Customers are going mobile is your restaurant ready?

Did you know that more customers are looking for restaurant menus on mobile devices than any other source?  With the proliferation of smartphones, customers are using their phones to not only locate a restaurant but more importantly look at the menu.  Is your restaurant ready?

What every restaurant needs:

  1. A mobile site that works on all the modern smartphone devices.  Not a restaurant app but a mobile ready website that is indexable by search engines and easily pulled up by customers.  Customers don’t need to, nor do they want to, download, install  and load an app specific to your restaurant.
  2. QR Code displayed in your restaurant’s window and on marketing material.  This lets customers passing by quickly access your mobile site for later viewing.  This is especially true for restaurants where there is a decent amount of foot traffic.  The easier you make it for a customer to view your menu the better chance they will walk through the door.
  3. An easy way to update your menu.  An updated, accurate menu and an easy way to manage this so your mobile menu is up-to-date with your restaurant’s menu is key.  More customers are going mobile so you need to ensure your mobile menu is as accurate as your paper menu.

Is your restaurant mobile ready?

OpenMenu not only provides the easiest menu management on the web but we also provide all restaurants with a free mobile website, QR Code and we distribute your menu across the web for you.  Manage your restaurant’s menu in a single location and control it everywhere.

So, grab an account on OpenMenu and get a free mobile website for your restaurant.

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