Teriyaki Grill

Fresh, balanced, and healthy asian cusines. All natural, made to order with rotating menu items.

Cuisine: Asian/Oriental
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Smoking Allowed:
Seating: Indoor, Sidewalk
Parking: Street (metered), Private Lot
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teriyaki burger $6.99

lean beef patty, never frozen, slapped to order. topped with grilled pineapple, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and american cheese. served with choice of french fries or salad.

bbq pork banh mi $5.50

our famous sandwich. symphony of flavors and textures; sweet grilled marinated pork, sour carrots, jalapeños, and fresh cilantro in our specialty baked french baguette.

egg - $1.00

steve’s steak sandwich $8.99

usda prime beef, grilled medium rare, thinly sliced and loaded onto a torta. topped with a spicy peruvian chimichuri sauce. served with choice of french fries or salad.


japanese tuna ceviche $6.99

our best seller. crunchy cucumbers, onions, and cilantro in a spicy citrus sauce. spicy and refreshing!

spicy curry hot wings $6.99

we fry the wings extra crispy and coat it with our own spicy red curry sauce. 8 wings in an order.

stuffed crab mushroom with spicy mayo $5.99

real crab stuffed into a baby bella mushroom. topped with spicy mayo and scallions. 4-5 an order.

vietnamese spring rolls $4.75

healthy and refreshing. grilled chicken breast, grilled shrimp, fresh herbs, romaine, and noodles wrapped in rice paper. peanut dipping sauce. 2 an order.


grilled chicken breast $7.50

chunky white chicken meat, grilled to seal in the natural juices

grilled salmon $8.99

wild alaskan salmon; grilled golden with crispy skin-on

seared tuna $9.99

ahi tuna, peppered and seared, a filling healthy meal

tofu $6.99

lightly fried and tossed with a vietnamese inspired cilantro dressing

Bowls and Bentos

teriyaki chicken $6.25

simple and filling. no marinating, just chicken and fresh veggies on the grill. chicken is grilled til the edges get crispy.

bento - $7.75white meat - $1.00double - $2.00

teriyaki salmon $8.99

wild alaskan salmon; grilled golden with crispy skin-on. we buy the fish whole and fillet it ourselves. this way, the fish stays fresh without being exposed to air.

bento - $10.50double - $5.00

teriyaki tofu $5.50

fried tofu then grilled to capture smoky flavor. served with extra veggies

bento - $7.50double - $2.00

teriyaki beef $8.99

usda prime beef, lightly salted to bring out natural juices and grilled to your preference.

bento - $10.50double - $5.00

galbi ribs $7.25

when koreans grill they grill galbi. thinly sliced beef ribs are cut cross-sectional so that the sweet fruit marinate penetrates the tender meat. sweet and savory

bento - $8.75double - $4.00

rib and chicken combo $7.25

best of both worlds, our galbi rib and teriyaki chicken go great together

bento - $8.75

bulgogi beef $8.00

thinly sliced marinated prime beef grilled with onions. served with kim-chi based hot sauce, grilled veggies, and topped with a fried egg

bento - $9.90double - $4.00
Chef's Special

pho $6.75

breakfast, lunch or dinner - enjoy anytime. rice noodles in a rich beef broth and rare steak. available thursday - saturday.

jap chae $8.50

spinach noodles stir fried with mix vegetables and spicy garlic soy vinaigrette.

tofu - $1.00chicken - $2.00

thai doughnuts $3.99

similar to the famous beignets of cafe du monde, our version is lightly fried, served warm with powder sugar

cream cheese empanadas with mango sauce $4.99

flaky, warm and creamy. a teriyaki grill favorite.

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