Light Snacks

French Fries ¥450

Green Soybeans (Edamame) ¥450

Sizzling Gyoza ¥500

Cheese Plate ¥880

Infiniti Summer Roll ¥800

Cream cheese, relish, and ham in a surprisingly exquisite combination.

Pickled Vegetables and Olives ¥450


Tofu and Avocado ¥750

Light & healthy tofu with fresh avocado, and original dressing

Caesar Salad ¥700

Bagna Càuda ¥900

Fragrant garlic and anchovy dipping sauce enhances the vegetables flavors.


Chicken Pasta topped with Celery ¥800

Tomato cream sauce pasta with chicken and mushrooms, and a special herb mix.

Green Green Pasta ¥750

Featuring a light avocado sauce in a green style pasta (pasta enhanced with spinach), an Infiniti original.

Scallops and Sea Lettuce Pasta ¥800

Shima Abura Soba ¥750

Another unique Infiniti dish, featuring traditional Okinawa soba.

Chicken, Beef, Pork

Garlic Chicken (Japanese Style Sauce) ¥850

Grilled to perfection! Chef’s blend of fresh chicken cuts and garlic–olive oil fusion.

Mild Chicken Wings with Potato Wedges ¥850

Spicy Chicken Wings with Potato Wedges ¥850

Grilled Garlic Pepper Steak

Grilled Steak with Onion Sauce

Grilled Roast Pork ¥900

Fish, Shrimp, Seafood

Guinness-battered Fish and Chips ¥850

True to the Ireland style, simply put amazing. Comes with potato wedges (chips!)

Calamari ¥500

Shrimp Fritters ¥850

Lightly battered and served with a specially seasoned mayonnaise.

Shrimp and Mushroom Ajillo ¥850

Our popular dish with shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic served with baguettes.

Fried Rice Dishes

Taco Rice ¥750

Okinawa's famous taco rice. Special ground beef cooked with a special blend of five spices, topped with cheese and salsa.

Nashi Goren ¥800

Spicy fried rice, pan fried Indonesian style!

Floating Crispy Risotto ¥850

Floating on Scallops Soup

Garlic Rice ¥750


Margherita Pizza ¥750

A light pizza with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella! Perfect with a beer on any night.

Spicy Pizza ¥750

Mild spicy sausage, jalapeno peppers, tangy tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella!

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza ¥750

A unique style pizza blending a touch of wasabi to bring out the teriyaki flavoring.


Patty Melt Sandwich ¥1,000

BLT ¥880

The best BLT on the block - or Sunabe seawall!

"Mark-san" Steak and Cheese special! ¥1,000

It is one of our favorites!


Chocolate Ice Cream ¥350

Vanilla Ice Cream ¥350

Gateau au Chocolate ¥400

Chinchou Baked Cheesecake ¥400