Leavened bread €0.80

Tzatziki €3.50

Peloponnesian yoghurt with garlic and cucumber.

Local Saiti €3.60

Traditional spinach pie with cheese feta, handmade dough and backed on the platter.

Cheese pie €3.60

With feta cheese and handmade local dough.

Grilled local sausage €6.50

With pieces of orange and Smoked with sage.

Prasotigania €7.90

Tender pork with leaks and various spices in a slightly spicy lemon and mustard sauce.

Saganaki psistiri €5.90

Fried local goat cheese.

Eggplant Kanoni €7.90

Eggplants with tomato, garlic, peppers, onions and. cheese feta baked in the oven.

Fresh fried potatoes €3.50

Cheese feta with olive oil and oregano €4.30

Appetizers for two €14.50

Tzatziki, sausage, eggplant, saganaki, prassotigania, fried potatoes and cheese feta.


Greek salad €5.80

Tomato, cucumber, onions, olives, green peppers olive oil and oregano.

Dako €5.20

Crumb bread base with oregano, topped with tomato, olives and pieces of feta with olive oil and oregano.

Ceazar €7.90

Lettuce, bacon, crouton, Parmezan cheese and ceazar sauce.

Roka €8.90

Arugula with lettuce, cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese, walnuts mixed with balsamic and honey sauce.

Green €7.50

Lettuce, spinach, green apple, Graviera cheese, pine cone seeds with a sauce of Balsamic and citrus fruits.

Season €4.00

Young shout boiled €4.30

Picked from local mountains.

Grilled vegetables €6.00

With thyme and balsamic cream.


Fish soup €7.50

With catch of the day.

Steamed mussels €6.40

Octopus €10.60

In vinegar and olive oil.

Fried kalamari €7.90

Grilled Sward fish €11.90

With boiled vegetables, olive oil and lemon.

Grilled shrimps €16.00

With lettuce and cocktail sauce.

Fresh fish of the day when available €50.00

Fresh grilled Lobster when available €55.00


Pomodoro €6.90

With fresh tomato and garlic.

Carbonara €9.90

With Singlino (local pork smoked and boiled in wine) or bacon.

El Greco €7.50

Tomato, olives, cheese feta and oregano.

Salmon €10.90

With smoked salmon in a white sauce.

Shrimp spaghetti €18.00

With red oyster sauce.

Lobster spaghetti when lobster is available €60.00

Traditional cooked dishes

Lamb Kleftiko €12.90

Baked in the oven with lemon, mustard, oregano, eggplant, zucchini and melted cheese Graviera.

Stamna €9.90

Served in a ceramic pot with beef in red sauce cheese feta, mixed vegetables, fresh potatoes and gratinated cheese on top.

Mousaka €8.90

Grilled eggplant with béchamel and minced meat, served in a ceramic pot.

Dish of the day

Ask your waiter for the dish of the day.


Biftekia €9.20

2 big burgers without the bread served with fresh fried potatoes.

Grilled Chicken €9.20

With olive oil and lemon assorted with fresh fried potatoes.

Pork chop €8.90

With fried potatoes.

Fillet of chicken in white mushroom sauce €13.60

Served with rice.

Local Beef fillet €15.50

Served with grilled vegetables and balsamic cream.

Pepper steak €18.20


Pecan Pie €6.40

Served with a scoop of ice cream and hot chocolate.

Orange pie €6.20

Served with a scoop of ice cream.

Chocolate Souffle €6.80

Served with a scoop of ice cream.

Yoghurt with fruits €5.90

Yoghurt with honey €4.90

Seasonal fruits €2.90

“Castro” Ice Cream €5.50

Ice cream with whipped cream, syrup and walnuts.

“To Kanoni” Ice cream €6.90

Ice cream with fresh fruits, whipped cream and walnuts.


Amstel 500ml €3.60

Heineken 500ml €3.60

Mythos 500ml €3.60

Fix 500ml €3.60

Heineken Draft 250ml €3.50

Heineken Draft 500ml €5.00


Glass of Ouzo €2.20

Karaf Ouzo 187ml €6.50

Glass of Tsipouro €2.50

Karaf Tsipouro 187ml €6.80

Soft Drinks

Fresh juice €3.80

Sparkling water €2.50

Bottled water 1,lt €1.50

Bottled water 0,5lt €0.50

Refreshments 250ml €2.50




Aged 12 years Whiskey

Grand Marnier

Metaxa 5*


Greek coffee €1.50

Greek double coffee €2.50

Nescafe hot €3.00

Nescafe Frappe €3.00

Filter coffee €3.00

Espresso €2.50

Double Espresso €4.50

Cappuccino €3.00

Fredo Cappuccino €3.00

Tea €2.00

Milk €2.00

Hot chocate €3.00

Chocolate Viennois €3.50

Red wines

Kastropolitia €9.50

Mavroudi, Agiorgitiko

Laloudi €25.00


Monemvasios €23.00

Agiorgitiko, mavroudi

300 €23.00

Agiorgitiko, Mavraki

Aspros Lagos €32.00

Cabernet Sauvignion

Syrah €34.00


Glass of wine €3.00


White wines

Kastropolitia €9.00

Monemvasio, Roditis

Kidonitsa €18.50


Laloudi €18.50


Mitropolis €24.00

Asirtiko, Kidonitsa, Monemvasios, Asproudi

300 €19.50

Kidonitsa, Asirtiko

Asirtiko €17.50


Chardonnay €34.00


Biblia Hora €34.00

Sauvignion Blanc, Asirtiko

Glass of wine €2.80


Roze wines

Anthosmia €18.50

Agiorgitiko, Kidonitsa, Roditis

Fileri €18.50

Fileri, Agiorgitiko

Sparkling wines | Champagnes

Muscat D’asti €25.00

Asti Martini €28.00

Mum Cordon Rouge €72.00

Moet €85.00