Draft Beer (Sapporo, Okanagan)

Pint (20oz) - $6.95Pitcher (60oz) - $16.99

Draft Beer (Asahi)

Pint (20oz) - $8.95Pitcher (60oz) - $25.99

Domestic Beer $3.99


Imported Beer

Sapporo, Heineken, Corona (330ml) - $4.99Asahi (330ml) - $5.49Kirin Ichiban (500ml) - $6.95

Asahi Large $9.99


Pop & Shot

Green Tea $1.99

Pop $1.99

Juice & Iced Tea $2.29

Mineral Water

Perrier (330ml) - $2.99S. Pellegrino (750ml) - $4.59

Shot or Under Rock $6.99

Vodka, Wiskey, Tequila

Jack & Coke $7.49

House Wine


4oz - $5.991/2Ltr. - $19.99
Hot Sake

Small $5.99

Medium $9.99

Large $11.99

Special Sake (Small bottles)

Hakutsuru Cold Draft $16.99


Pure Junmai $19.99

Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo $20.99


Hakutsuru Sho-Une $22.99

Ume $20.99

Japanese Plum Wine

Yuzushu $24.99

Citrous taste sake

Momo (Peach taste sake) $24.99

Sakemoto $25.99

Josen $27.99

Momokawa Organic $27.99

Murai Tokubetsu Honjojo $29.99

Konteki Pearls of Simplicity $48.99

Special Sake (Large bottles)

Soju $17.99

360ml, "World's No.1 selling spirit, selling over 3billion bottles a year"

Makkoli $19.99

750ml, 'Milky soft texture with sweetness. Traditional rice wine of Korean farmers now well known to the world"

Gekkeikan $26.99

Junmai 750ml, "one of the world's famous sake. Founded in 1637 by Jiemon Okuram in Fushimi"

Sho Chiku Bai $26.99

Junmai 750ml, "The most traditional style sake, it pairs perfectly with mildly seasoned dishes"

Momokawa $39.99

Junmai Ginjo 750ml, "premium, hand-crafted sake brewed with original method"

Banryu $69.99

Honjojo 750ml Clean and crisp with citrusy notes both on the nose and the plate

G Sake $69.99

Junmai Ginjo 750ml, "Adheres to the traditions of fine sake, which appeals to the purist, yet it is crafted to have the big-layered flavors that the American palate has come to expect"

Yokaichi $77.99

Shochu 750ml, "Made from superior barley and has clean crisp taste and pleasant aroma"

Gekkeikan Black & Gold $79.90

Junmai 750ml

Kubota $87.99

Honjozo 720ml, "A rich sake that is pleasantly dry and packs a lot of flavor. Bold with a smooth finish"

Hakkaisan $87.99

Honjozo 720ml, "Delicious and slightly rich Honjozo. On the dry side with plenty of body to stand up hearty food"

Yoshinogawa Gokujo $89.99

Ginjo 720ml

Konteki $89.99

Junmai Daiginjo 720m

Gasanryu $95.99

Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Wakatake Onikoroshi $119.99

junmai Daiginjo 750ml, "Well balanced and mild slight sweetness stemming from its elegant aroma and moderate dryness"

Tenko $129.99

Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Sawa & Cocktail

Cassis Orange $7.00

Cassis Grapefruit $7.00

High Ball $7.90

Lemon Sawa $7.49

Orange Sawa $7.49

Grapefruit Sawa $7.49