Spreads / Dips

VegetarianTzatziki €4.20

With strained yoghurt and cucumber

Taramosalata €5.90

from 100% white fish roe

VegetarianGluten FreeTraditional fava €5.80

With cherry tomatoes confit and onion pickles


VegetarianLaconian Greek salad €9.90

With local lalaggia, tomatoes and cherry tomatos, cucumber, onions, olives, green peppers, capers, sea Fenell oliveoil tomato vinaigrette and Monemvasia Feta cheese.

VegetarianBurrata bufalo €14.00

Buttered Mozzarella Buratta, baby leaves, sundried tomatoes, red Florina Peppers, pine seeds, fif, locust bean rusk, basil oil, and passion forest honey vinaigrette

Buckwheat Quinoa €12.40

Vegetables brunoise, orangs, cereal seeds, fennel pickle, valeriana and vinaigrette of poppy seed

Beatroot salad €11.80

Grilled beets, white pickle beet, yellow beat, goat cheese panacota, radishes, hazel nuts, orange and beet leaves

Rocca salad €10.90

Rocca leaves, marinated mushrooms, aged Graviera cheese, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, vinaigrette of aged wine


Leavened bread €1.20

VegetarianLocal Saiti €7.90

Traditional spinach pie with cheese feta, handmade dough and backed on the platter.

VegetarianKefalograviera cheese saganaki €6.90

breaded and served with tomato marmelade and rocca leaves.

Eggplant Kanoni €6.90

Eggplant with caramelized onions and cheese feta.

Trahanas Croquettes €6.80

with goat cheese, fresh herbs and leeks

Grilled local sausage €7.40

With pieces of orange and Smoked with sage.

Gluten FreeChickpeas in the oven €6.40

with syglino Manis, and Greek cream cheese.

Fresh fried potatoes €4.20

Gluten FreeCarpaccio Beef €18.00

Mixture of four spices, citrus, shimeji mushrooms, sea salt flower, radish, potato chips, aged graviera cheese, wild rocca leafs and truffle oil

Gluten FreeFish Carpaccio Crudo €16.50

With green apples and chili pepper

VegetarianGluten FreeVariety of Grilled Mushrooms sauteed €8.90

With trufle cream, Greek smocked cheese, thyme and passion forest honey

Gluten FreeShrimps €14.90

with shrimp sauce saganaki, feta mouse and fennel oil


Makarounes from Mani €11.70

chicken bites, mushrooms, prosciutto, Parmesan sauce and truffle paste

Lakonian Petinaria €12.80

Calf cheeks bulled, tomato sauce, aged Graviera cheese cream and basil oil.

Sea Kritharoto €18.80

Shrimps, octopus, Calamari, pumkin paste, safron, lime cream

VeganVegan pasta €11.50

Minced mushrooms and lentils, frind almond and tomato sauce

Sea food options

Greater Amberjack €27.00

With a sauce of fishsoup, with safrfron and baby potatoes

Calamari €16.50

Couscous, spinach, fresh herbs, red Florina pepers, grilled cheese, citrus dressing

Sea bream Fricassee €23.00

With boiled greens and celery root cream

Grilled octapus €24.50

With favaand glazed molasses, small onion pickle, tapenade caper and caper leaves

Sea bass sauted €24.50

Brunoise vegetables, artichoke veloute and fennel oil

Traditional cooked dishes

Moussaka €11.90

Cream of potato, smoked eggplant, minced beef and bechamel sauce

Oregano Lamb €16.90

Cooked in the oven with potatoes, herbs and lemon sauce.

On the Grill

Grilled Chicken fillet €10.80

Lemon potatoes and thyme

Grilled beef burgers €12.40

Served with french fries and oregano

Pork €12.90

With carrot puree, glazed carrot, Molasses, Greek cheese cream and caramel hazel nuts

Grilled beef fillet €29.00

Served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and pepper sauce

Pinza Romana

VegetarianMargarita €11.80

Fresh tomat sauce and mixed cheese

VegetarianVillage €12.80

Fresh tomatosauce, mix cheese, peppers, onions, olives and cheese feta

Special €14.90

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, peperoni, mushrooms, peppers

Prosciutto €15.90

Fresh tomato sauce, mix cheese, fresh mozzarella, Prosciutto and arugula


Local Orange pie €6.40

Served with a scoop of ice cream.

Chocolate Brownie with Greek coffee served with ice cream €6.90

Panacota with almond milk €4.50

with homemade cherry

Yoghurt with fruits €5.90

Scoop of ice cream €2.50

Seasonal fruits €2.90