Breakfast -Served All Day

Breakfast Sandwich $6.00

Egg, with choice of Ham, Bacon, Avocado OR Sausage on Housemade Sourdough English Muffin, Toast or Biscuit

Three Egg Cafe Scramble $10.55

3 Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Oven Roasted Potatoes scrambled together. With choice of breakfast bread. - Toast, English Muffin or Biscuit.

Omelette $9.95

Three egg omelette with breakfast bread and breakfast potatoes.

Ingredients: Ham & Cheese - $0.60 | Feta & Spinach - $0.30 | Bacon & Spinach - $0.60 | Smoked Salmon - $1.50 | Veggie - $0.60

Three Egg Breakfast $9.35

Three eggs to order, oven roasted breakfast potatoes, choice of toast, biscuit or English Muffin.

Biscuit, Toast or English Muffin $2.35

With jam & butter. All breads made in house

Cinnamon Roll $3.20

Housemade Cinnamon roll baked fresh daily

French Toast $7.25

Choice of bread toasted with egg, milk and spices. Served with Real Maple Syrup.

Gluten Free Toast: Gluten Free Bread - $1.00

Cinnamon Roll French Toast $8.45

French Toast made with our Cinnamon Roll. With Real Maple Syrup.

Daily Scone $2.90

Today's Fresh Scone

Biscuits & Gravy (Friday, Saturday & Sunday only)

House Made biscuits, fresh gravy scratch made with Zenners Sausage.

Full Order - $7.25Half Order (1 biscuit) - $4.85

Side of Eggs $3.65

2 scrambled eggs

Side of Meat $3.35

Side order of Bacon, Sausage or Ham.

Side of Oven Roasted Potatoes $3.35

Oven Roasted Potatoes with red & geen peppers & onions

Side of Gravy: Side of Gravy - $2.00
Savory Crêpe Specialties

Our house specials are some of the most popular items on our menu

Breakfast Crêpe $10.80

2 Eggs from Willamette Egg Company scrambled with choice of Smokey Bacon, Black Forest Ham, Sausage or Avocado with choice of Cheddar, Swiss or Pepperjack Cheese. Spinach on request (in case we forget to ask).

VegetarianChevre $10.15

Artisanal goat cheese. With Sun Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives and Fresh Spinach.

Chicken, Bacon & Ranch $9.25

House Grilled Chicken Breast, Smokey Bacon, Spinach & house Ranch Dressing.

VegetarianFeta, Olives & Spinach $9.85

Greek Feta, Kalamata Olives & Spinach

Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon $12.20

Wild Alaska Salmon, smoked by the Oregon Lox Company in Eugene. WithCream Cheese, our Lemon Dill Sour Cream Sauce and fresh Spinach.

Turkey, Bacon & Blue $10.85

House-Roasted Turkey with crumbled smoked bacon and Rogue Blue Cheese, Housemade Ranch Dressing and Spinach.

Black Friday Turkey $10.45

House Roasted Turkey Breast, with cream cheese, our own cranberry sauce and fresh spinach.

Vegetarian $9.45

Avocado, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, spinach and finished with our vegan Chimmichurri Sauce.

Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter
$1 additional
Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter - $1.00
(Made with our unique Buckwheat Batter or with our Vegan/Gluten Free Batter)
Savory Crêpes

Savory Crêpes are called Breton Gallettes in France. Typically made from buckwheat they are made with wide variety of fillings.

VegetarianArtichoke & Cheese $9.55

Artichoke Hearts with your choice of Cheese - Cheddar, Swiss or Pepperjack, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Fresh Spinach. Vegan Cheese on request

Smokey Bacon & Cheese $10.20

Crumbled smoked bacon with choice of cheese. Fresh spinach on request.

Black Forest Ham & Cheese $10.20

Thinly sliced Black Forest Ham, choice of cheese, fresh spinach on request.

Gluten Free /Vegan Batter
Vegan/Dairy/Gluten Free Crepe Batter - $1.00
(Made with our unique Buckwheat Batter)
Sweet Crêpe Specialities

Seasonal and whimsical crêpes to appeal to your sweet tooth.

Our Lemon Curd with Berries $8.60

House Made Lemon Curd, handmade with real lemons and local eggs. Seasonal berries, topped with whipped cream. Very popular.

Strawberries & Swedish Cream $8.30

Sliced Strawberries with Swedish Cream, topped with our real whipped cream. We use fresh local strawberries in season. Swedish Cream is a delicious combination of yogurt, whipped cream sour cream.

Bacon & Maple Syrup $8.00

Smokey Bacon with plenty of Real Maple Syrup

Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter
Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter - $1.00
(Made with our Golden Batter)
Sweet Crêpes

Indulge in desert!

Cinnamon & Sugar $4.75

Cinnamon & Sugar on a buttered crêpe. Plain and simple and delicious.

Dark Chocolate & Berries $8.30

Dark Chocolate chips all melty, with choice of seasonal berries, topped with whipped cream & Ghiradelli dark chocolate sauce. Vegan upon req

Cherries or Berries: Fresh Berries | Cherries

Oregon Raspberry Jam $4.75

Oregon Raspberry Jam on our sweet crêpe, dusted with powdered sugar. Vegan upon request.

Lemon & Sugar $4.75

Fresh Squeezed Lemon with Sugar. A very traditional crêpe.

Nutella & Banana $6.90

Nutella with freshly sliced banana

Nutella, Banana & Berries $8.35

Nutella topped with fresh banana, seasonal berries and whipped cream. The breakfast of champions!

Real Maple Syrup $5.35

Real Maple Syrup on a buttered crêpe and dusted with powdered sugar.

Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter
Gluten Free /Dairy Free Vegan Batter - $1.00
(Made with our Golden Batter)
Paninis, Grills & Melts

Pressed Hot Sandwiches on our house made rolls, Grilled sandwiches on your choice of our in-house baked bread

Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini $10.80

Grilled Chicken, Smokey Bacon, Fresh Tomatoes w/ our Ranch Dressing on our Cubano Roll w/ choice of sides.

Grilled Cheese $6.60

Choice of Cheddar, Swiss or Pepperjack Cheese

Half - $4.20

Grilled Ham & Cheese $9.30

Choice of cheese, on your choice of bread

Ham & Cheese Panini $10.20

Black Forest Ham with choice of cheese on our Cubano Roll

Half - $4.50

Roast Angus Beef & Cheese Panini $10.80

Angus Beef, House Roasted with choice of Cheddar, Swiss or Pepperjack on our Cubano Roll. With choice of sides.

Half - $4.50

Tuna Melt $10.50

Our Tuna Salad w/ your choice of cheese on our bread. With choice of sides.

Cold Sandwiches

Served on our house made bread. Choice of Pullman White, French, 100% Whole Wheat or Marble Rye. All cold sandwiches are made with Mayonaisse, Romaine Lettucve & Roma Tomaoes. Full Sandwiches come with a side of our Pasta Salad, our Coleslaw, Kettle S

BLTA Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado $10.50

Smokey Bacon, Romaine Lettuce, Roma Tomatoes and fresh Avocado on choice of bread. With choice of sides.

BLT $9.60

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich on toast

Half - $6.00

House Roast Angus Beef $9.90

Angus Beef roasted in house with Mayonnaise, Romaine Lettuce & Roma Tomato on choice of house made bread w/ side.

Half - $5.50

Black Forest Ham or Turkey & Cheese $9.60

Sliced Black Forest Ham or House Roasted Turkey, choice of cheese, with Mayonnaise, Romaine Lettuce & Roma Tomato on choice of house made bread w/ side

Half - $5.40

House Roasted Turkey, Cream Cheese & Cranberry $9.60

House Roasted Turkey with Cream Cheese & House Cranberry Sauce on choice of house made bread w/ side

Half - $4.25

PB & J $5.50

Chunky Peanut Butter, Oregon Jam on house made bread

Half - $3.25

Tuna Salad $9.00

House Made Albacore Tuna Salad with Mayonnaise, Romaine Lettuce & Roma Tomato on choice of house made bread w/ side

Half - $5.40

VeganVegetarian $9.00

Avocado & Garden vegetables, with cream cheese. With choice of sides.

Half - $5.40
Side of Soup or Salad
Cup of Soup - $3.50 | Side Salad - $3.50
Soups & Salads

Fresh Soup made in house daily, a variety of salads with house made dressings.

Gluten FreeSoup of the Day

Soups are scratch made on the premises, and come with freshly baked bread or roll. Our Soups are usually Gluten Free. On Fridays and Saturdays we make Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Cup - $5.45Bowl - $6.60

Gluten FreeSmoked Salmon Chowder (Friday & Saturday Only)

Hearty Smoked Salmon Chowder made with Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon from the Oregon Lox Company.

Bowl - $7.80Cup - $6.60

House Salad

House Salad, Choice of dressing

Small - $6.05Large - $7.60

Chef's Salad $10.60

Mixed Greens with eggs, black forest ham, house roasted turkey and cheeses. Choice of dressing and sourdough bread or roll.

Cobb Salad $11.20

Mixed Greens, Bacon, Turkey, Blue Cheese, Avocado & Egg w/ choice of dressing and choice of sourdough bread or roll.

Classic Caesar $9.90

Classic Caesar Salad with housemade dressing, coice of sourdough bread or roll.

Grilled Chicken Caesar $11.10

Grilled Chicken Breast on a mixed of Romaine Lettuce, , Mixed Greens, grated Parmesan Reggiano and our Caesar Dressing.

Smoked Salmon Caesar $12.70

Our House Caesar with Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon

Greek Salad $9.90

Roma Tomatoes, English Cucumbers, Kalamata Olives & Feta Cheese on a bed of Romaine & Mixed Greens w/ our Greek Dressing

Pasta Salad, Fruit Cup or Cole Slaw $3.50

A side of our house Pasta Salad or Cole Slaw.


Turnover $2.90

Cherry Turnover made with Willamette Valley Fruit Co. pie cherries. Apple Turnovers from Northwest Granny Smith Apples

Scone $2.90

Freshly made scone of the day

Sticky Bun (Saturdays Only) $3.50

Toast $2.35

Choice of bread, with jam & butter

Godzilla Cookies $2.35

Biscuit $2.35

English Muffin $2.35


Brewed Coffee $2.30

Locally Roasted Coffee.

12 oz - $2.3016 OZ - $2.9020 oz - $3.45

Espresso Drinks

12oz - $2.3016oz - $2.90

Hot Tea $2.30

Your choice of select teas.

Hot Chocolate $3.75

Freshly made Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Iced Tea $2.30

House Brewed unsweetened Tea

San Pellegrino $2.25

Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Blood Orange and Specialty Flavors throughout the year.

Water $1.50

Chilled Bottled Water

Fountain Soda

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke & Fanta Orange

Regular 16 Oz - $2.05Large 20 Oz - $2.60

Canned Soda $1.75

MIlk $2.30

Glass of milk

Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk $2.90

Glass of organic non-dairy beverage

Orange Juice $2.30

Glass of Fresh Orange Juice

Apple Juice $2.25


Soup & Salad $9.60

Soup of the day with a small House Salad

Chowder & Salad $10.80

Cup of Chowder and a small House Salad (Friday, Saturday & Sunday only)