White wines

Malagouzia ‘‘Vatistas Vineyards’’ €19.50

Malagouzia variety. Bright and clean scents of rue cited in Sauvignon variety. Lemon and quince environment with mint notes, orifice into volume and slightly sweetish.

Glass - €5.00

Mitropolis ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €19.50

Asyrtiko, Monemvasia, Asproudi and Kydonitsa varieties. Tropical and Mediterranean fruit aromas, well-balanced with a rich body and a long aftertaste.

Glass - €5.00

Mantinea ‘‘Tselepos’’ €21.00

This Moshofilero variety wine has a fresh and intense acidity, delicate aroma with high intensity, highlighted by citrus and lemon flower fragrances.

300 ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €19.50

Kydonitsa and Asyrtiko varieties. Fine and special aroma of tropical and citrus fruits with rich body and pleasant acidity.

Petrines Plagies ‘‘Palivou Estate’’ €25.50

Chardonnay and Malagouzia varieties. An elegant white wine with aromatic bouquet and an explosively expressive body. Its strong acidity emits an extraordinary and enjoyable taste.

Amethystos ‘‘Domaine Costa Lazaridi’’ €25.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Asyrtiko. Straw yellow color with green highlights, fragrances of peach and citrus, pineapple notes and balanced acidity.

Vivlia Chora ‘‘Vivlia Chora Estate’’ €25.00

Sauvignon Blanc and Asyrtiko varieties. This wine’s intense herbal fragrance in conjunction with excellent sharpness, make it especially versatile and enjoyable.

Kidonitsa ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €26.00

Golden color with green highlights, gracious quince aroma, particularly fruity and distinct, full-bodied and fresh.

Viognier ‘‘Domaine Skouras’’ €27.00

The Viognier variety is a particularly rare variety from Argos region, which makes it rich and complex, with lemon, peach and toasted bread aromas with a subtle butter taste, full body and a long aftertaste.

Adoli Gis ‘‘Domaine Antonopoulos’’ €27.00

Sauvignon Cabernet variety. Orange color with hidden violet hues, predominating strawberry, blueberry and sour cherry fragrances on a yoghurt background, which lead to the feeling of a fruit juice in the mouth. Sweet at the beginning, which balances with the acidity at the finish.

Santorini ‘‘Sigalas’’ €29.00

Asyrtiko variety. Mineral body, due to the peculiar soil of Thera Island, with a pleasant aroma and a slightly sour, fruity aftertaste.

Chateau Julia 2012 ‘‘Domaine Costa Lazaridi’’ €31.00

Chardonnay variety. Clear and bright yellow-green color with fragrances of pineapple, flowers and lemons. Velvety taste and long, balanced aftertaste which endures.

Rous ‘’Moschato Spinas, Vidiano’’ €25.00

Pale yellow color with green highlights. The nose is explosive and typical of a Muscat wine. It is initially dominated by aromas of rose, and as the wine ‘’breaths’’ in the glass, citrus essential oils come to the surface. Balancedmouth feel between alcohol and acidity while, in the aftertaste, the freshness of the aromas is intensively perceived.

Santa Margherita €33.00

Pinot Grigio variety. A wine that is full of tense and fragrances that will remind you of Alsace. Light and fruity with a pleasant scent. Also ideal as an aperitif.

Anax ‘‘Domaine Antonopoulos’’ €43.00

Chardonnay variety. A very expressive wine with a wide range of fragrances, such as apricot jam, peach, mango and tobacco. Features a rich body with pleasant overtones of honey and butter. Intense fruity flavours and refreshing lemon acidity at the finish.

Kapnias ‘‘Hatzimichalis Estate’’ €65.00

Chardonnay variety. Aroma of exotic fruits, honey, caramel and vanilla with rich and oily mouth, smooth texture and buttery aftertaste.

T-Oinos ‘‘Tinos Vineyards’’ €79.00

Asyrtiko variety. A limited-production wine with a fresh and mild character, strong hints of minerality, lemon zest and tea fragrances. Features a fruity and full character with a refreshing acidity and balance.

Red wines

Maleatis ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €19.50

Mavraki and Agiorgitiko varieties. Royal purple color with forest fruits aromas, velvety body with excellent aftertaste.

Glass - €5.00

Rodi ‘‘Vatistas Vineyards’’ €19.50

Cabernet Sauvignon variety. Open red color, red fruits and cherry jam flavor. Features a light body with limited tannins which post this wine to rose’s limits.

50-50 ‘‘Vatistas Vineyards’’ €20.50

Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Deep red, dry wine with fragrances of wood, well-balanced. Fulfills pleasantly the mouth and is easily combined with all meat and poultry dishes.

Glass - €5.00

Private collection ‘‘Domaine Antonopoulos’’ €21.00

Merlot and Dry Mavrodafni varieties. Features deep red color and a harmonious blend of nuts, cocoa, red fruits and aging aromas.

Agiorgitiko ‘‘Boutari’’ €23.50

Agiorgitiko variety. Dry and mild wine with a beautiful ruby color, full and rich fragrances and a pleasant and long aftertaste.

Nemea Reserve ‘‘Semeli Vineyards’’ €24.00

Agiorgitiko variety. Deep purple and clear color with intense aromas of spices, fruits and wooden barrels. Features a full body with high, yet mature tannins, pronounced acidity and intense extract.

Dilofos ‘‘Tselepos’’ €27.00

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. Exceptional clarity from the combination of the two varieties with a fruity and accessible character leading to a rose aftertaste.

Vivlia Chora ‘‘Vivlia Chora Estate’’ €33.00

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. Deep purple color with clean aromas of ripe red fruits, caramel, cedar and chocolate. Exuberant and intense taste with rich body structure and strong presence of tannins which give a long aftertaste and a great opportunity of aging.

Erithro ‘‘Gerovasiliou Estate’’ €34.50

Syrah, Merlot and Grenache varieties. Features a bright deep purple color with a mixed bouquet of spices and ripe black fruits, such as plums and cherries. Pleasant tannins with strength and balance which give a constant and long aftertaste.

Monemvasios ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €36.00

Aged Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi varieties. Deep red color with the fragrances of cherry, sour cherry and mocha. Features a full body and a long aftertaste.

Chateau Julia ‘‘Domaine Costa Lazaridi’’ €38.00

Merlot variety. Rich red color with a complex aroma of small fruits, mint and eucalyptus. Features a fruity taste with severe and long finish.

300 ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €39.00

Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi varieties. Deep purple color with complex aromas of red fruits and exotic spices. Velvet, rich and soft body with an exquisite, long aftertaste.

Gerontoclima ‘‘Domaine Antonopoulos’’ €60.00

Gullies Vertzami. Dark red fruits and strong smoke smell in the nose. Peppers and wood, in combination with vanilla in themouth and in the presence of dried cherry. High acidity, lively tannins and body with good volume.

Chateau Soleil Cuvee Prestige €75.00

With its intense red color, this Vin du Soleil blends power and finesse. The wellripened notes of red fruits blend with toasty, fine tobacco touches, provided by well-blended woody tones. Its impressive taste is developed through soft, silky tannins with a well-rounded balance of plumpness and sweetness.

Anax ‘‘Domaine Antonopoulos’’ €78.00

Syrah variety. Opulent, red color with cyan highlights and aromas of raspberries and violets. Has an average volume and a balance in the mouth, leading to a long aftertaste.

T-Oinos ‘‘Tinos Vineyards’’ €95.00

Mavrotragano. A very rare variety to find in the Aegean Islands with an aromatic wealth and the flavor of sour cherry, cherry,violet, plum, liquorice, coffee and vanilla. Well-structured tannins and a long aftertaste.

Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva €105.00

Opulent red fruit and vanilla aromas; it finishes with complex layers of flavor, showing hints of tobacco, cinnamon, spices and chocolate. The long lingering finish is well-balanced with vibrant acidity as well.

Nittardi Chianti Classico Riserva €105.00

Is released only in the best years. This special selection is grown on the southern slope of the famous hillside ‘Vigna Alta’. Combines the best aspects of the Nittardi terroir. Has a deep ruby red color, intensive notes of ripe red fruits and hints of vanilla and chocolate on the nose. Silky tannins, complex, full and balanced on the palate.

One ‘‘Alpha Winery’’ €110.00

A multi-variety wine, totally seventeen of them with rich, striking features of red fruits. Has a compound bouquet with typical but complex fragrances. Rich and mature tannins give a tasteful balance with a very long aftertaste.

Barolo Massolino ‘‘Vigna Rionda’’ €230.00

Bright garnet red color with intensely floral bouquet, perfectly summarizes the essential characteristics of Barolo wines, such as grand structure, excellent alcohol concentration and tannins capable of guaranteeing very long aging.

Barollo La Spinetta ‘‘Campe’’ €390.00

Nose of cherries, tar and soil. No matter the tears, tastes fresh with relatively high levels of acidity. Tannic and astringent with an astonishing finish.

Rosé wines

Anthosmias ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €24.00

Agiorgitiko, Kydonitsa and Roditis varieties. Features a rose color, flower aromas, round main body and a long aftertaste.

Fileri ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €25.00

Agiorgitiko and Fileri varieties. Pomegranate color with a rich and fine aroma which translates to the scent of Greek Spring. Has a floral, rich and playful body with a very pleasant aftertaste.

Amethystos ‘‘Domaine Costa Lazaridi’’ €24.00

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties give this unique wine a vivid rose color with strawberry and cherry aromas and pleasant, fruity acidity.

Ktima Theopetra ‘‘Tsilili Winery’’ €21.00

Limnionas and Syrah varieties offer a rich and intense flavor of fruits, caramel and vanilla. Features a balanced acidity and a refreshing mint aftertaste at the finish.

Dessert wines

Malvasia ‘‘Monemvasia Winery’’ €75.00

Monemvasia, Asyrtiko, Kydonitsa and Asproudi varieties. Orange and yellow highlights with honey shades. Has an intense and complex aroma of exotic spices and the sweet taste of honey, raisins and sundried fruits with a special delectable and long aftertaste.

Vinsanto Santorini ‘‘Boutari’’ €37.00

Asyrtiko and Aidani varieties. Yellowish-orange color from the sundried grapes and the long-time fermentation in barrels. Features a complex and intense aroma which will remind you raisins, spices and fruits glacés.

Piccolo bottles 187ml

Orinos Ilios White ‘‘Semeli Winery’’ €5.00

Moshofilero and Roditis varieties. A wine with delicate color and characteristic fragrance of lemon and melon, with a satisfactory body and minerality.

Orinos Ilios Red ‘‘Semeli Winery’’ €5.00

Agiorgitiko vartiety. A red dry wine flavored with intense aromas of fruits and chocolate.

Sparkling wines

Moschato D'Asti Angeli 200ml €7.50

Moschato D'Asti Tenuta Dei Ciombo 750ml €29.00

Martini D'Asti 750ml €28.00

Prosecco Anselmi Castella Brut €23.00

Prosecco Santa Margherita Superiore Brut Valdobbiadene €30.00


Moet & Chandon Brut 200ml €30.00

Moet & Chandon Brut 750ml €105.00

Dom Perignon Brut 750ml €340.00

Veuve Clicquot Rosé €165.00


San Pellegrino 750ml €4.50

Evian 1lt €6.00

Perrier 330ml €4.00

Bottled Mineral Water 1lt €2.50