Guacamole 8.00

w/ chicharron, pickled jalapeno, cotija 9, w/ sweet peas, mint, pepitas 10

Add flavors: Chicharron - 2.00 | Pecans & Manchego - 2.00

Chicken & Cheese Taquitos 9.00

guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija, black salsa

Wood-Roasted Chicken Wings 10.00

teriyaki, garlic, pickled chiles

"Macho Nacho" 8.00

tortilla chips, black beans, queso, jalapeños, guacamole, lime crema

Add:: Grilled Tofu - 2.00 | Grilled Chicken - 4.00 | Pork Belly Confit - 6.00

Adds: fried egg 1, marinated tofu 3, marinated chicken 4, blackened shrimp 5, black bean patty 4

Bibb 11.00

champagne vinaigrette, candied walnuts, smoked blue cheese, chives

Add ons

fried egg 1, marinated tofu 3, marinated chicken 4, blackened shrimp 5, black bean patty 4

Arugula 9.00

apple cider vinaigrette, pickled squash, pepitas, parmesan

Casa 6.00

greens, cucumber, tomato, radish, sherry vinaigrette


Adds $2 pork sausage, house bacon, grilled chicken, fontina

Rita 13.00

smoked mozzarella, basil, crushed tomato, parmesan

Green Machine 13.00

kale, crimini, fontina, smoked ricotta, pickled jalapeño, smoked garlic

Hot Buzz 14.00

grilled chicken, jersey blue, crushed tomato, chipotle honey

Chupacabra 14.00

house bacon, crimini, smoked garlic, mozzarella, crushed tomato


Served on corn tortillas with black beans & rice. Flour tortillas available upon request.

Carnitas 13.00

pork, guacamole, onion-cumin salsa

Crab Cake 15.00

panko-crusted crab cake, chipotle aioli, slaw, pico de gallo

Enchillada Of The Day 13.00

Calabacitas 12.00

zucchini, summer squash, lime slaw, pickled corn


served on Ithaca Bakery bread with hand-cut fries or salad

Da Buddah 13.00

blackened chicken, cheddar, pickled jalapeno, lime crema, greens, tomato

Bernadine 16.00

blackened salmon, roasted jalapeno aioli, slaw, pico de gallo, toasted french bread

Agava Burger 15.00

local organic grass-fed beef, aged cheddar, fried onions, secret sauce

Black Bean Burger 12.00

aged cheddar, roasted poblano, lime crema

Special Add Ons

pork belly 5, guacamole, bacon 2, jalapeno, egg 1

(Add guacamole 2, bacon 1 jalapeƱo 1, egg 1)

Black Beans & Ginger-Steamed Rice 4.00

Hand-Cut Fries 4.00

Grilled Asparagus 6.00


Wood-Roasted Beets 8.00

whipped local feta, achiote orange jus

Brussels Sprouts 7.00

chickpeas, chili-honey & herbs

Cauliflower 8.00

pine nuts, olives, brown butter, lemon

Workday Drink Specials

Cucumber Cooler 4.00

muddled cucumber, agave nectar, sparkling water

Cranberry Cooler 4.00

muddled cranberries, agave nectar, sparkling water

Pomegranate Cooler 4.00

house-made pomegranate syrup, sparkling water

First Mate 4.00

house-made ginger syrup, ginger ale, angostura bitters, sparkling water