Johnny Rebs'

Johnny Rebs'

Cuisine: Barbecue, Southern
Alcohol Type:
Smoking Allowed:
Dress Code: Casual
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Wheelchair Accessible:
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Old Fashioned Country Breakfast

Country Ham

pride of the South

Sugar-cured Ham

down home flavor

Barbeque Beef or Pulled Pork Butt

for you true Southerners, smoked and slathered with BBQ sauce


these are country fresh and all by their lonesome

Ground Beef Patty

hand pressed lean

Smokehouse Bacon

crisp and flavorful

Country Sausage

old fashioned patties

Hot Links

Oh So Spicy

Cajun Sausage

spicy link sausage

Chicken Fried Steak

smothered in gravy

Pork Chops & Eggs

center cut chops

Catfish & Eggs

moist boneless fillet

Blackened Prime Rib & Eggs

12oz choice

Sinfully Delicious

Pig Out

three flapjacks, (or two pieces of French Toast), two eggs, a choice of Smokehouse bacon, country sausage or sugar-cured ham

Country Flapjacks

a rebel rouser served with butter and maple syrup

Fluffy French Toast

thick Texas bread swirled in cinnamon and vanilla, served with butter and maple syrup

Farm Fresh Omelettes


Barbeque Omelette

BBQ beef or pulled pork butt withour smokehouse BBQ sauce

South of the Border

onion, green pepper, smoked beef, avocado, cheese and salsa


tomato, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, avocado and cheese

Denver Omelette

ham, onion, pepper and cheese

Cheese and your choice of

smokehouse bacon, sugar-cured ham or country sausage

Country Ham and Cheese

Ragin’ Cajun

cheese, mushrooms, Cajun sausage and BBQ sauce

Scrambled Egg Dishes

Scrambled Eggs

with mushrooms and cheddar cheese

Scrambled Eggs

with cheddar cheese

Scrambled Eggs

with crumbled smokehouse bacon, country sausage or sugar cured ham

Fluffy Home Baked Biscuit Sandwiches

Country Ham

a Southern tradition

Smokehouse Bacon or Country Sausage

a country favorite

Scrambled Egg and Cheese

Sugar-cured Ham

Yankees like it

Biscuits & Gravy

two flaky biscuits just smothered in delicious gravy

Fixins’ and Sides

Yankee Spuds

our country potatoes loaded with cheese, tomatoes, onions mushrooms, sour cream and avocado YUM!!!


a hot buttery serving

Yankee Cheese Grits

loaded with cheddar cheese

Country Style Potatoes

fresh, and delicious


white, wheat, sour dough

Home baked Biscuit

baked fresh and oh so fluffy

Country Gravy

thick, creamy and good

Smokehouse Bacon

sure is delicious

Country Sausage

our own recipe

Hot Link

Yessir they’re spicy

Sugar-cured Ham

ham it up

Ground Beef Patty

hand pressed

Country Ham

shipped from North Carolina

Fresh Avocado

Sour Cream

tops just about anything

Cajun Sausage

good and spicy

Roadhouse Starters

Smoked Chicken Wings

Like you've never had! | HOT! or BBQ or Combo

Home Fried Potato Chips

Served HOT with Cool Ranch

Sampler Plate

Cajun sausage, hot link sausage, hushpuppies onion rings and barbecue sauce for dippin’


A southern staple fried up just right

Onion Rings

We prepare our own from fresh cut onions. | Half Order or Full Order

Fried Green Tomatoes

Dipped in cornmeal, fried just right and sprinkled with bacon (seasonal)

Cajun Appetizer

Chunks of our spicy Cajun sausage paired with plenty of our barbeque sauce for dippin’

Seasoned Sweet Potato French Fries

Sweet, delicious

Cajun Poppers

Jalapenos stuffed with Cheddar Cheese

Fried Okra

Tender okra hand rolled in cornmeal | Half Order or Full Order

Roadhouse Sandwich Board

Served on a fresh toasted bun with your choice of two of the following fixi

| • Southern Slaw | • Cajun Rice | • French Fries | • Collard Greens | • BBQ Pinto Beans | • Fresh Mashed Potatoes | • Brunswick Stew | • Black-eyed Peas | • Bitty Salad | • Texas Caviar | • Sweet Potato Fries

Cajun Sausage Sandwich

On a French roll with grilled onions, bell pepper & our BBQ sauce

Rebs’ Burger

| A favorite! Hand pressed - with cheese (add'l charge) | Mmmm!! Add bacon or avocado (add'l charge)

Smoked TriTip Sandwich

Lean Smoked tri-tip of beef, mayo, BBQ sauce lettuce, tomato & onion on a French roll

Chicken Sandwich

Grilled or Blackened or Southern Fried with lettuce, tomato, onion and our BBQ sauce

BBQ Beef or Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked Pork Butt hand pulled or Smoked Beef Brisket sliced or chopped with BBQ Sauce

Johnny Rebs’ Special

Mounds of lean smoked pulled pork North Carolina Style – Topped with Southern Slaw & our North Carolina BBQ Sauce

Barbeque Hot Link Sandwich

Yessir it’s hot! Served with BBQ sauce

Catfish Po’ Boy

Farm raised Catfish fillet rolled in cornmeal, fried and served on a French roll with pickles, slaw & tartar sauce

Smoked On The Pit

Our fine meats are slowly smoked using hickory wood then slathered with our

| • Southern Slaw | • Cajun Rice | • French Fries | • Collard Greens | • BBQ Pinto Beans | • Fresh Mashed Potatoes | • Brunswick Stew | • Black-eyed Peas | • Bitty Salad | • Texas Caviar | • Sweet Potato Fries


Smoking with hickory wood may impart a pink color to your meat--don’t panic! This is natural and you’re eating REAL BBQ!

St. Louis Pork Ribs

Meaty and succulent 1/2 rack or Full rack

Baby Back Pork Ribs

Tender, juicy rack ribs – will drive you Hog Wild. | Lunch (1/2 rack) or (Full Rack) Dinner

Barbeque Chicken

Plump, juicy, tasty and smoked ever so slowly.

Barbeque Beef

Thick juicy beef briskets – pride of Western Barbeque. Sliced or chopped

Barbeque Hot Link

Oh so spicy, a Texas favorite.

Barbeque Beef Ribs

Large extra meaty ribs smoked tender and juicy.

Pulled Pork

Succulent and flavorful pork butt hand pulled to order.

Combination Barbeque

Choose two of your favorite "Smoked on the Pit" meats

Southern Favorites

Blackened Prime Rib or Sirlion Steak

Served with Southern slaw, french fries & cornbread.

Pork Chops & Gravy

Served with homemade gravy, Southern Slaw, fresh mashed potatoes and a fluffy biscuit.

Freshwater Catfish

Best this side of the Mississippi! Served with Southern slaw, french fries and hushpuppies. Fried or blackened.

Southern Fried Chicken

Served with Southern slaw, fresh mashed potatoes and a homemade biscuit.

Chicken Fried Steak

Country gravy, fresh mashed potatoes, Southern slaw and a homemade biscuit.

Cajun Sausage

Served with Southern slaw, Cajun rice & hushpuppies.

Fresh Greens

Catfish Caesar Salad

Fillets on greens tossed in Caesar dressing with cornbread croutons and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Served with hot cornbread

Rebs’ Smoked Chicken Salad

Lettuce, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, green onions, and cheddar cheese served with hot cornbread

Southern Fried Chicken and Texas Caviar over Greens

A boneless fried breast on Black-eyed peas vinaigrette, lettuce, spring onions, and tomatoes, served with hot cornbread

Texas Caviar over Greens

(Vegetarian Style) Black-eyed peas vinaigrette, lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, served with hot cornbread

Garden Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions and cheddar cheese served with hot cornbread


French Fries

Hearty helping

Barbeque Pinto Beans

Good ole pinto beans in a spicy brew

Fresh Mashed Potatoes

And we do mean fresh

Southern Slaw

Freshly cut, tossed in seasoned mayonnaise

Collard Greens

Cooked in a delicious pot liker

Black-eyed Peas

Hot, simmered in seasonings

Texas Caviar

Black-eyed Peas in chilled vinaigrette

Bitty Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, pickle


Fluffy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuit

Our made-from-scratch recipe, baked fresh


Made from whole kernel corn

Homemade Gravy

Creamy and great over biscuits

Biscuits & Gravy

Your mother never made it this good

From The Kettle

Brunswick Stew

Beef and chicken simmered with potatoes, tomatoes and corn. Served with hot cornbread.

Johnny Rebs’ Prize Winning Chili

Full of pinto beans and served with hot cornbread. | Add cheddar cheese & spring onions (add'l charge)

Take It On Home


(Feeds 4 – Carry Out Only)

Smoked BBQ Chicken

Two Half Birds 2 of our 16 oz. Fixin’s 4 Biscuits

Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs

10 BBQ Beef Ribs 2 of our 16 oz. Fixin’s 4 Biscuits

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

24 BBQ St. Louis Ribs 2 of our 16 oz. Fixin’s4 Biscuits

Smoked On The Pit To Go

Barbeque Beef Ribs

(Rack of 5 ribs)

Barbeque St. Louis Ribs

(Rack of 12 ribs)

Barbeque Baby Back Pork Ribs

(Rack of 12 ribs)

Barbeque Chicken

(1/2 bird)

Barbeque Pork

(1 lb.)

Barbeque Beef

(1 lb.)

Barbeque Hot Links

(1 lb.)

Cajun Sausage

(1 lb.)

Fixins’ To Go

BBQ Pinto Beans

Southern Slaw

Cajun Rice

Collard Greens

Black-eyed Peas

Mashed Potatoes

(with Gravy)

Extra Homemade Gravy

Smokehouse BBQ Sauce

North Carolina BBQ Sauce

From The Kettle

| Johnny Rebs’ Prize Winning Chili | Brunswick Stew

Home baked Specialties

| Biscuits and Gravy | Biscuits | Hushpuppies | Cornbread

Cobblers and Pies

| Southern Pecan Pie | Key Lime Pie | Drop Biscuit Peach Cobbler


Drop Biscuit Peach Cobbler or Chocolate Cobbler

Key Lime Pie

Southern Pecan Pie

Kimber’s Fried Apple Pie

Filled with warm apple pie filling, smothered with vanilla ice cream & topped with cinnamon sugar

Fried Mississippi Mud Pie

Filled with warm chocolate filling & smothered with vanilla ice cream and more chocolate

Vanilla Ice Cream

add a mound

Whipped Cream

add a dollop

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