Sicilian Spritz £7.95

Limoncello brings a southern Italian twist to the traditional Spritz.

Pink Negroni £7.95

A hint of sweet Bosford gin with Aperol and Martini

Earl Grey Martini £7.95

Earl Grey tea infuses Bombay gin to create this modern classic

West Holds up £7.95

Taking you back to the beach. Bombay and Aperol shaken with pineapple juice

Gin Flower £7.95

Refreshing spring tastes, waves of elderflower bring a sweet flavour to our gin

JägerMule £7.95

A balance of spices with Ginger beer bringing warmth to the back of your throat

Strawberry Bellini £7.95

Brighten up your day (or night) with a medley of Strawberry and Prosecco

Flat white martini £7.95

Creamy Vanilla notes with a kick of espresso

Coffee Margarita £9.95

Patron café, silver tequila, Cointreau and lime juice