Cronies Bar & Grill

Cronies Grill is a very friendly place! We are not your typical bar food place whereas our food is 99.9% made from scratch & we strive to make it the BEST food around!

  • 9032 N 2nd St
  • Machesney Park, IL 61115, US
  • Phone: (815) 282-2262
  • Website:
Cuisine: American
Alcohol Type: full bar
Smoking Allowed: No
Seating: Deck, Indoor
Parking: Private Lot
Reservations: No
Dress Code: none
Music Type: dj
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Takeout Available: Yes
Delivery Available: No
Catering Available: No


"Homemade" Sweet Pizza Bread $6.99

Sweet bread topped with rich marinara and melted cheese.

"Flamed" Saganaki $9.99

Greek cheese flamed at your table! Served with our homemade sweet bread.

"Homemade" Onion Strings $6.99

"Fresh" thinly sliced onions, breaded and deep fried served with ranch.

Loaded Fries $6.99

Fresh cut fries topped with melted cheese, bacon & scallions.

Jumbo Soft Pretzels $4.99

Two pretzels served with creamy cheddar cheese sauce.

'Flamed" Roasted Garlic Jumbo Shrimp $9.99

Sautéed in garlic butter served with fresh lemon and flamed at the table!

"Homemade" Grilled Pizza $7.99

Homemade , grilled and topped with mozzeralla cheese & your choice of pepperoni or Italian sausage.

Ribs, Wings & Strings $12.99

Ribs, mild wings and homemade onion strings. Serves 2-5

"Homemade" Cronies Garlic Poppers $6.99

Fried dough tossed w/ garlic & herbs served with marinara sauce.

White Cheddar Cheese Curds $7.99

Served with rich marinara sauce.

Breaded Mushrooms $6.99

Fresh button mushrooms, hand-breaded & served with ranch.

"Homemade" Potato Skins $6.99

Potato skins filled with bacon, melted cheese & scallions.

Super Nachos Supreme

Fresh tortilla chips topped with cheddar cheese sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, jalapenos & scallions. Spicy Beef 8.99 chicken or steak $2.00.

Nacho Meat Topping: Spicy Beef | Chicken - $2.00 | Steak - $2.00

Crony Treat $19.99

blockbuster appetizer! Featuring breaded mushrooms, wings, ribs, garlic poppers, potato skins, onion strings, cheese curds, jalapeno cheese & chips. Serves 2-5

Italian Nachos $8.99

A stack of white tortilla chips layered with pepperoni & italian sausage topped with pizza sauce, fresh tomatoes, four melted cheeses & scallions.

French Dip $8.99

Shaved "hickory smoked" sirloin served with au jus.

Muffuletta $7.99

Ham, salami, pepperoni, olive mixture, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella.

Fresh Garden Side Salad $1.99

Add to any menu item!

'Homemade" Broiled Mc"CRONY" & Cheese $8.99

Macaroni tossed with our cheese sauce & topped with 3 cheeses & broiled. Absolutely delicious! 8.99

Stromboli $8.99

Stromboli is a rolled pizza. Build your own with up to 3 fillings.

Chips & Dips

Cronies Bar Chips $4.29

Seasoned, fresh fried potato chips.

Chips & "Homemade" Salsa $4.99

"Cooked to order" white corn tortilla chips & salsa.

'Homemade" Fire Bean Dip $4.99

Pinto beans, peppers and cheeses all in one. Served fresh with tortilla chips.

"Homemade" Cronies Fiesta Dip $8.29

A mixture of melted cheese, spicy beef, pico de gallo, jalapenos, topped with scallions, served with warm tortillas & fresh chips. (Serves 2-5)

"Fresh" Spinach & Artichoke Dip $4.99

A creamy dip loaded with spinach and artichokes served with fresh white corn tortilla chips.

"Homemade" White Jalapeno Cheese Dip $5.99

Served with white corn tortilla chips.


Cronies fiesta, white jalapeno cheese, fire bean, spinach & artichoke dips served with warm tortillas and fresh chips.

Homemade Sweet 9" Subs

The Club $8.49

Smoked turkey, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce & american cheese.

Muffuletta $7.99

Ham, salami, pepperoni, olive mixture, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork $8.99

Shaved "house Smoked" pork loin sauced with our BBQ.

"Patty Style" Italian Sausage $7.99

Topped with grilled onion & peppers smothered with our marinara sauce & melted mozzarella cheese.

French Dip $8.99

Shaved "hickory smoked" sirloin served with au jus.

Philly Steak or Chicken $8.99

Smoked sirloin beef or chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, peppers & mozzarella cheese. Everyone's favorite!

Homemade "Flat Bread" Burgers

Blackened Cajun Burger $8.29

Seasoned with cajun spices, seared and topped with onion strings & cheddar cheese.

Great American Cheese Burger $7.99

Your choice of american, cheddar, mozzarella or swiss cheese

Cheddar"Bacon Lovers" Burger $8.29

Cheddar & crispy bacon.

Cronies Grinder $8.99

Shaved ham, grilled onions, bacon, BBQ & melted cheddar cheese

"Fresh" Mushroom & Swiss Burger $8.29

Fresh sautéed mushrooms & swiss cheese.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burger $8.29

Egg, bacon and cheddar cheese.

"Ultimate" Crony Burger $8.99

Grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, Cheddar"Bacon Lovers" Burger bacon, BBQ and cheddar cheese.

Great American Burger $7.49

A seasoned burger cooked over an open flame!

From the Grill

12 oz. Sirloin Steak $5.99

Our tender choice cut steaks are seasoned, grilled to perfection over an open fire!

14 oz New York Strip Steak $18.99

Our tender choice cut steaks are seasoned, grilled to perfection over an open fire!

"Blackend" Chicken Breast $12.99

Two tender chicken breasts coated in our cajun seasoning and "seared" on a flat skillet! Absolutely delicious!

St. Louis Style Ribs $14.99

Full rack smoked and dipped in our homemade BBQ sauce.

Southwestern Grill

"Sizzling" Fajitas $12.29

Grilled chicken or beef served on a bed of grilled onions & peppers, side of refried beans & chili cheese fries! Chicken 12.29 "Buffalo" Style Chicken 12.49 Steak 12.99 Shrimp 14.99

Soft Shelled Taco $7.99

(3) Fresh grilled tortillas, choice of meat topped with lettuce, tomato & cheese. Served with refried beans & chili cheese fries. Original Taco Meat 7.99 Grilled Chicken 8.49

Wet Burrito $8.29

Grilled flour tortilla filled with spicy beef, refried beans, chili cheese fries, fresh cilantro & topped with a rich sauce.(Jalapeno cheese sauce add $1)

Quesadillas $8.29

Flour tortillas cheese, onions, & peppers.Chicken 8.29 Steak 8.99 Shrimp 10.99

"Homemade" Flat Bread Sandwiches

Breaded Cod Filet $7.29

Cod dredged in our seasoned breading, fried to perfection.

"Hand Breaded" Chicken Filet $8.29

Marinated and seasoned in our blend of spices.You will love this sandwich!

Spicy Italian $7.99

Italian Sausage, ham, pepperoni, lettuce, tomatoes and mozzarella.

Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.99

Grilled chicken breast, crisp bacon, ranch & swiss cheese.

"Loaded" BLT $7.99

Crispy bacon, lettuce & tomatoes.

"Hand Breaded" Pork Tenderloin $7.99

Cooked until golden brown. Add your choice of toppings.

"House Smoked" Turkey or Ham Melt $7.99

Shaved ham or turkey piled high and topped with cheddar cheese sauce.


Steak & Roasted Pepper Wrap $8.29

Thin strips of sirloin seasoned & grilled, wrapped with lettuce, roasted peppers, grilled mushrooms & scallions.

Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.99

Sliced chicken breast in cajun spices seared & topped with a mixture of greens, tomatoes & dressing.

Smoked turkey, swiss & parmesan Wrap $8.29

Our house smoked turkey & swiss cheese wrapped with lettuce & tomatoes topped with parmesan sauce.


"Hand Breaded" "Fresh Never Frozen" $9.29

10 pc.

Jumbo Wings $9.29

"Hand Breaded" "Fresh Never Frozen" 10 pc. 9.29 15 pc. 13.49 25 pc. 21.79 50 pc. 42.99 100 pc. 84.99


Fresh Salad & Soup

Cajun Shrimp Salad $10.99

Jumbo shrimp "seared on a very hot skiilet, served with salad greens, tomato, onion, banana peppers & cheese.

"Homemade" Baked French Onion Soup $4.29

Homemade onion soup topped with croutons and melted mozzarella.

"Homemade" Baked French Onion Soup $4.29

Homemade onion soup topped with croutons and melted mozzarella.

"Homemade" Loaded Potato Soup $4.99

Plenty of cheese, potatoes & bacon topped with scallions. A Cronies favorite!

Fiesta Taco Salad $8.29

Spicy taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeno peppers and scallions. Served in a crispy tortilla bowl.

Spicy Italian Salad $8.29

Topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, peppercini, tomatoes & croutons.

Spicy Italian Salad $8.29

Topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, peppercini, tomatoes & croutons.


"Homemade" Spaghetti with Italian meat sauce $10.99

Spaghetti topped with our Italian meat sauce.

"Homemade" Chicken Parmesan $11.99

Lightly breaded & sautéed, placed on a bed of pasta and topped with marinara sauce & melted mozzarella.

"Homemade" Garlic Crust Pizzas, Calzones & Stromb

Crony's Monster Pizza $16.99

Bacon, ham, salami, Italian sausage, pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, roasted garlic, black & green olives.

4 Cheese Pizza $10.99

Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar & monterey cheese.

Spicy Taco Pizza $14.99

Spicy beef, mexican blend of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, tortilla chips & scallions served with sour cream & salsa.


Build Your Own Unlimited Taco Bar $6.99

16 Oz. Domestics $2.00

Whiskey Mixers $4.00

Mystery Shot of the Day $2.00


Ribeye $4.00

16 Oz. Guiness, Blue Moon or Black & Blue $3.00

Domestic Bottles Tuesdays Only $2.00

Bacardi Mixers $4.00

Shot of the Day - Bombs $3.00


Jumbo Wings $12.99

33 Flavors

Smirnoff Mixers $4.00

Shot of the Day $3.00


Sizzling Fajitas $12.99

16 Oz. Domestics $2.50

27 Oz. Margaritas or Daquiris $6.00

Shot of the Day - Cuervo Gold $3.00


Fish Fry $10.99

Cod, Walleye or Catfish

16 Oz. Prime Rib Dinner $19.99

Absolut Mixers $4.00

Shot of the Day $3.00

You Call It Dr. Shots

Bombs $4.00


16 Oz. Prime Rib Dinner $19.99

Captain & Coke $4.00

Shot of the Day Mystery Shot

Bombs $4.00


Jumbo Wings $12.99

33 Flavors

23 Oz. Domestics $3.00

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar $4.00

Shot of the Day $4.00

Goldschlager or Rumpleminze

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