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Show Win

Cuisine: Sushi
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Smoking Allowed:
Dress Code: Casual
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1 Gyoza

Fried or baked Japanese style pork & vegetable dumplings

2 Shumai

Steamed or fried shrimp dumplings

3 Tempura

Battered deep fried shrimp and vegetables

4 Chicken Maki

Breaded fried chicken rolled with crab meat, vegetables & cheese

5 Oshitashi

Cold Spinach

6 Edamame

Boiled soy beans

7 Yaki-Toki

Broiled skewered chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce

8 Seafood Yakitori

Shrimp, scallop, salmon, onion, green & red pepper on the skewer

9 Beef Negi Maki

Scallion rolled with thinly sliced beef in teriyaki sauce

10 Ika-Maruyaki

Broiled marinated squid

11 Tatsuta Age

Deep fried sliced marinated chicken with dipping sauce

12 Age Tofu

Gently fried bean curd

13 Miso Yaki

Boiled fish & marinated w. miso paste

14 Sauteed spinach

15 Nasu

Baked eggplant with special sauce

16 Tsukemono

Japanese pickles

17 Ebi Fried

Deep fried shrimp rolled with seaweed and cheese

18 Hamachi Kama

Broiled yellowtail neck

19 Hama Shioyaki

Broiled clams

20 Soft Shell Crab


1 Miso Soup

2 Clear Soup

Mushroom soup

3 Hamaguri Soup

Clam soup

4 Seafood Soup

Shrimp, crabmeat, fish cake and scallop


1 Sushi

4 pcs assorted sliced raw fresh fish over vinegar rice

2 Sashimi

7 pcs assorted sliced raw fish

3 Golden Pillow (1PC)

Spicy tuna, avocado, crispy flour sushi rice wrapped inside marinated bena curd

4 Sunomono Combination

Shrimp, crab, tako, red clam in vinegar sauce

5 Tuna Tataki

6 Beef Tataki

8 Usuzukuri

Thinly sliced fluke or stripe bass sahimi served with ponzu sauce

9 Saba Nuta Ae

Mackerel with house special miso dressing

10 Ikura Oroshi

Salmon roe with grated radish

12 Tako Su

Octopus in vinegar sauce


1 Green Salad

2 Avocado Salad

3 Seafood Salad

Green salad topped with assorted seafood

4 Green Seaweed Salad

5 Hijiki

Black seaweed salad

6 Sam Salad

Tuna, seaweed salad, cucumber, avocado with spicy sauce

7 Lobster Salad

Lobster meat, shrimp, crabmeat, cucumber, scallion, tobiko


1 Ginger Chicken (or Pork)

Tender sliced of chicken or pork sauteed in soy-ginger sauce

2 Tonkatsu ( or Chicken Katsu )

Deep fried breaded pork or chicken cutlet

3 Japanese Style B-B-Q

Sliced beef, onion, scallion sauteed in teriyaki sauce

4 Sukiyaki

Beef or chicken with assorted vegetables and noodels cooked in broth

5 Yose Nabe

Fish, clam, chicken, scallops, shrimp, bean curd and vegetable with delicious broth

6 Beef Negi Maki

7 Vegetable Teriyaki

8 Tofu Teriyaki

9 Chicken Teriyaki

10 Beef Teriyaki

11 Salmon Teriyaki

12 Shrimp and Scallop Teriyaki

13 Seafood Teriyaki

Lobster tail, scallop, shrimp and salmon

14 Soft Shell Crab Teriyaki


1 Sushi or Sashimi Lunch Box

Tempura broiled fish and Japanese pickles included

2 Sushi and Sashimi Lunch

7 pcs raw fish, 4 pcs sushi and 1 tuna roll & cucumber roll

3 Sushi Lunch

6 pcs sushi and 1 roll tuna & cucumber

4 Sashimi Lunch

5 Maki Comb

1 roll each of tuna, california, cucumber

6 Chirashi

7 Tempura

Shrimp and vegetable

8 Beef Teriyaki

9 Chicken Teriyaki

10 Unajyu

Broiled eel over rice

11 Yaki Soba

Sauteed thin Japanese noodles with shrimp or chicken and vegetables

12 Yaki Udon

Sauteed thick Japanese noodles with shrimp or chicken and vegtables

13 Tempura Udon (or Soba)

Noodle soup with shrimp and vegetable tempura on the side

14 Donburi

Choice of Ten Don (deep fried shrimp over rice), Katsu (port) Don (Breaded fried pork over rice), Oyako (Chicken) Don, Gyu (Beef) Don (Beef with onion, egg over rice)

15 Zaru-Soba

Cold buck wheat noodle served with zaru sauce


1 Vegetable Tempura

2 Chicken Tempura

3 Shrimp Tempura

4 Seafood Tempura

(Lobster tail, shrimp, scallop, crabstick & vegetable)


1 Raw Oyster (1/2 Dozen)

2 Oyster Fry

3 Oyster Kushi Yaki

Broiled skewered oyster with bacon

4 Oyster Alan

Soft fried oyster sauteed with lemon butter sauce

5 Oyster Onn

Grilled and flavored with a special sauce which is a mixture of sambura, spinach and tobiko


1 Yaki Udon

Stir fried Japanese noodles with chicken or shrimp and vegetable

2 Nabe Yaki Udon

Shrimp tempura, chicken, fish, vegetable & noodles in broth

3 Yaki Soba

Stir fried Japanese noodles with chicken or shrimp and vegetable

4 Tempura Udon

Japanese noodles cooked in broth with shrimp and vegetable tempura

5 Seafood Yaki Udon

Stir fried Japanese noodles with lobster tail, shrimp, scallop, clams and vegetable

6 Zaru Soba

Japanese buck wheat noodles served cold with house special sauce


3 Sushi & Sashimi Combo for (1)

(6 pcs sushi, 13 pcs sashimi and 1 california roll)

4 Sushi Red and White

(2 pcs each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish)

5 Non Raw Sushi Special

(1 pcs each of shrimp, crab meat, smoked salmon, eel, octopus, egg custard and 1 california roll)

6 Tuna Sashimi Dinner

7 Salmon Sashimi Dinner

8 Tekka Don

9 Chirashi

10 Maki Combination

(California roll, tuna roll, eel & cucumber roll)

11 California Roll Dinner (3 Rolls)

12 Tekka Maki Dinner (3 Rolls)

13 Spider Roll (Soft shell crab)

14 Lobster Roll

15 Futo Maki

(Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, egg custard Japanese pickles)

16 Sushi & Sashimi Combo for (2)

(8 pcs sushi, 20 pcs sashimi and 1 spicy tuna with avocado roll)

17 Sushi & Sashimi Combo for (3)

(10 pcs sushi, 30 pcs sashimi and 1 red head roll, 1 northport roll)

18 Sushi Regular

19 Sushi Deluxe

20 Sashimi Regular

21 Sashimi Deluxe

24 Unajyu


1 Kappa Maki

Cucumber roll

2 Avocado Maki

3 Kampyo Maki

Japanese squash

4 Vegetable Roll

Avocado, cucumber, Japanese pickles

5 Tekka Maki (TUNA)

6 California Roll

7 Salmon w/ Avocado or Cucumber Roll

8 Negi Hamachi Maki

Yellow tail & scallion roll

9 Philadelphia Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

10 New York Roll

Fresh salmon, avocado, tobiko, mayo

11 Boston Roll

Shrimp, lettuce, tobiko, mayo

12 Spicy Asparagus Roll

Crab, asparagus, spicy sauce

13 Spicy White Fish Roll

Cooked white fish, onion, crispy flour, spicy sauce

14 Eel W/ Avocado or Cucumber Roll

15 Spicy Yellowtail Roll

16 Spicy Tuna Roll

17 Phoenix Roll

Crab, onion, crispy flour, spicy sauce w. avocado outside

18 Naruto Roll

Cucumber rolled with crab, egg, tobiko and avocado

19 Rock "N" Roll

Cooked salmon, white fish, crab, scallion rolled with tobiko outside

20 Spicy Tuna w. Avocado Roll

Spicy tuna, onion, crispy flour avocado

21 Red Head Roll

Avocado, cucumber, crispy flour w. spicy tuna on top

22 King Roll

Spicy tuna, onion, topped with tuna and avocado

23 Northport Roll

Spicy tuna, yellow tail, scallion, cucumber

24 Shrimp Tempura Roll

25 Alaska King Crab Roll

King crab, avocado, spicy sauce with tobiko on the outside

26 Rainbow Roll

Crab, avocado, cucumber topped with tuna, salmon fluke and spanish mackerel

27 Dragon Roll

Crab, avocado, cucumber rolled with tobiko and eel, avocado on the outside


1 Hirame (Fluke)

2 Kani (Crab Stick)

3 Ika (Squid)

4 Inari (Bean Curd)

5 Tamago (Egg Custard)

6 Sake (Fresh Salmon)

7 Smoked Salmon

8 Ebi (Shrimp)

9 Saba (Mackerel)

10 Tako (Octopus)

11 Maguro (Tuna)

12 Shiro - Maguro (White Tuna)

13 Hamachi (Yellotail)

14 Unagi (Eel)

15 Mirugai (Giant Clam)

16 Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)

17 Ikura (Salmon Roe)

18 Kanpachi

19 Uni (Sea Urchin)

20 Live Scallop

21 Wasabi Tobiko

22 Black Tobiko

23 Toro (Fatty Tuna) (1 PC)


1 Damato Roll

Spicy salmon and avocado

2 Radigan Roll

Eel, fluke, scallion with tobiko outside

3 O' Brien Roll

Chicken katsu, crab, avocado, spicy chili sauce rolled with cucumber

4 Dina Roll

Spicy shrimp, crispy flour avocado on top

5 Harry Roll

Crab, onion, tobiko, mayo

6 Haug Roll

Tuna, avocado & cucumber, seaweed, salmon with tobiko on top

7 Aaron Roll

Fried oyster with spicy sauce

8 Teds Roll

Smoked salmon, crab, avocado & cucumber with tobiko on the outside

9 Sal Roll

Spicy tuna, salmon skin with tobiko on top

10 St. Patrick Roll

Spicy yellow tail, avocado, crispy flour with wasabi-tobiko on the outside

11 Kathy Roll

Chicken katsu, crab, avocado, mayo

12 9'er Roll

Spicy crab, onion, fluke, crispy flour with avocado on top

13 Craig's Roll

Cooked squid, cucumber, crispy flour with avocado & eel sauce on top

14 Tiger Roll

Spicy tuna, crispy flour, topped with salmon

15 Sweet Josh Roll

Spicy crab meat, asparagus, sesame oil, rolled with scaweed and freshly deep fried

16 Boss Roll

Eel avocado inside with tuna & tobiko on top

17 Ross Roll

Salmon skin rolled with eel and avocado on the top

18 Andy Roll

Cucumber rolled with yellow tail, salmon, tuna, fluke, crab and served in vinegar sauce

19 Twin Roll

Eel, crab, shrimp, avocado rolled with cucumber

20 Greene Roll

Shrimp, string bean and spicy tuna on top

21 Kamikaze Roll

Spicy tuna, crispy flour, yellow mustard, cucumber, rolled with salmon & avocado on top

22 Sensei Roll

Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, crispy flour rolled with yellow tail on top

23 Sista Roll

Spicy king crab, crispy flour with tobiko, eel & avocado on top

24 Eddie Roll

Spicy shrimp, crab, asparagus, crispy flour with eel and avocado on top

25 Ying Yang Roll

Eel, yellow tail, avocado, crispy flour, spicy sauce & tobiko

26 Father & Son Roll

Spicy king crab, shrimp, avocado on the inside with tobiko on the outside

27 Nicole Roll

Tuna, crab, asparagus, crispy flour topped with salmon and wasabi tobiko

28 Nikki Roll

Crab, avocado, cucumber rolled with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, fluke and tobiko on top

29 Billy What's Up Roll

Spicy tuna, asparagus, crispy flour rolled with yellowtail, avocado, wasabi tobiko

30 Peggy Roll

Eel, asparagus, yellow mustard, avocado, crispy flour, wasabi tobiko

31 Wayne's Cucumber Roll (Spicy)

Tuna, crab, avocado, asparagus rolled with cucumber and topped with chili sauce and served in vinegar sauce

32 Rochelle Roll

Eel, avocado, crispy flour, topped with tobiko and spicy tuna

33 Valerie Roll

Spicy salmon, yellow tail, avocado, crispy flour, tobiko & topped with eel

34 Larry Boss Roll

Eel, avocado, asparagus, crispy flour, topped with yellow tail and wasabi tobiko

35 Simon Roll

Tuna, eel, seaweed salad, mayo topped with special salmon

36 Rob Roll

Spicy salmon, yellow tail, white tuna, wasabi tobiko on the outside

37 Jordan Roll

Spicy king crab, spanish mackerel, scallion, rolled with avocado and wasabi tobiko on the outside

38 Chris Roll

Spicy shrimp tempura, tuna, rolled with black tobiko and avocado on the outside

39 Samara Slam Roll

Spicy yellowtail, eel, asparagus, crispy flour rolled with salmon, avocado, wasabi tobiko on the outside

40 J. Roll

Spicy shrimp tempura rolled with eel and avocado on top

41 John Roll

Spicy salmon, wasabi tobiko, crispy flour, topped with spicy tuna

42 Scott Roll

Tuna, king crab, eel, crispy flour with yellow tail and wasabi tobiko on top

43 4 Get About It Roll

Spicy king crab, eel, crispy flour with tuna, salmon, yellow tail, avocado and wasabi tobiko on the outside

44 Joe Roll

Special spicy tuna, asparagus, seaweed salad, crispy flour rolled with eel and avocado on top

45 Eaton's Neck F.D. Roll

Spicy tuna, king crab, crispy flour, cry paste rolled with salmon, tuna, squid and wasabi tobiko

46 'A' Ryan Roll

Special spicy tuna, asparagus, seaweed salad, crispy flour, topped with spicy king crab, crab meat and crispy flour

47 T-Mott Roll

Special spicy tuna, asparagus, seaweed salad, crispy flour, topped with spicy king crab, crab meat and crispy flour, bonito flakes

48 Jeff Roll

Spicy scallop, yellow tail, crab meat, asparagus, crispy flour topped with special tuna

49 Queen Roll

Fatty tuna, salmon, sesame oil, crispy flour, topped with avocado and sesame seed

50 Dept. P. Safety Roll

Special spicy tuna, eel, onion, crispy flour, topped with lobster meat, red tobiko

51 Pool DR 1 Roll

Spicy yellow tail, tuna, salmon, crab, crispy flour rolled with eel on top

52 Pool DR 2 Roll

Spicy shrimp, stripe bass, crab, egg custard, crispy flour with fluke on top

53 Pool DR 3 Roll

Spicy shrimp tempura, eel, topped with tuna, salmon, yelllow tail, white tuna and wasabi tobiko

54 Pool DR 4 Roll

Spicy king crab, shrimp tempura, rolled with shrimp and wasabi tobiko on top

55 Jane Maine Roll

Soft shell crab, eel, asparagus, spicy mayo, crispy flour rolled with tuna, yellow tail, salmon, wasabi tobiko and avocado on top


1 Happy Family

Shrimp, chicken, beef, scallop sauteed with vegetables in brown sauce

2 Seven Stars W. A Moon (For 2)

Scallop, lobster meat blended with beef, seasonal vegetables topped with breaded chicken and seven fantail shrimp with brown sauce

3 Seafood Central Park

Fresh prawns, scallops, crab meat & vegetables sauteed in chef's special white sauce

4 Chicken in Three Styles

Charming platter of orange slices dividing three methods of cooked chicken

5 General Tso's Chicken

6 Sesame Chicken

7 Orange Flavored Chicken

8 Multi-flavored Taste White Meat Chicken

Chicken with green & red peppers, tree ear mushrooms, stir fried in our chef's multi-flavor sauce

9 Chicken with Pine Nuts

Sauteed breaded white meat chicken and arranged with selected seaweed and topped this wonderful conbination with honey roasted pine nuts

10 Live Lobsters

11 Thai Style Beef

One of the most delicate dishes, tender juicy beef with fresh basil, red onion, pepper and lemon peel

12 Raisin Filet Mignon

We use tender, succulent and (flavorful) colored vegetables and fresh asparagus to augment the taste, texture and appearance of the best filet mignon

13 Filet Mignon Jeweled w. Scallops

Finest grade filet with scallops, pan grill in a crushed Chinese black pepper sauce

14 Scallops & Shrimp Hunan Style

Fresh sliced scallops and shrimp cooked with tree ears mushroom and water chestnuts in a spicy garlic sauce

15 Seafood & Chicken w. Scallions

A combination of scallops, shrimp and chicken precisely balanced with green scallion

16 Salmon Filet w. Black Bean Sauce

Thick slices of succulent salmon arranged on a bed of fresh spinach then showered with black bean sauce

17 Multi-flavored Taste Scallop

Specially selected scallops with green and red pepper, tree ear mushrooms, stir fried in our chef's multi-flavor sauce

18 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

19 Shrimp with Chili Sauce

20 Triple Crown

Prawns, chicken, beef, blended with "Barbecue" sauce and served with fresh spinach

21 Steamed Mixed Vegetables

22 Steamed Mixed Vegs. W. Chicken

23 Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp

24 Hunan Triple Delight

Chicken, beef, shrimp with broccoli, snow pea, asparagus, water chestnut, red pepper in chef's hunan black bean sauce

25 Shell-fish Supreme

Prawn and scallop, studded with toasted sesame seeds, quickly crispy-fried, served with spicy hunan dipped sauce


1 Ice Cream

2 Fried Ice Cream

3 Fried Banana

4 Mochi Ice Cream Japanese flavored ice cream with sweet rice coating

5 Yokan

Japanese red bean cake

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