Free Accounts Can Now Publish Deals & Coupons

In an effort to provide one of the most comprehensive restaurant platforms we are extending the Deal & Coupon Management system into free accounts.  That’s right, free accounts will now be able to publish one deal/coupon per month at no cost.

Why use Deals on OpenMenu?

  1. No high markup. Deals and coupons are unlimited in Premium+ and Platinum accounts with no additional cost.
  2. Deals and coupons are in front of your customers and potential customers not deal hunters. This means people interested in your restaurant are getting a deal and are more likely to become a repeat customer. Deal hunters don’t convert to repeat customers.
  3. Socially connected. Not only do we provide the mechanism to push your deals to Twitter and Facebook (see image below) at any time using our powerful social integration but we also automatically connect your deals to your menu on Facebook through OpenMenu Tab

Facebook ShareFacebook Share – sample

Restaurants can manage their deals at OpenMenu

With our powerful, and easy to use, Deal manager restaurants can manage their deals in real time. Setup a deal, publish live and your deal appears on Facebook, mobile site and your website. Nothing else needs to be done. Want to promote your deal? Use our powerful social integration and push your deal to Facebook (your personal page, your restaurant’s page, a group – you have the option) and/or Twitter. Don’t want the deal to run anymore just turn it off or delete it all together. Restaurants stay in control.

The power of our deal manager allows restaurants to define a daily deal, coupon, happy hour special and much more. This new feature is all about control and giving that control back to restaurants.

Deal & Coupon Extend to Mobile and Beyond

The powerful mobile site given to all restaurants on the OpenMenu Platform is fully equipped to handle deals and coupons placing them in a place sure to entice viewers. Publish a deal and it automatically appears on the restaurant’s mobile site.

OpenMenu Mobile Deals

Better on Social

We’ve even released a special Facebook App called DealTab to power a dedicated tab on your Facebook page with your deals.  Combine them with your menu through OpenMenu Tab or break them out.  The choice is yours.


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New Tool Lets Restaurants Easily Fine Tune Their Map Location

icon_map_locatorWe’ve released a new tool that will let restaurants fine tune the location of their restaurant on a map.  No more do restaurants have to figure out the longitude / latitude for their restaurant’s location.  We locate your restaurant on a map, based on the supplied address, and then you can drag and drop to the exact location.  Quick, easy and accurate.

This is a major improvement to our location services and one more improvement to our easy to use, restaurant controlled, menu management platform.

Restaurant Map Locator

Have an idea to improve our platform?  Don’t wait, contact us!



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Get Your Reataurant a Maintenance-Free Website with Quixomatic and OpenMenu

QuixomaticWe are now offering maintenance-free, mobile-ready websites through Quixomatic.  Probably one of the slickest website creation tools around.  No CMS, no updating, just connect to OpenMenu and your social networks and Quixomatic does the rest, keeping your content fresh and updated for you.

It’s easy to start, websites live in less than a min.  It’s easy to maintain, just update your menu on OpenMenu and keep your social networks fresh and your website stays in sync.


  • Fast time to market – websites are built in 30 seconds.
  • Easy to customize – changing colors, fonts and entire themes is easy and intuitive.
  • Automatic updates – no CMS – website content stays in sync with updates to social networks and other content partners.
  • Seamless hosting – all hosting set-up and charges are included in a low cost, fixed subscription price.
  • Conversion focus – maps, directions, contact forms and click2call functionality are included to convert visitors into customers.

Quixomatic is perfect for socially active restaurants who don’t have the time or expertise to build and operate a standalone website.


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Manage Your Restaurant On-The-Go

Restaurants can manage their menus, on-the-go, from any smartphone device.  From phone to tablet, we make it easy to manage your menu when ever you need to update it.   Turn off  menu items no longer available, add daily specials, change prices or add entirely new menu.  Our mobile menu management system makes it easy and intuitive to do so.

OpenMenu Mobile - Main Screen


  • Included for free in all OpenMenu accounts
  • Our mobile system is designed specifically for smartphones and smartdevices
  • Quickly navigate your restaurant and your menu
  • Access all your restaurants from a single interface
  • No longer be tied to your desktop


Visit to access OpenMenu Mobile.

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OpenMenu WordPress Plugin 1.6.17

Open Menu WordPress Plugin

Our popular WordPress Plugin has been updated to support the latest and greatest WordPress release, v3.8.


  • Support for v3.8 of WordPress
  • Add a new parameter to the openmenu shortcode; group_break.  You can now override the global setting from within the shortcode


Do you have ideas for the next release? What would you like to see as options for our WordPress plugin? Contact us and let us know.

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Get Online/Mobile Ordering Using Tap To Eat

Tap To Eat

We couldn’t be happier to welcome our newest OpenMenu Network partner Tap To Eat.  Tap To Eat will bring a powerful, flexible and comprehensive online/mobile ordering solution to the OpenMenu Platform.

There’s more…

Tap To Eat has developed a special pricing model just for restaurants on the OpenMenu Platform (see table below). This includes a reduced setup fee (from $995 to just $99) and a special tier system to provides restaurants with pricing that better fits their needs.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Online & Mobile Sales $500 or Less $500 – $1000 $1000 – $1500 $1500 or more
Price Per Month $29/month $44/month $59/month $99/month
Percentage of Sales 3% 2% 1% 0%

Get started with Tap To Eat:

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Joomla Plugin / Module v1.3 Released

Joomla Module / Plugin
Our OpenMenu Joomla! Plugin / Module just keeps getting better.  The majority of this release is to make our plugin/module fully compatible with Joomla! v2.5 and v3.0+.

What’s new

  • Update to support Joomla! v2.5 and v3.1
  • Updated the rendering engine


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OpenMenu WordPress Plugin 1.6.16

Open Menu WordPress Plugin

Our popular WordPress Plugin has been updated to support the latest and greatest WordPress release, v3.7.


  • Support for v3.7 of WordPress
  • Better support for ampersands in menu and group filters both through shortcodes and custom OpenMenu posts


Do you have ideas for the next release?  What would you like to see as options for our WordPress plugin?  Contact us and let us know.

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Enter, Manage and Promote Your Restaurant’s Menu

OpenMenu offers one of the most complete solutions for restaurants with our platform being able to support your menu on your website, through mobile, socially connected and well beyond.

Some of our most popular restaurant offerings:

Innovation and growth is what OpenMenu is about.  We were one of the first to offer a One-Click Menu Translator or 100% Fully Managed Coupons/ Deals.  New features are coming, better solutions for restaurants and a more complete platform.

Restaurants in 95+ countries have chosen OpenMenu…

Contact us and tell us what you want out of OpenMenu.


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Get a Complete Website with OpenMenu Web

Get a complete restaurant website from OpenMenu. The latest offering from OpenMenu is a complete do-it-yourself website powered from your OpenMenu – visit for more details.  These websites are built on the popular, and powerful, WordPress engine.  This means you not only get a website powered from your OpenMenu but you will have full control over the look and feel.

Our initial offering will be 6 customizable themes that should meet your website requirements all preloaded with the OpenMenu Plugin and ready to go with little modifications.

What you get:

  • Choose from one of the 6 highly customizable themes
  • Use the domain we give you (like or use your own domain
  • Add Editors, Managers or Admins to your account so multiple people can manage your website
  • You control the look, feel and copy of your website
  • All the power of OpenMenu extended to your website
  • Includes Deals and Coupons
  • Once setup your menu stays in sync with changes at OpenMenu
  • Easily connect your mobile site to your website

Sample Theme:

Restaurant Website

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