A complete solution for restaurants

linneighborhoodOne thing OpenMenu has always done and that’s strive to be a complete solution for restaurants.  This covers restaurants from over 90 countries around the globe and growing daily.

Sampling of what we offer:

  • Complete menu management system
  • Easily power Facebook from within OpenMenu using our Facebook App, OpenMenu Tab
  • Connect your menu to Twitter with our OpenMenu Twitter App
  • Deals, coupons and specials are now under the control of restaurants instead of 3rd party sites
  • Restaurant deals can be shown on Facebook using DealTab
  • Go mobile, without effort, as we give all restaurants a free mobile restaurant website
  • Custom, detailed analytics on how your restaurant’s menu is performing
  • …plus so much more

Through out the years of OpenMenu we’ve prided ourselves on innovating in this space and we will continue to do so.  During the summer we will be releasing a new feature, product, that restaurants have asked for and the time is right for the restaurant industry to move in this direction.  This ‘product’ will stay inline with our mission of ‘restaurants in control’ and we can’t wait to add this feature to our restaurant platform.

Don’t think because we’re working on one thing that we don’t have time for further expansion because we do.  Contact us, tell us what you want out of a complete restaurant platform.

Join OpenMenu now and regain control of your restaurant.

The summer of expansion has started…

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