OpenMenu is setup as a global standard for restaurant menus and in doing so restaurants have the option of showing the currency symbol, for a menu item, for over 160+ different countries.  Just by setting the currency for a menu you can be assured to show the proper currency symbol next your a menu item’s price.

note: Did you know that you can enter your menu into OpenMenu in different languages, with different currency symbols, and have all the information stored in a single location. This means your OpenMenu can contain your menu in multiple languages.


1. When initially adding your menu select the Currency Symbol from the drop-down.


2. If you want to edit an existing menu to assign the proper currency symbol all you have to do is edit the menu (figure 1) and then assign the Currency Symbol from the drop-down (figure 2).

figure 1

figure 2

This assigns the proper currency symbol to every menu item contained within that menu.