Hot Appetizers

Leavened bread €1.00

Local Saiti €4.90

Traditional spinach pie with cheese feta, handmade dough and backed on the platter.

Fresh fried potatoes €3.50

Grilled local sausage €6.90

With pieces of orange and Smoked with sage.

Variety of Grilled Mushrooms €8.20

With olive oil, fresh herbs and sesameseeds

Talagani Grilled cheese €6.80

Fried local goat cheese.

Eggplant Kanoni €7.90

Eggplants with tomato, garlic, peppers, onions and. cheese feta baked in the oven.

Grilled octapus €12.90

Cold Appetizers

Spicy cheese spread €4.90

with Feta cheese and chili peppers

Tzatziki €3.70

With strained yoghurt and cucumber

Taramosalata €5.80

from 100% white fish roe

Marinated anchovies €7.20

Marinated Octopus €10.90

Salmon Tartar €11.20

With fresh herbs, lemon zest and EVOO


Young shout boiled €4.80

Picked from local mountains.

Laconian Greek salad €6.90

With rusks and olive oil, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olives, green peppers, Monemvasia Feta and sea fennel.

Mana Gea €8.20

French lettuce, spinach, green apple, sun dried tomato, spring onions Florina red peppers, with EVOO Mana Gea and citrus vinaigrette.

Mixed with Manouri cheese €10.90

Fried Manouri cheese with and Mani Syglino accompanied with a variety of green salads with fig flavoured balsamic

Kanoni Salad €11.90

Red leaf lettuce, French lettuce, arugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, marinated fennel, smoked salmon and lemon vinaigrette.

Sea food options

Steamed mussels €9.20

With celery, spring onions, fennel and mustard

Stuffed grilled squid €14.90

With vegetables, Graviera, accompanied with wild rice

Grilled shrimps €17.50

On a bed of finely chopped green salad with Florence fennel flavoured sauce

Seafood Pasta €20.50

Shrimps, octopus and mussels with fresh tomato flavoured with basil

Fresh Fish

Grilled Salmon €21.50

With multi colored Kinoa salad and fruit sauce with ginger

Grilled Tuna Souvlaki €26.00

Marinated with peppers and onions, with a butter sauce, accompanied with wild rice

Fresh fish €25.00

Sea Bream and Sea Bass with Greens

Grilled Lobster €85.00

Or Koloktypa

Fish on request per Kg. €75.00

Ask your waiter

Traditional cooked dishes

Oregano Lamb €12.90

Cooked in the oven with potatoes, herbs and lemon sauce.

Stamna €10.90

Pork bites with carrot, slow cooked in mustard sauce and topped with kataifi

Mousaka €9.90

Fried aubergines, potatoes, minced beaf cheese, tomato and bechamel sauce

Tsigariasto lamb €13.90

Slow cooked in wine and herbs, Cretan recipe served with French fries


Traditional Kassos Skioufikta €9.20

With caramelized onions, sitaka and grated mizithra cheese

Penne with Cretan Smoked chicken €9.70

Creme fraiche, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes

On the Grill

Taliata Grilled Chicken fillet €9.70

With yoghurt and Green Salad

Grilled burgers €9.20

100% Beef, Served with tomatoes provencial and French fries

Pork Spare Ribs €10.90

In BBQ sauce with french fries

Rib eye Steak €28.50

With flavoured potato puree and mushrooms


Orange pie €5.90

Served with a scoop of ice cream.

Chocolate Pie withice cream €6.80

Yoghurt with fruits €5.90

Scoop of ice cream €2.50

Tiramisu €6.40


Fix Aneu €3.40

No Alcohol

Mythos Draft 300ml €3.50

Mythos Draft 500ml €5.00

Fix 500ml €4.50

Alpha 500ml €4.50

Kaizer 500ml €4.80

Septem Monday pilsner 500ml. €6.50

Soft Drinks

Bottled water 1,lt €1.50

Sparkling water 250ml. €2.50

Refreshments 250ml €2.50

Grenandine with sprite and lemon €2.80

Fresh Orange juice €3.20

Fresh mixed fruit juice €3.90

San Pelegrino 750ml €4.80

Greek Aperitif

Glass of Ouzo €2.30

Karaf Ouzo 187ml €8.50

Glass of Tsipouro €2.60

Karaf Tsipouro €9.20


Vodka €7.00

Whiskey €7.00

Gin €7.00

Rum €7.00

Special matured €9.50

Apperol Sprits €9.00

Metaxa 5* €7.00

Metaxa 7* €8.50

Cocktails €12.00


Greek coffee €1.50

Greek double coffee €2.50

Nescafe hot €3.00

Nescafe Frappe €3.00

Filter coffee €3.00

Espresso €2.50

Double Espresso €4.50

Cappuccino €3.50

Fredo Cappuccino €3.50

Tea €2.50

Milk €2.00

Hot chocate €3.00

Espresso Diablo €5.80

with 5* Metaxa

Red wines

Glass of House wine €3.20


Glass Sangria €4.80

To Kanoni €13.50

Mavroudi, Agiorgitiko

ATMA €24.50

Ksinomavro, Mandilara

Monemvasios €27.50

Agiorgitiko, mavroudi

300 €37.00

Agiorgitiko, Mavroudi

Syrah €29.50

Syrah €34.00


Private Collection Antonopoulos €32.50

Mavrodafni, Merlot

Vivlia Hora Estate €36.50

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Chateau Nikos Lazaridis €39.50

Cabernet Sauvignion, Merlot

White wines

Glass of House wine €2.90

To Kanoni €12.00

Local House wine

Kydonitsa €19.50


300 €21.50

Kidonitsa, Asirtiko

ATMA €23.50

Malagouzia, Ksinomavro

Malvazia Lykos €28.50

Sauvignion Blanc

Chateau Julia Chardonnay €32.00


Vivlia Hora Estate €35.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Asyrtiko

Santorini €37.50


Roze wines

Anthosmia 187 €3.90

Agiorgitiko, Kidonitsa, Roditis

Queen €25.00

Syrah, Gewurtztraminer

Adoli Gis €28.50

Cabernet Sauvignion

Sparkling wines | Champagnes

Proseco Gancia €6.50

Muscat D’asti €6.80

Cair Rhodes €32.00

Mum Cordon Rouge €72.00

Moet €85.00


Lemoncelo €3.00

Porto €3.50

jagermeister €3.50

Underberg €3.70

Grappa €4.20