alcohol-Free) $7.00