d'Vine Wine Bar

Upsale casual wine bar offering 75+ wines-by-the-glass, craft beers, sushi and dinner entrees.

d'Vine Wine Bar

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Cuisine: American
Alcohol Type: beer and wine
Smoking Allowed: No
Seating: Indoor
Reservations: required
Dress Code: casual
Music Type: pre-recorded
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Takeout Available: No
Delivery Available: No
Catering Available: No


Field Green Salad $7.50

Field greens, dried cranberries, pecans, oranges, goat cheese tossed in a citrus-balsamic dressing and topped with crispy frizzled sweet onions (make it an entree with grilled chicken breast $3 or grilled salmon $5).

Classic Caesar Salad $6.50

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croustini crouton tossed in caesar dressing. Add grilled breast of chicken - $3

Strawberry Salad with Salmon Filet $12.00

Pan-seared salmon filet on a bed of spring greens, strawberries and grape tomatoes tossed in house-made strawberry vinaigrette.

Butternut Squash Salad $9.00

Bibb lettuce with warm butternut squash and pancetta, dressed with a warm vinaigrette.

Calamari Salad $9.00

Crisp salad topped with crisp calamari, mandarin oranges and water chestnuts.

Small Plates

Croquettes $5.00

By popular demand, our divinely delicious potato croquettes – warm and creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Served with sour cream and onion dipping sauce.

New England Spiced Fried Calamari $6.00

Crispy Bay-seasoned calamari served with a tangy lemon-garlic dip. Recommended for the group. Convert the anti-calamari crew at your table.

Gruyere/Stilton/Sage Cheese Plate $17.00

Gruyere • English Stilton with cranberries • Sage Cheddar Derby served with crunchy lemon fried chickpeas, sugared grapes, crackers, fresh fruit and cranberries. Enough to share with the table!

Mojo Coconut Shrimp $12.00

We've vamped up our recipe on this - one of our most popular dishes. We've found some absolutely colossal shrimp, which we hand dip and toss in toasted coconut. Served with a tangy mango dipping sauce. Enough for a light dinner.

French Fries $5.00

A large portion of hot fries, served with your choice of ketchup, housemade spicy-ketchup, aioli or cajun remoulade.

d'Vine Crostini $10.00

A small plate (3) that's enough for a light dinner: french bread, shaved beef sirloin, diced onion, ripe diced tomato, and melted Manchego cheese, drizzled balsamic and served over field greens. Order of 7 also available to share with the table. 20

Sweet Niagara Wings $9.00

A sweet and spicy twist on your standard wing, this recipe comes from our friends at Gus of Son's Winery. Sweet Niagara white teamed up with hot sauce and a little brown sugar, honey and butter for a beautiful sticky mess! Served with celery/carrots and blue cheese. 10 for $11, or 20 for $20.


Additional sushi features also offered on most weekends.

Black Jack Sushi $7.00

An unconventional sushi roll - peppered Jack Daniels bacon, cream cheese and cucumber.

d'Vine Spicy Tuna Sushi $9.00

Inside-out roll with spicy Ahi tuna, cucumber rolled in black sesame seeds and sweet potato pommes frites for a little twist on tradition.

Montreal Sushi Roll $10.00

Montreal-seasoned steak, rolled with asparagus, green onion, crumbled gorgonzola and frizzled onion.

Blue and Gold Sushi $8.00

A Buffalo twist on sushi, and great for those who are new to the sushi experience. Done with Buffalo wing chicken, celery, blue cheese and red onion. This one is catching on!

Sun-dried Tomato and Asparagus $8.00

Sun-dried tomto, asparagus, goat cheese and pine nuts in a hand-rolled sushi roll.

Shrimp Rangoon Sushi $10.00

Shrimp wonton wrapped in traditional sushi roll with cream cheese, cucumber and served with a housemade sweet and sour sauce.

California Roll $9.00

Classic inside-out sushi with Alaska Pollock,cream cheese, cucumber and avocado.

Bubba's Scallop Roll $13.00

A beautiful scallop sushi roll done with an apricot scriracha glaze.


Sweet and Savory Scallops $18.00

Three giant Montando's dayboat scallops, dusted in savory spices, seared and served atop sweet potato grits. Finished with bacon-maple marmalade. Served with seasonal vegetable and a Caesar or field green salad.

Filet of Sirloin with Gorgonzola $22.00

A beautifully cut thick 8oz filet of sirloin, fired on the grill, topped with melted gorgonzola, port wine reduction and frizzled onion. Served with your choice of baked white or sweet potato, or fries, and Caesar or house special field green salad.

Citrus-panko Salmon $14.00

Pan-seared salmon steak, topped with a mild citrus panko crust, drizzled with a lovely white-wine cream sauce. Served with your choice of white or sweet baked potato or fries, and Caesar or house special field green salad.

Orecchiette Pasta $14.00

"Little ear" pasta, tossed with shaved, roasted brussels sprouts, toasted pecans, and shallots tossed in a rich gorgonzola cream sauce and finished with fresh lemon. Served garlic bread and a Caesar or field green salad.

Chicken Giuseppe $16.00

Breast of chicken, sauteed with diced red tomato, served on linguine in a delicate butter-Pernod (anise) sauce. Served with garlic bread, seasonal vegetable and Caesar or field green salad.

Salmon in Olive Vinaigrette $17.00

A filet of salmon done in a marinade of chile, garlic, and honey and grilled on the flame, then dressed with olives. Served with your choice of white or sweet baked potato or fries, and a Ceasar or house special field green salad.

Wine Country Burger $12.00

A flame-broiled burger with house-roasted red peppers, goat cheese and greens, served with your choice of baked white or sweet potato, or fries.

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