From the Grill

Blackened Rib Eye $10.95

boneless marbled prime grade beef

Marinated Flank Steak $10.95

marinated 24hrs in our secret recipe

Pub Steak $10.95

8oz center cut sirloin

Coullette Steak $8.95

6oz sirloin cut

Hardy Fare

Baby Back Ribs $19.95

Pasta Parmigiana

type: chicken - $11.95 | veal - $13.95 | eggplant - $9.95

Seafood Cakes $9.95

w/ homemade lobster cream sauce

Homemade Chili $7.95

melted cheese & onions

Stuffed Portobello $9.95

sausage stuffing w/ melted provolone over greens

Cheese Board $10.95

Buffalo Chicken Fingers $9.95

w creamy bleu cheese or ranch

Mussels Marinara $12.95

over pasta

Mussels Scampi $12.95

over pasta

Clams Marinara $10.95

over pasta

Clams Scampi $10.95

over pasta


served with steak, waffle, or sweet potato fries, onion rings, or side salad

French Dip $9.95

sliced prime beef w/ au jus

Pulled Pork $8.95

smothered in sauce

Turkey Club $7.95

lettuce, tomato, bacon & cheese

Chicken Wrap or Sandwich $8.95

Choices: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers, dressing or mayo Extras: bacon, cheese, blackened, cajun, sautéd mushroom, peppers

Shrimp Wrap or Sandwich $9.95

Choices: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers, dressing or mayo Extras: bacon, cheese, blackened, cajun, sautéd mushroom, peppers

From the Garden

Add chicken 4.00, add flank steak 7.00, add salmon 9.00, and shrimp 8.00

Fresh Vegetable Plate $6.95

Out of the garden. Only the freshest

Traditional Chef Salad $10.95

We use our own roasted turkey, sliced prime rib, smoked ham and cheeses

The Gigi Salad $8.95

Mesculin greens, dried cranberries, pecans and crumbled goat cheese with a light lemon vinaigrette.

Fresh Garden Salad

If it's grown we'll have it in it.

small - $4.95large - $6.95

Caesar Salad

small - $4.95large - $6.95

Incredible Seafood Cakes $9.95

Made with shrimp,crab, and scallops. The best in town. Served with our delicious lobster cream sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail $8.95

Served iced cold with cocktail sauce and lemon

Shrimp Francaise $9.95

Egg battered shrimp in a lemon and wine sauce

Steamed Clams

Dozen Rhode Island little neck clams available two ways

butter: drawn - $9.95 | scampi - $10.95

Boston Baked Stuffed Clams $9.95

Our original recipe. Still a favorite

Greenlip Mussels $10.95

Your choice of marinara or scampi sauce

Grilled Portobello Mushroom $9.95

Stuffed with sausage, topped with provolone cheese and served over a bed of greens

Sesame Crusted Tuna $8.95

Served with a teriyaki glaze

Fried Calamari

With marinara or horseradish sauce

type: regular - $9.95 | buffalo - $10.95

Stuffed Mushrooms $8.95

Your choice of either sausage or seafood

For the Carnivores

Add to any of these Brazilian lobster tail 7.00 add shrimp scampi 6.00

Our Special Cut Prime Rib of Beef $24.95

This is what we have built our reputation on. Don't ask us how big. We're afraid to weight it

Filet Mignon $25.95

Barrel cut. The best you can get

New York Strip Steak $18.95

We only use the center cut of the loin. A little spice? Blackened 19.95

Steak Diane $20.95

Our center cut New York Strip served with a brandy/garlic sauce

Rack of Lamb $21.95

A full tender rack, rosemary crusted with mint jelly. Mouth watering and juicy

Marinated Flank Steak $18.95

Pretty darn tasty

Coulette steak $17.95

What is it? Butchers call it the crown sirloin. It's also what the butcher takes home

Jimmy's Special Pork Chop $18.95

A three quarter pound center cut pork chop with red cabbage, potato pancake and apple sauce. Also try it stuffed with our sausage dressing 20.95

German Fest $21.95

For the hearty appetite with variety. Three quarter pound pork chop with brat wurst, knockwurst, red cabbage, potato pancakes and applesauce

Peppercorned Pork tenderloin $17.95

Without a doubt one of the best meals on the menu. Served with brandy cream sauce

Pork osso Bocco $17.95

With a natural pan gravy on smashed potatoes

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $19.95

Slow cooked to perfection

Super Soups

French Onion $5.95

Topped with swiss and provolone cheeses, melted and dripping from the crock

Our Own Soup of The Day $5.95

The competition is keen in the kitchen on who can make the best soup

Fresh Seafood

Baked Fillet of Salmon $18.95

In a mustard dill sauce. If you want it spicy, try it Cajun style.

Fillet of Sole $18.95

Fresh sliced tomato and basil. Also available crab stuffed (add $2.00)

Shrimp, Clams & Mussels Marinara $22.95

Served over pasta. It's huge!! If you prefer scampi style...we got you covered. Also available fra diavlo

Seafood Cakes $15.95

Our incredible seafood cakes served with your choice of pasta

Twin Tails $23.95

Twin quarter pound lobster tails

Pasta Gregory $19.95

Named after our Original Chef Jeff's son. Jeff put shrimp, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, black olives, fresh plum and sun dried tomatoes. Simmered in a creamy sherry sauce.

Shrimp Scampi $18.95

Sauteed in a garlic butter sauce

Shrimp Francaise $18.95

Egg battered shrimp in a lemon and wine sauce

Cajun Shrimp $18.95

Jumbo shrimp sauteed with tomatoes and olives simmered in a creole cream sauce. Over pasta.

Shrimp Parmigiana $18.95

Breaded jumbo shrimp layered with out homemade sauce and lots and lots of cheese

Stuffed Shrimp $19.95

Stuffed with our homemade crab stuffing.


Sauteed mushrooms 1.00 Sauteed onion 1.00

Roast Prime Rib

We are proud of our beef!!

type: regular - $8.95 | open-faced - $10.95

Roasted Turkey Breast

We do roast our own, is there any other way?

type: regular - $7.95 | open-faced - $9.95

Baked Ham $7.95

Sugar cured and mouth watering delicious

Reuben $10.95

Corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. This is for the hearty appetite

Reuben $10.95

Corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. This is for the hearty appetite

Hot Corned Beef $8.95

Hot Pastrami $8.95

Did we mention anything about our delicious rye bread?

BLT $6.95

If you're looking for something light

Tuna $7.95

On your choice of bread

Philly Cheesesteak $9.95

The weight of your teeth will much right through this "samich"

Grilled Chicken $9.95

Cajun or Buffalo style

Grilled Cheese

options: on semolina bread - $5.95 | add bacon - $7.95 | add ham - $7.95

Tom grinds only certified sirloin for us. Add 100% Kobe Burger for 1.00 extra. Substitute a juicy Turkey Burger for any burger below

Patrick Burger $9.95

Pat hates cheese!

Erin Burger $10.95

Erin loves cheese!

Blooming Grove Burger $11.95

Bacon and cheese

Black & Blue Burger $11.95

bleu cheese encrusted blackened burger

Bison Burger $11.95

Tom doesn't grind this but it's still awesome. Bison is leaner and has less cholesterol (with the works add 2.00)

The Dagwood $13.95

Everything, including the kitchen sink.

Garden Burger $9.95

Tom doesn't grind this either - come on Tom, what's up?

Blackened Cajun Burger $11.95

pepper jack cheese, sliced jalepenos & chipotle aioli

Viva L'Italia

Tender boneless chicken breast or premium fork tender veal simmered with your choice of classic Italian sauces Chicken 16.95 Veal 19.95


fork tender with a mushroom marsala wine sauce


Braised in a lemon caper shallot wine sauce


Egg battered in a lemon and wine sauce


Breaded and topped with our homemade sauce and mozzarella cheese