Tiger Wings

A jumbo chicken wing hand breaded and fried to perfection, then tossed in our world famous Tiger Sauce. We also offer Garlic Tiger Wings, Traditional Buffalo Wing, Oriental Terriyaki, Texas Style Honey Barbeque.

6 pieces - $9.0910 pieces - $13.0916 pieces - $19.0924 pieces - $31.9950 pieces - $56.99
Additional: Dressing - $0.95 | Celery - $0.95

Tiger Chicken Strips $10.19

An 8 ounce hand sliced chicken breast lightly battered and fried, tossed in our famous Tiger Sauce, and served with homemade blue cheese or ranch dressing. Without Tiger sauce available 9.09

Without: Tiger Sauce - $8.99

Tiger Shrimp $11.19

Hand breaded shrimp deep fried and tossed in our famous Tiger sauce. Served with ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

EVG's Mini's * $12.19

Four Angus beef mini patties topped with American cheese, and served with thin fries.

Potato Skins $9.19

Baked potato halves lightly fried and topped with cheese and bacon, served with sour cream.

Parkway Pimento Cheese $10.19

A new twist to a southern classic EVG's version of pimento cheese, smoked Gouda, sharp cheddar, roasted red pepper, spices served with celery and pita chips.

Carolina Crickets $10.19

Cantos' Carolina Crickets. Add a little spice before dinner: Fresh jalapenos stuffed with smoked Gouda cheese and wrapped with maple apple wood smoked bacon, deep fried, and served with maple syrup for dipping.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip $10.19

Homemade three cheese dip blended with fresh spinach and artichoke hearts, served with fried pita bread.

Oteen's Famous Onion Rings $9.19

The ring that puts the "O" in Oteen, a heaping portion of thinly sliced onion rings. Lightly battered, and fried to crispy perfection.

Half Basket - $7.19

Fried Mushrooms $11.19

Fresh button mushrooms battered and deep-fried, served with marinara or ranch dressing.

Half Basket - $7.19

Queen City Quesadilla $12.19

Grilled flour tortilla filled with a smoked Gouda cheese blend, mushrooms, grilled chicken, and sautéed onions. Topped with with Guacamole and fresh jalapenos. Salsa and sour cream upon request.

Carnivore's Quesadilla $12.19

Cajun spiced chicken, ham, pecan smoked bacon, Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese, and Pico de Gallo stuffed into a grilled flour tortilla. Topped with guacamole and fresh jalapeños. Salsa and sour cream upon request.

VVegetarian Quesadilla $10.09

A grilled flour tortilla stuffed with Pico de Gallo, melted cheese, fresh spinach, and black beans.

Add: Chicken - $6.00 | Rib Eye Steak - $6.00 | Shrimp - $6.00
(Prices subject to change. *denotes these foods are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked products (such as fish, beef, or poultry) can result in foodborne illnesses. EVG is not responsible.)