Red Rock Brewery Fashion Place

Red Rock Brewing Company offers a full menu of high quality food and hand crafted beers in Downtown SLC, Park City's Kimball Junction and now at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray.

Cuisine: American
Alcohol Type: full bar
Smoking Allowed: No
Seating: Patio, Indoor
Reservations: No
Dress Code: casual
Music Type: pre-recorded
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Takeout Available: Yes
Delivery Available: No
Catering Available: Yes

Chef's Specials for 4/25/17

Soup of the Day $5.00

Albondigas (Mexican Meatball)

Beer Cracker $6.00

Rosemary Oil, Grape Tomato, Bacon, Gorgonzola

Mussels a la Red Rock $10.00

White Wine Dijon Cream, Shallot

Grilled Atlantic Salmon Sandwich $15.00

Balsamic Mayo, Oven Toasted Tomato, Red Onion, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil. Served in a House Made Wood Fired Pocket

Pizza of the Day $11.00

Alfredo Sauce, Sweet Italian Sausage, Bell Pepper, Red Onion, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Fresh Basil

1/2 lb. Grass Fed Burger $15.00

Mayo, Barbecue Sauce, Jalapeno, Bacon, Red Rock Rauchbier White Cheddar. Served on a Brioche Bun

Braised Short Rib Cannelloni $15.00

Red Wine Demi Sauce, Mascarpone, Fontina

Fiesta Tacos

Join us on Mondays for our special Fiesta Tacos! Pepperoncini Tartar, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Shredded Lettuce & Jack and Cheddar Cheese. Fish or Chicken: $13, Steak or Shrimp: $15

Apple Cobbler $7.00

Served with Haagen Daz Ice Cream

Beers on Tap

Honey Wheat

You'll never find a lighter, more refreshing beer on our menu than Honey Wheat. Its gentle wheat flavors and honey-sweet aromas offer respite from the ocean of mega-hopped double this-and-thats the craft beer world has been trying to convince you to purchase by the case. While we're just as guilty as any other craft brewery, we understand the need for something lighter every now and then.

- Light-Wheaty-Refreshing
American Wheat Beer: 4% ABV | 16 IBU

Organic Zwickel Bier

Zwickel is pronounce "tzvickle", and is named for the sampling cock attached to the outside of a fermentation vessel. This unfiltered offering is a mild, effervescent form of Kellerbier, meaning "cellar beer" in German. The term applies more to the method of serving beer directly from the lagering tank than it does to the specific beer style. Our Zwickelbier, however, can be the best thought of as an unfiltered Pilsner.

- Crisp-Bready-Dry
Kellerbier: 4% ABV | 22 IBU


Hefeweizen means "yeast wheat" in German. While the yeast fermentation character of German wheat beer tends to be quite evident, the American version has a subdued yeast character. This allows the bready malt flavors and mild hop aromas to shine through. Hefeweizen has more yeast suspended in the beer than filtered options, giving it a hazy appearance and fuller mouthfeel. Enjoy without fruit for the best experience.

- Creamy-Mild-Wheaty
American Wheat Beer: 4% ABV | 17 IBU

Belgian Wit

“Wit” means “white” in Dutch. The style originated in Hoegaarden, Belgium but nearly went extinct in the 1950s. Witbier continues to whet our palates to this day thanks to Pierre Celis, who saved the dying style with his Hoegaarden Witbier. Our Belgian Wit is unfiltered & made with unmalted wheat for a cloudy appearance & full mouthfeel. Restrained amounts of coriander & bitter orange peel support the fruity Belgian yeast character

- Citrusy-Wheaty-Floral
Witbier: 4% ABV | 9 IBU

White IPA

If there’s one thing the American beer drinker can’t get enough of, it’s IPAs. There’s the less hoppy pale ale, the more hoppy double IPA, and a whole rainbow of different IPA subcategories. There’s black, brown, red, white, rye, English, Belgian, New England, North West, and likely several more waiting for recognition. The White IPA blends the yeast and spice character of a Belgian Witbier with the hop forward assertion of an American IPA. You c

White IPA: 4% ABV | 43 IBU

IPA Junior

When American homebrewers were looking for a style to showcase the piney, citrusy, and dank characteristics of indigenous hops, India Pale Ale was the obvious choice. The neutral yeast character and supporting malt backbone allow the hop character to be front and center. Many variations now exist, including the lower ABV Session IPA. Enjoy America's most celebrated beer style with our very own IPA Junior.

- Hoppy-Piney-Floral
Session IPA: 4% ABV | 36 IBU

Amber Ale

Sometimes referred to as Red Ales, American Amber Ales bridge the gap between lighter American Pale Ales and the darker American Brown Ales or Red IPAs. The catchall style always wears an amber color, but with varying degrees of balance between the malt and hops. As is the the tendency with most American styles, our Amber Ale leans quite heavily on dank American hop character supported by a heavy hand of caramel malt.

-Caramel-Dark Bread-Hoppy
American Amber Ale: 4% ABV | 32 IBU

Scottish Ale

Scottish ales were previously distinguished by their cost per barrel in shillings. A 60/- or 60 shilling beer would be on the lower end of the spectrum while a 120/- would be on the higher end. These beers are all similar & vary mostly in alcoholic strength & flavor intensity. To better define the substyles, the terms LIGHT, HEAVY, & EXPORT have been adopted. Our Scottish Ale falls right in the middle & can best be thought of as a Scottish Heavy

- Toasty-Earthy-Caramel
Scottish Heavy: 4% ABV | 12 IBU


The term "nut brown" stems from the color of brown ales rather than the use of actual nuts in the recipe. Traditional English brown ales exhibit mild hop notes and toasty, nutty flavors given by the malt. Our Americanized brown ale leans more on the piney, dank American hop character, balanced by a nearly chocolaty, dry malt backbone.

- Toasty-Nutty-Hoppy
American Style Brown Ale: 4% ABV | 25 IBU

Oatmeal Stout

With the roasty, rich flavors of a stout and the creamy, nutty flavors of oats, Oatmeal Stout is the quintessential comfort beer style. Add silky, smooth nitrogen into the mix and you've got yourself a bonofide beer milkshake. Need we say more?

- Roasty-Nutty-Oaty
Oatmeal Stout: 4% ABV | 30 IBU
Pint - $4.75 | Pitcher - $12.50 | Growler - $11.00
($3 charge for new Growler Glass)
Bottled Beers

Fröhlich Pils $6.50

Fröhlich means "happy" in German. Our "Happy" Pils is created with traditional German malt, hops, and lager yeast. Its crisp, clean lager taste is likely to leave you refreshed and quite jovial. It's just what the doctor ordered.

- Crisp-Crackery-Dry
German Style Pilsner: 500 ml Bottle | 5.5% ABV | 33 IBU

Le Quatre Saison $6.50

Le Quatre means "The Four" in French and Saison means "Season." The name is a reference to the four seasons observed in a year. This fruity, Belgian style was first created in Southern Belgium/Northern France. Saison, originally a very low alcohol beer, was given to the seasonal farm workers or "saisoners" in place of water, as potable water was scarce in the countryside.

- Rustic-Tart-Fruity
Belgian Style Saison: 500 ml Bottle | 6.2% ABV | 30 IBU

Grand Bavaria $7.50

Weissbier means "white beer" in German. The term was first used to refer to any light colored beer, but now predominantly refers to beer made with wheat. Weissbier is traditionally not served with a lemon as it takes away from the beer's character and impedes head retention. One of the few German ales, Weissbier exhibits a strong banana and clove character created by the yeast.

- Fruity-Wheaty-Creamy
German Style Weissbier: 500 ml Bottle | 5% ABV | 11 IBU

Marvella $7.50

Belgian style tripels are known to have an elevated alcoholic content while being devilishly smooth and easy to drink. Belgian candi sugar is used to increase potency while keeping the body light and offering flavors of lightly caramelized sugar. The Belgian yeast ties it all together with fruity aromas and flavors of sweet banana. Sip lightly!

- Smooth-Fruity-Warming
Belgian Style Tripel: 500 ml Bottle | 11% ABV | 18 IBU


Utah's first barrel aged beer! Rêve means "dream" in French. In an attempt to make our dream a reality, we crafted a traditional tripel ale using Belgian candi sugar. After placing our tripel in French Chardonnay barrels, it was inoculated with Brettanomyces & left to mature for 12 months. Finally, the brew was blended & bottle conditioned using Champagne yeast. Our Rêve has dreamy flavors of plum, sour candy, and white wine.

- Bright-Bubbly-Tart
Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel: 500 ml Bottle - $18.00 | 750 ml Bottle - $25.00 | 10.3%ABV | 38 IBU

Golden Halo Blonde Ale $6.50

Blonde ales are the model gateway craft beer. With more flavor than American lagers and less bitterness than pale ales, American blonde ales are an ideal choice for those looking to get into craft beer but aren't ready for bold flavors. Approachable malt character with mild hop bitterness and clean fermentation character make for an excellent anytime beer.

- Mild-Bready-Smooth
American Blonde Ale: 500 ml Bottle | 5.8% ABV | 20 IBU

Elephino Double IPA $7.50

"Elephant" was the original name of our hop-centric, flagship ale. A certain mass producing lager brewery in Denmark with a beer of the same name stripped our Double IPA of the "Elephant" title. A group of frustrated Red Rock staff was tasked with finding a new name. Story has it, someone said, "what on earth are we going to name this beer?" Another replied, "hell if I know!" The misheard "Elephino" was a unanimous choice.

- Hoppy-Citrusy-Resinous
Double IPA: 500 ml Bottle | 8% ABV | 88 IBU

20th Anniversary Imperial Red Ale $7.50

Turning 20 in the beer industry is a milestone worth celebrating! For a big anniversary we had to brew an equally big beer. Boasting a huge citrusy hop flavor combined with notes of dark fruit and caramel malt, our 20th Anniversary Imperial Red Ale delivers nothing less than expected from 20 years of brewing. Just don't forget the ABV is quite large, too!

- Bold-Caramely-Citrusy
Imperial Red Ale: 500 ml Bottle | 9.5% ABV | 73 IBU

Bobcat Nutbrown Ale $6.50

The term "nut brown" stems from the color of brown ales rather than the use of actual nuts in the recipe. Traditional English brown ales exhibit mild hop notes and toasty, nutty flavors given by the malt. Our Americanized brown ale leans more on a piney, dank American hop character, balanced by a nearly chocolaty, dry malt backbone.

- Toasty-Nutty-Hoppy
American Style Brown Ale: 500 ml Bottle | 6.1% ABV | 27 IBU

Drioma Russian Imperial Stout $7.50

Drioma is the Slavic spirit of the night. Her dark nature is smooth and subtle, just like our Russian imperial stout. The Russian name was given to the style not by the location of brewing, but the location on consumption. Originally brewed in London for export to Russia, this notably strong ale became wildly popular with Russian imperials, earning the name Russian imperial stout.

- Roasty-Chocolaty-Smooth
Russian Imperial Stout: 500 ml Bottle | 10.1% ABV | 59 IBU
Small Plates

Mozzarella Sticks

House-made San Marzano tomato sauce.

Large - $6.00Small - $3.00

Onion Rings

Red Rock Beer Batter

Large - $6.00Small - $3.00

Grilled Asparagas $6.00

Lemon Aioli

House-made Spicy Pickles $3.00

Beer Battered Pickle Chips $5.00

Red Chili Lime Aioli

Spiral Cut Fries $3.00

Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Fries $4.00

Blistered Shishito Peppers $7.00

Hawaiian black lava salt, lemon wedge

Roasted Brussels Sprouts $6.00

Thick cut bacon

Horseradish Mashed Potato $3.00

Available after 4:00 pm

Starters for your meal

Bruschetta $11.00

Walnut crusted goat cheese, oven-roasted tomato, fresh basil, roasted garlic, Parmesan toast

Calamari $10.00

Lightly breaded, aioli, cocktail sauce

Prosciutto Wrapped Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella $10.00

Fresh basil, cracked pepper, Dijon Vinaigrette

House Smoked Cured Salmon $11.00

Cream cheese, red onion, capers, toasted sourdough

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom $8.00

Herbed cream cheese, mozzarella, Italian breading, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce

Spicy Buffalo Wings $10.00

Bleu cheese, carrot, celery

Baked Italian Cheese Dip $8.50

Scallion, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, jack, cheddar, herbed cream cheese, beer bread

Mussels a la Red Rock $10.00

Chef's Selection

Delectable flavor fusions from scratch

Fresh Soup of the Day $5.00

See our daily specials board or ask your server

French Onion Soup Gratinée $6.00

Swiss, Mozzarella, sourdough toast

The freshest produce combinations

Warm Goat Cheese Salad $11.00

Spring mix, sliced tomato, pear, rosemary pesto oil, creamy garlic basil house dressing GF

Superfood Salad $13.00

Baby kale, arugula, watercress, goat cheese, roasted beet, avocado, blueberry, grapefruit, toasted pistachio, citrus balsamic vinaigrette

Half - $9.00

Cobb Salad $12.00

Romaine lettuce, rotisserie chicken, bacon, egg, bleu cheese crumble, tomato, avocado, Italian dressing GF

Half - $8.50

Caesar Salad $9.00

Romaine Heart, Parmesan, crouton, Caesar dressing, Anchovy upon request. GF

Half - $6.00

Roasted Beet Salad $12.00

Baby arugula, red and gold beet, citrus pistachio crusted goat cheese, shaved fennel, orange, citrus balsamic vinaigrette

Half - $8.50

Roppongi Crab Stack $14.00

jumbo lump crab, mango, diced tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado,, peanut, baby arugula, cilantro, chili lime vinaigrette

Warm Shrimp Salad $14.00

Sautéed shrimp, watercress, spinach, Gorgonzola, grapefruit, roasted sweet potato, toasted pistachio, creamy lemon pepper dressing GF

Half - $9.50

New York Steak Salad $17.00

Romaine lettuce, Gorgonzola, roma tomato, red onion, cucumber, garlic toast crouton, Dijon vinaigrette* GF

Chopped Salad $10.00

Iceberg lettuce, mozzarella, tomato, Kalamata olive, fresh basil, Italian dressing. Choice of pepperoni, rotisserie chicken or tuna salad GF VG

Half - $7.00

House Salad $4.00

Mixed green, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot, crouton, creamy garlic basil house dressing GF

Chicken Breast - $4.00 | Shrimp - $5.00 | Wild Salmon - $7.00
Red Rock combos & basic favorites

Pepperoni Pizza $11.00

Pepperoni, mozzarella, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce

Italian Sausage Pizza $11.00

House-made spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce

Mediterranean Pizza $11.00

Salami, Gorgonzola, grape tomato, Kalamata olive, pepperoncini, balsamic glaze, roasted almond & arugula pesto base

Four Cheese Pizza $11.00

Gruyère, smoked Gouda, Romano & mozzarella. Choice of pesto or herbed olive oil base

Wild Mushroom Pizza $11.00

Oyster, crimini & shitake mushroom, Romano, Gruyère, balsasmic caramelized onion, fresh thyme, roasted garlic base

Margherita Pizza $11.00

Roma Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Romano, Fresh Basil, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pizza of the Day $11.00

Chef's selection

Meat - $1.00 | Cheese - $0.50 | Veggies - $0.50
Deli selections and oven baked pockets

Red Rock Burger $10.50

Swiss, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, wood-fired pocket, house-made vegan patty available*

Buffalo Chicken $11.50

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, bleu cheese crumble, tomato, red leaf lettuce, wing sauce, Dutch crunch bun

Cuban $12.00

Slow roasted pulled pork, sliced ham, provolone, spicy house-made pickle, red onion, Dijon mayonnaise, grilled telera roll

Short Rib Sandwich $14.00

Creamy Horseradish, Baby Arugula, Lemon Vinaigrette, Banana Pepper. Served on a Toasted Baguette

Meatball Grinder $12.00

Cranberry pine nut meatballs, mozzarella, provolone, San Marzano tomato sauce, baguette

Roasted Turkey $11.00

House roasted turkey breast, provolone, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, side of orange cranberry sauce. Choice of sourdough or whole grain bread

Grilled Reuben $13.00

Corned beef, Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian, toasted rye

Albacore Tuna Salad $8.00

Provolone, lettuce, spicy house-made pickle, tomato, mayonnaise, wood-fired pocket

Caprese $9.00

Fresh mozzarella, oven roasted tomato, basil, red leaf lettuce, caramelized balsamic onion, Parmesan rosemary ciabatta VG

French Onion Steak- 7 oz. $17.00

New York steak, Gruyére, mozzarella, caramelized onion, French onion au jus, toasted sourdough,*

Barbecue Turkey Burger $11.00

Habanero Jack, onion straw, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, chipotle barbeque sauce, Dutch crunch bun*

Sweet Potato Fries - $2.00 | Onion Rings - $2.00 | Soup of the Day - $2.00 | House Salad - $2.00
Our main menu

Alaskan Halibut Fish & Chips $20.00

Red Rock beer battered, coleslaw

Cod Fish & Chips $15.00

Red Rock beer battered, coleslaw

Chicken Schnitzel $13.00

Gruyüre, Swiss, demi-glace, seasonal vegetable

Alaskan Sautéed Halibut $24.00

Sautéed spinach, lemon caper butter sauce* GF

Locally Sourced Farm Raised Rainbow Trout $16.00

Sauteed spinach, lemon brown butter* GF

Rotisserie Chicken $13.00

Herb marinated, seasonal vegetable* GF

Filet Mignon - 6oz $22.00

Sautéed mushroom, Béarnaise butter, seasonal vegetable* GF

Deep Fried Shrimp $14.00

Cocktail sauce, coleslaw

New York Steak - 12 oz $22.00

Sautéed mushroom, Béarnaise butter, seasonal vegetable* GF

Flat Iron Steak - 8oz $18.00

Onion straw, Gorgonzola butter, seasonal vegetable* GF

Wild Salmon $18.00

Champagne Dijon glaze, seasonal vegetable*GF

House Salad - $2.00 | Soup of the Day - $2.00
Noodle Amalgamations

Chicken Parmesan $14.00

Mozzarella, Parmesan, spaghetti, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce

Sweet Potato Cannelloni $13.00

Ricotta, spinach, sage, Parmesan cream sauce

Chicken Pot Pie $12.00

Grilled chicken breast, carrot, celery, onion, mushroom, green pea, puff pastry

Wild Mushroom Polenta $11.00

Mozzarella, oyster, crimini and shitake mushroom, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce, Parmesan crisp GF

Spaghetti $9.00

Parmesan, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce.

Add:: Cranberry Pine Nut Meatballs - $4.00

Mac n Cheese $14.00

Cavatappi, bacon, fire roasted chile, cumin panko, five cheese cream sauce

Lasagna $12.00

Sweet fennel pork, beef, mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan, mascarpone, fresh basil, house-made San Marzano tomato sauce

House Salad - $2.00 | Soup of the Day - $2.00

Crème Brûlée $5.50

Fresh Berry

Carrot Cake $6.00

Cream cheese icing

Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Ice Cream $5.00

Häagen-Dazs® Root Beer Float $5.00

New York Style Cheesecake $6.00

Raspberry sauce

Seasonal Fruit Cobbler $7.00

Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Ice Cream

Warm Bread Pudding $6.50

Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Ice Cream, caramel, Irish cream sauce

Oatmeal Stout Chocolate Brownie $7.00

Served with Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

a la mode for Any Dessert - $2.00
Specialty Drinks

Espresso $2.00

Latte $3.00

Cappuccino $3.00

Mocha $3.50

Keoke Coffee $6.50

Kahlua, Brandy, Créme de Cocoa

Café Cloud Nine $7.00

Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico

Fresh Red Rock Root Beer or Cream Soda $3.00

Caffeine Free / No High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Weekend Brunch

Eggs In Purgatory $10.00

Fried egg in grilled Tuscan bread, spicy tomato sauce, bacon, breakfast potato*

Classic Eggs Benedict $11.00

House-made Hollandaise, breakfast potato*

Wood-Fired Oven Baked Eggs $8.00

Two baked eggs, spicy tomato sauce, Tuscan bread

Huevos Rancheros $9.00

Two fried eggs, black bean, tortilla strip, bacon, house-made Ranchero sauce*

Omelette of the Day $8.00

Breakfast potato*

Crunchy French Toast $8.00

Bacon or homemade sausage

Blueberry French Toast $9.00

Powdered sugar, bacon or homemade sausage

Buttermilk Pancakes $9.00

Bacon or homemade sausage.

add ons: Blueberries - $1.00 | Chocolate Chips - $1.00

Breakfast Sandwich $9.00

Scrambled egg, homemade sausage, jack, cheddar, ciabatta bread, breakfast potato*

Sunrise Burger $11.00

7 oz. burger, American Cheese, spicy catsup, fried egg, big mouth bun, breakfast potato*

Trout & Eggs $16.00

Bacon, breakfast potato*

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs $12.00

Texas toast, country gravy, breakfast potato*

Steak & Eggs $15.00

8 oz. steak, Bloody Mary butter, breakfast potato*


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

10 oz. - $2.9916 oz. - $4.25


Grapefruit, Pineapple or Tomato

10 oz. - $2.5016 oz. - $3.75

Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea $2.50

$2 Bloody Mary $2.00

$2 Mimosa $2.00


Cheeseburger $6.00

Fries or carrot chips

Kids Pizza $6.00

Red sauce, mozzarella cheese.

Add: Pepperoni - $1.00

Kids Spaghetti $6.00

Marinara or Butter, Parmesan Cheese, garlic toast.

Add: Meatball - $1.00

Grilled Cheese $6.00

Fries or carrot chips

Chicken Fingers $6.00

Fries or carrot chips

Mac & Cheese $6.00

Side of Carrot Chips with Ranch $1.50


Red Rock Root Beer or Cream Soda $2.00

Caffeine free. No high fructose corn syrup.

Refills - $0.50

Soda Floats $4.49

Soft Drinks $1.50

Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Lemonade. Free Refills.

Milk-Juice $2.00

No Refills.

Red Rock Originals

The Brooklyn Tea $8.00

Malibu Coconut Rum, Melon Liquor, Peach Schnapps and Triple Sec with Cranberry and Pineapple Juices

Blackberry-Cucumber Cooler $7.00

Effen Cucumber Vodka, Crushed Blackberry, Sprite

Root Beer Barrel $6.00

Kraken Dark Rum, Fresh Red Rock Root Beer

The Jack Mormon $6.00

Skyy Citrus Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Lemonade

Flirty Pom $6.00

Pearl Pomegranate Vodka , La Marca Prosecco, Splash Cranberry

1-2 Punch $6.00

Malibu Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, Pineapple Juice

Sangria on the Fly $10.00

House Red, Amaretto, Lime, Orange, Blackberry, raspberry, Strained over ice

Drink Local

Spiral Jetty $6.00

Salt City Vodka, Blue Curacao, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sprite

Relief Society $7.00

Five Wives Heavenly Vanilla Custard Vodka, Creme de Cocoa, Buttershots

Antelope Island Peach Tea $10.00

High West Vodka 7000, Sugarhouse Silver Rum, Beehive Gin, Peach Schnapps, Sweet & Sour, Coke

High Tea $8.00

High West Double Rye Whiskey, Lemonade, Lavender Bitters, Honey, Soda

Red Rock-a-Rita $13.00

Vida Anejo Tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Sweet & Sour, Lime Juice

Mother Pucker $10.00

Vida Anejo Tequila, Apple Pucker, Pineapple, Salted Rim

Hurricun $10.00

Sugarhouse Sliver Rum, Beehive Gin, Salt City Vodka, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lime Juice

Cinnamon Toast Punch $7.00

Salt City Vodka, Kahlua, Buttershots, Milk, Cinnamon

Peach Fuzz $8.00

Utah's Hive Winery "Liquid Sunshine" Peach Wine, Peach Schnapps, Soda

Singles Ward Float $10.00

Underground Herbal Spirit, Kahlua, Banana Liqueur, Red Rock Root Beer, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream



Salt City * High West 7000* Grey Goose * Smirnoff Pomegranate Vodka * 5 Wives Heavenly Custard Vanilla * Skyy Citrus * Effen Cucumber


Jose Cuervo Gold * Patron Silver * Vida Anejo


Tanqueray * Beehive Jack Rabbit * Hendrick's


Bacardi Silver * Malibu Coconut Rum * Kraken Black Spiced * Captain Morgan Spiced

Single Malt Scotch

Macallan 10 Year

Scotch Whiskey

Dewars White Label * Johnnie Walker Red


Jim Beam * Bulliet Frontier * Maker's Mark * Knob Creek


Seagrams 7 * Jack Daniel's * High West Silver Oat * High West Rye * Fireball Cinnamon

Irish Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey

Crown Royal


Kahlua * Amaretto Disaronno * Bailey's Irish Cream * Underground Herbal Spirit * Frangelico * Jagermeister * Grand Marnier


Chrisitan Brothers Brandy * Courvoisier VS

Gluten Free Liquors

All Wines * Rums (except Malibu Coconut Rum) * Tequila's * Gin's * Jagermeister * Bailey's * Kahlua * Amaretto Disaronno * Tito's Vodka * Frangelico* Courvoisier VS * Christian Brothers Brandy

House Wines

Ask your server for current selections

Red or White

Glass - $6.00Bottle - $20.00

La Marca Prosecco (Italy)

Almond-tinged sherry accents, fruit flavors of Mandarin orange and peach, well-meshed acidity, a moderately zesty finish

Glass - $8.00Bottle - $26.00
White & Blush Wines

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato (Australia)

Bright neon pink. Heady red berry liqueur, tangerine and floral scents are sharpened by a peppery element and a hint of spice cake

275 ml Bottle - $8.00

Matua Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Sage and fresh mint, followed by tropical fruit. The palate has vibrant citrus and pineapple flavors with great length and structure.

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Lagaria Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Apple and melon notes with hints of cantaloupe, follow through to a medium body, with good acidity and a clean finish

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Reisling (Washington)

Iconic Washington Riesling. Notes of white peach, Lindon tree, lime leaves and slate. Highlights of honey and tea with an off-dry finish that lingers against natural acidity

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay (California)

Barrel fermented and aged in French and American oak, combines aromas of ripe red apple and pear with luscious tropical and citrus notes

Glass - $8.00Bottle - $26.00

The Hive Liquid Sunshine (Utah)

A semi-sweet fruit wine bursting with the essence of fresh picked Utah peaches. (Produced by Utah's locally owned Hive winery)

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Mountain West Hard Cider (Utah)

Drier than the mass produced ciders, with notes of crisp apple and a hint of sweetness. (Produced by Utah's locally owned Mountain West cidery)

500 ml Bottle - $12.00
Red Wines

Ménage à Trois (California)

Light and fruity, dominated by red berries and a little bit of smoke. Soft acidity and full bodied. Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Hahn Pinot Noir (California)

Pure, with vivid ripe berry, plum and raspberry, ending with crushed rock. Supple tannins and a dash of acidity. Grenache. Syrah and Mourvedre

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Cono Sur Organic Cab-Carmenere (Chile)

Notes of cherry and red fruits with hints of chocolate, coffee, spices, olives, and tobacco. Full bodied with fat smooth tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Altos “Las Hormigas” Malbec (Argentina)

Notes of crunchy plum, cherry and chocolate cake. Hints of banana and passion fruit. Super fine tannins and balanced acidity frame a palate of plum, blueberry, and white pepper

Glass - $7.00Bottle - $23.00

Atrea Old Soul Red (Mendoncino County)

Aromas of ripe, black plum and creme de cerise with notes of sandalwood and cocoa. Integrated tannins with excellent strength. Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Malbec and Syrah

Glass - $9.00Bottle - $29.00

Rodney Strong Cabernet (Sonoma)

Rich with dark cherries, plum, spices and black pepper. The palate is full with medium tannins and a lush finish

Glass - $8.00Bottle - $26.00

Coppola Claret (California)

Flavors of blackberry, cassis, roasted espresso and sweet oak. Velvety tannins and a firm, layered finish. Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc

Glass - $9.00Bottle - $29.00

Trinafour Carignane (Russian River)

Inky black with aromas of violet, black plum and spice. Velvet texture, supple tannins and a juicy, natural acidity

Glass - $8.00Bottle - $26.00
Thirst quenchers

Fresh Red Rock Cream Soda or Root Beer

Glass - $2.00Pint - $3.00Refill - $0.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper

Pint - $3.00


Pint - $3.00

Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea

Pint - $3.00


Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple or Tomato

10 oz. - $2.5016 oz. - $3.75
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